Let’s Play!

Mobile Games

I play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Pokemon Go, and Sims Mobile. If you wanna play any of those with me, please add me to your friend’s list using the friend codes below!

Copy & Paste Friend Code: 77026558954
Copy & Paste Trainer Coke: 949067756528
Copy & Paste Friend Code: 76WMKM3

World Of Warcraft

I love World Of Warcraft and spend half my time fishing or picking flowers.

Let me know if you create a toon on Pagle so I can add you to my friends list!
Can we plz call it “Cotton Pwnies” so I can finally play my mage, Endometria the blood elf? Get it? Blood elf? Endometria? I’m hilarious.

The Sims 4

Follow @SimsBunker on Twitter to see what my Sims are up to!

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