Do you think you’ll do another zine?
I’d like to…but the reason I stopped doing The Paper Blog was because I was losing money between printing and mailing, so I dunno.

What is “textibitionism”? What is a “textibitionist”?
Textibitionism is a word I made up a long time ago to describe “what I do”, which is basically “writing out loud” or “showing off your words”. (I was performing naked on a webcam when I came up with it and at the time, my Internet presence was mostly “text and tits”, so it fit.)

I leave it mostly undefined, but consider myself a textibitionist and I also consider most avid bloggers textibitionists too, especially those of the Live Journal and Twitter communities who write compulsively about the minutiae of their lives for a “live”, participatory audience.

“Textibitionism” is also the name of an e-book I released in 2006, otherwise known as “The Paper Blog Anthology”. It’s no longer available.

Do you do commissions?
Maybe. E-mail me.

What’s with the menstrual/uterine themes?
I battled endometriosis my whole life, having 5 laparoscopies since I was 17. I had a hysterectomy in March 2019.

Hey, why did you deny my friend request on Facebook? Why won’t you add me as a friend on Facebook?
It could be one of a million reasons, most of which can be boiled down to: I don’t know you well enough. While I live my life pretty “out in the open”, there are lines that need to be drawn and Facebook is one of them. A lot of the people I care about on Facebook are “late adopters” of the Internet and while they know what I do and know about my site, I can’t say that they really understand it or necessarily want to be a part of it. As such, more for their sake than mine, I consider Facebook a separate part of my “internet life” and not an extension of my site.

I’m following you on Twitter, why won’t you reciprocate?
Because I don’t wanna.

Actually…I use Twitter to communicate with specific people and I don’t want their tweets buried by people I: a) don’t know,  or b) don’t find all that interesting.

If there’s two things I’ve learned from Live Journal, it’s that:

  • It hurts people’s feelings less NOT to add someone than to remove them later.
  • It’s really easy to wake up one day with a giant “friend’s list” that’s impossible to follow.

Well you can at least reply to my “@ replies”!!
I try to!

What is “KOTL”?
“KOTL” is an abbreviation of “Keep Off the Lawn”, which was the name of the original gardening/art project in which friends, family and I turned my lovely, green, but BORING front lawn into a wildflower garden. The whole thing was blogged about in its own blog, called “Keep Off the Lawn”.

What does “<3” mean?
Turn your head to the right. It’s an emoticon heart! Also, when people say they “less than three” you, that’s what they’re referencing. ;o)

You mention “work” so you must have a job? Where do you work?
I work for a major adult website doing e-mail customer support. I can’t tell you which site or the particulars of what I do (unfortunately) but it IS a pretty interesting job and it’s good that I can work from home.

Have a question that’s not answered here? E-mail me at and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!

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