“Indigo Ocean”

Indigo Ocean
by Sunny Crittenden
circa 2004-ish

Indigo¬†Ocean” is special because it was the first time I ever tried putting paint on canvas.

At the time I was reading a lot about the concept of “indigo children” and regrettably also at the time I considered myself to be one. Now that I’m a staunch atheist it seems pretty silly in hindsight, but it is what it is, I guess.

My idea was that an indigo child would be nourished both from its mother but also from the collective unconscious, particularly the parts that would be considered indigo in nature, hence, the indigo ocean and the two umbilical cords with multiple blood vessels.

The background of the piece is made of various shades of violet, meant to look like my interpretation of an indigo aurora borealis. A large influence for the sky was the song “Violet” by Hole, which starts “and the sky was made of amethyst”.

The fetus’ amniotic sac is supposed to be like the sun, which is why I made it yellow and orange and placed it in the top right-hand corner, like a child would do.

The amniotic sac is actually made using watercolour pencils, flooded with water and then allowed to dry overnight to give it a watery effect. Or at least that was the intent.

The “ocean” was made using a few methods.

First, a layer of gesso was laid down very thickly and allowed to dry until it became tacky, then with my fingers, I tapped it all over to give it texture.

Once dry, I sprayed the gesso’d layer with water and I created the ocean’s swirls with watercolour crayons. Because I used very little water, the crayons became thick and so the layer of watercolour paint is extremely vibrant.

The texture of the ocean only goes just a little over 3/4 of the ocean and then it becomes smooth. That was to represent choppy, churning water. In my imagination, the indigo collective unconscious is extremely active, hyperactive maybe, but definitely not “smooth sailing” or a calm sea.

I’d be willing to part with “Indigo Ocean” for $750.00.

Being the very first painting I ever created, it holds a special place in my heart and it would also be valuable to any collectors – that is if I had any. One day I might! But I figure I’ll never sell it if I don’t put it out there, so out there it is!

I know that I painted this in 2004 but when in 2004, I can’t be sure. I want to say it was in the spring because I recall getting a huge shipment of art supplies around that time and that’s what I used to create this 16 x 16 inch masterpiece!

The sides are unfinished because I didn’t know you were supposed to paint them and since I already varnished the piece with Krylon, it’s too late to paint them now so the owner of this piece would probably want to have it framed.

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