Thank You, Universe

I don’t know if there’s a “who” responsible for life’s events or if we’re just lucky enough to live in a “system” where random things simply happen to us, around us, for us and against us. I do think, though, that people affect the balance just by being, so my goal in life – my only one, really – is to live the most positive existence I am capable of. Part of that is actively looking for life’s smaller “good things” and acknowledging them in some way. In that strange little mind of mine, I’m convinced that the energy I put into this is somehow affecting something, somewhere, in a positive way and contributing to more “good things” in this world. It’s like, karma on a really minute (possibly obsessive) scale.

Stuff I’m just grateful for…

Buttery sunshine on Sunday mornings, sunbeams streaming to the ground through openings in clouds, healthy kids, healthy friends, healthy pets, Crayola, fortune cookies, the ability to see in colour. (The ability to see at all, now that I think about it.)

Canadian Tire Money, snow days, The Great Lakes, platypi, mysteries, puppies & kittens & baby chicks, spring water, sunflowers, the colour green, the moon, amethyst, silver, acorns, hummingbirds, nurses, teachers, forests and creeks.

Toads, dragonflies, butterflies, bumblebees, bunnies, fresh air, morning glories, brownies, vines, Wikipedia, books, swings, porches, Halloween, imagination, fields of wheat, diversity in all things.

Spring, bananas, pandas, pistachios, myths & legends, caves, gardens, art, BBQs, my hands, words, the almighty cocoa bean, comfy blankets, drive-in theatres and the music in my head.

Cameras, memories, experience, paper, the Internet, courderoy, Forget-Me-Nots, cricket choruses, libraries, musicians, fog, algae, fireflies, lilacs, cotton, stars, ink, warm sand, pillows, ball pits, bubbles, duct tape, bird’s nests, Tiny Tom’s hot little donuts that you can only seem to get at fairs.

Chip trucks, ribbon, snail mail, pebbles, asparagus, citrus fruits, moss, cracked cement, Valentine’s Day, sparklers, desert sunlight, glass, vanilla, Sea Monkeys, aloe vera, coloured lace, big fat green grapes that explode in your mouth, thunderstorms big enough to knock the power out, chickadees and salmon – both the colour and the fish.

The beauty of sushi (and beauty in general), cinnamon, daisies, the smell of old books, clean laundry and rain.

Starfish, candy canes, pumpkins and plums.

Gel medium, acrylic paint, precious metals, shiny things, hot glue, Post Secret, Sexy Peel soap, strawberry Pez, Swarovski crystals, Coke Zero, my heart, both the actual one and the one in my head, vanilla incense, good kids, cherry tomatoes, fresh wholewheat pasta, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, basil,  my job, Alex, Ronny, Kevin and Blake. Lunapads, Tylenol with codeine, Naproxen and all the rest of the pharmaceuticals that keep me sane. Apple trees, green things on my window sill, the colour blue, lip balm, Post-It notes, Dr. Hossie, sea salt, bacon, gold paint, sparkly things, paper and ink of all colours, glitter and glass.

Diversity, empathy, sympathy, the things that make us all “tick”. Happy thoughts in the sunshine, robins, earthworms, marbles, quartz, lavender, lilies, light and dark. Starry nights, the moon, chirping frogs, swings, dew on grass, the almighty giraffe, mudpies, munching caterpillars, milkweed and mulch. Cosmos, Bachelor’s Buttons, morning glories, muffins, carrots, peas and pistachios.

Baby corn, teriyaki, ribbon and lace. Unicorns, dinosaurs, the Lock Ness Monster either real or imagined. Virginal whiteboards and a whole whack of markers, the ability to figure things out – even if it takes a while; paper flowers, pancreatic enzymes, YouTube, copper, gold and tin. Baby sloths, grown up sloths, sloths in general. Love notes, crystals, magic, movies, comic books, stories (even though sometimes they make me cry). Videos of dogs being reunited with their owners (even though they pretty much always make me cry).  Family, friends, friends that are family; Sharpies, shar-peis, beagles, mongrels and mutts. Headbands with ears, horns, bouncy flowers and halos; pirates, puzzles, gel pens, scissors and glue. Random text messages like the one Madison just sent me about baby goats running around in her French class. Postcards, Play-Doh and plasticene; mud masks and hair dye.

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