“Me, two.”

“Me, two.”
30 x 36 inch mixed media on canvas

Longtime readers may recognize this design as being similar to the one on the back of “Camp Tampon”. I decided to recreate it on its own canvas but change the colours and the design a little bit to make it a new painting.

The babies’ umbilical cords use metallic paint and the amniotic sac uses watercolours. The rest of the painting is acrylic.

With “Me, two.” I think my intent is pretty obvious. The title implies that I, too, like a lot of women, have had miscarriages. And then the picture itself illustrates that. The glowy effect of the uterus is like…well the intent was to kind of give the impression that the twins would be bathed in white light and would go to Heaven. I realize there’s no such thing as Heaven and in case I’ve never made it entirely clear, I’m a pretty determined atheist, but I think most women, deep down, whether they’re an atheist or not, wants to believe that the soul (or souls) inside them either go to a better place or that they “recycle” or reincarnate. I don’t believe in an afterlife per se, but I do believe in human energy and I do believe that the energy that animates us leaves our bodies when we die and goes into the collective unconscious and recycles into new people. I don’t think there’s some great, intelligent creator pulling the strings and orchestrating this whole thing, I just think it’s a natural process. Death is a natural process. I came close to giving the twins angel wings but I didn’t want it to seem too biblical. I made the background a nice aqua blue to say that, even though crappy things happen sometimes and they’re really painful, the sun still shines and there are days where there’s not a cloud in the sky.

Also while I was painting it, I was thinking that in books, bad things usually happen on “dark and stormy nights” when in reality, bad things happen on nice, sunny days too. Probably more often than not.” (Excerpt from this post.)

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