Because I’m really open about sex and the fact that I’ve been a camgirl for 10 years (on, no less and no, that’s not safe for work), I tend to write about sex quite a bit or joke about sex or make posts on forums about sex. Truthfully, I’m kind of sick of the topic, but I decided to archive these 3 articles (which were originally forum posts) because people kept saying “Hey Sunny, remember those articles you wrote? Do you still have them?”

So here they are:

Blowjobs 101
Sunny’s Guide to Anal Sex
Pussy, It’s What’s For Dinner

Also! Since it’s come up recently, THIS is the original Steak and Blowjob Day site, which is probably how you found this. There are slick imitators out there but is where it started.

Please note: Just because these articles are here and I wrote them, it doesn’t mean I give TWO SHITS about your sex life and all e-mails asking for sex advice will be ignored and/or publicly ridiculed, depending on the level of retardation involved. Thank you.