How To Care For Your Sunnyland Painting

How to take care of your painting:

My paintings should be dusted regularly, especially if you smoke in your home. The front and sides of the paintings can be gently wiped clean with dish soap and water, but take care NOT to get the back of the canvas wet.

If you push on the back of the canvas, the varnish may crack. In most cases, the cracks won’t be visible to the naked eye (like if you were just standing there looking at a hung painting you wouldn’t notice them), but can be seen up close, so please be careful when choosing a place to hang it so that if it falls for some reason, the back of the canvas won’t hit anything solid, such as the corner of a shelf.

Please take care of your painting. I work really hard on them and I want them to last your lifetime.


Sunny Crittenden

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