So for about 100 million years I’ve been a camgirl. A camgirl is someone, usually a girl, who updates a live webcam feed from her own site or a cam portal, like although that definition has broadened in recent years to include girls who do private streaming shows usually via Skype or Yahoo IM and almost always for money.

Me? I never got into the private streaming show thing. In fact, I kind of hate streaming video in general and rarely do it (although when I do, it’s on Camwhores and it’s archived).

So I guess you clicked on this page expecting to find a webcam and I’m sorry to disappoint you. I stopped having a cam feed on my site many many years ago due to the fact that I didn’t want to maintain a chatboard and unless you’re going to interact with your audience, there’s really no point in updating a webcam feed to begin with. SO, the only place you’ll find my webcam is on because I’ve been there since 2001, it has a great community, I love the site’s forum and all of my camgirl friends happen to be there. (All 200+ of them.) The site has streaming members shows usually daily and usually multiple times a day, an archive of all pictures and members shows, a tagboard where you can chat with the girls and as I said, a pretty kickass forum. Oh and blogs! What more could you want from a cam portal?

Want to connect? Usually you can find me chatting and updating my cam either in the morning- early afternoons throughout the week, but even if I’m not there, like I said, there’s almost 200 other girls on the site to chat with.

Do I get naked? Yes. In my archive of over 10,000 images and several streaming members shows you will see plenty of nudity and sexuality, but I only do live streaming shows about once a month. Twice if you’re lucky. ;o)

If you’re interested in seeing a small, safe for work sampling of my cam history, please see this gallery. If you would like to check out and come chat with me but are unsure of the site and would like a free 7-day pass, e-mail me at and I’ll send one right out. Hope to see you soon!