About the Site

Since 1998 I’ve been sharing my life with people on the Internet, before the word “blog” existed, I was writing one…with pen and paper, scanning it in and posting the jpeg on my homepage.

This site has had many different versions, most of which can be seen (in part) via the Wayback machine or for a special treat, you can still see my very first site, hosted by Angelfire, here. It still exists because I’ve long forgotten the password to get into it and I no longer have access to the e-mail address I used to sign up for it. Oops.

This website is the “hub” of Sunnyland, the central brain and a portal into my world. From here you can explore parts of my life by following the links and yes, sex is a part of that but a very small part comparatively.

Most people follow and comment on my every day antics by going to my Live Journal, which gets updated almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day and often gets quite personal. Despite my issues with the outside world, I really am pretty much an open book and very little is off-limits.

There are also the image galleries, which I mainly use to embed images into this site and my Live Journal, but feel free to visit them as well. There you’ll find pictures of me, my kids, Blake, the pets, as well as art work and other random things.

My site is disorganized because I’m disorganized. This site will never be finished because I’m never finished, life doesn’t “finish” until you’re dead, it’s constantly evolving and so am I and thus, so is this site. I try to keep visitors aware of these minor evolutions by posting when I’ve altered or posted something and where I did so.

Currently I’m switching from coding my own site to using WordPress, so it’s extra messy around here, but hopefully you’ll bear with me until I get that all sorted out.

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