What is/was “The Paper Blog”?
The Paper Blog was a zine I produced from 2004 to 2005 where each issue was basically a story from my life, kind of like…a blog in paper form. There were 6 paper issues and a 7th special edition e-zine released as a PDF. In 2006 I released Textibitionism: The Paper Blog Anthology as a free PDF and included an 8th and final edition of The Paper Blog (which admittedly, wasn’t as good as the previous issues due to my failing mental health at the time; psychosis and extended hospital stay followed a month after its release).

A gallery of The Paper Blog’s covers can be found here.

Do you think you’ll do another zine?
I’d like to…but the reason I stopped doing The Paper Blog was because I was losing money between printing and mailing, so I dunno.

What is “textibitionism”? What is a “textibitionist”?
Textibitionism is a word I made up a long time ago to describe “what I do”, which is basically “writing out loud” or “showing off your words”. (I was performing naked on a webcam when I came up with it and at the time, my Internet presence was mostly “text and tits”, so it fit.)

I leave it mostly undefined, but consider myself a textibitionist and I also consider most avid bloggers textibitionists too, especially those of the Live Journal and Twitter communities who write compulsively about the minutiae of their lives for a “live”, participatory audience.

“Textibitionism” is also the name of an e-book I released in 2006, otherwise known as “The Paper Blog Anthology”. It’s no longer available.

What is/was “cammityjane”?
“CammityJane” was first the codename of a writing project, then the username of the Live Journal in which I implemented it.

It was the blog of a girl named Jane, who had just been diagnosed with HIV, 6 years after contracting the virus and the story of her running away from her diagnosis and her life, with the intention of dying alone. She finds herself in the middle of nowhere, in a strange collection of houses, collectively called Utopia, by the commune living there…and that’s about as far as I got with it.

It was met with good reviews, but I was unhappy with it, so I printed one hard copy and deleted the journal. Jane may resurface one day, I haven’t written her off completely.


Do you do commissions?
Maybe. E-mail me. Sunny@SunnyCrittenden.com

What’s with the menstrual/uterine themes?
I have endometriosis and as a result, I live with chronic pain. I’ve had 5 surgeries for it since I was 15, I’ve been to many specialists and I’ve tried every “cure”. Long story short, I have no alternative but to live with it and just work on pain management for about another decade, when I’ll finally have a hysterectomy.


Hey why didn’t you reply to my e-mail?
First of all, I read every single bit of e-mail I get. However, I get a lot of e-mail from people I don’t know on a fairly consistent basis and I don’t always know how to reply to it so I just…tend not to. It’s not only strangers though, I suck at replying to e-mail from my own family members too. I try really really hard to give responses when necessary and while I often blame the amount of e-mail I get, it boils down to the fact that I’m just not good with the “back & forth” because by the time I’ve thought of a response, it’s like, a month after the fact.

(And despite the fact that they make me squirm, your compliments are always appreciated, even if I never write back to say so. <3)


Do you have Facebook?
…Yeah. I was reluctant at first, I even dubbed Facebook “not my thing” because I already had a website with that information (and more!), without the stupid applications and deleted my profile after my first month of being on there (and screencapped the event). However in the end, there are too many people I know meatside who use it for me not to use it and now I’ve kinda come to like it.

Can I add you on Facebook?
For most people reading this, I’d prefer if you didn’t. I have my privacy settings tweaked so that random people can’t just add me, they have to message me first. There’s a reason for this and that reason is primarily so my Facebook doesn’t turn into MySpace, where a thousand people I’d never heard of and had never spoken to suddenly wanted to be my “friend”. I’m down with “social networking”, just not when it gets retarded. Unlike MySpace, I don’t see Facebook as a vehicle for self-promotion. It’s for sending Growing Gifts to my mom and playing generic Scrabble with my mother-in-law. It’s also for looking at and commenting on pictures of people whose lives are none of your business.

If you really need your Sunny fix on Facebook, I have a fan page that I encourage you to join!

Hey, why did you deny my friend request on Facebook? Why won’t you add me as a friend on Facebook?
It could be one of a million reasons, most of which can be boiled down to: I don’t know you well enough. While I live my life pretty “out in the open”, there are lines that need to be drawn and Facebook is one of them. A lot of the people I care about on Facebook are “late adopters” of the Internet and while they know what I do and know about my site, I can’t say that they really understand it or necessarily want to be a part of it. As such, more for their sake than mine, I consider Facebook a separate part of my “internet life” and not an extension of my site.


I’m following you on Twitter, why won’t you reciprocate?
Because I don’t wanna.

Actually…I use Twitter to communicate with specific people and I don’t want their tweets buried by people I: a) don’t know,  or b) don’t find all that interesting.

If there’s two things I’ve learned from Live Journal, it’s that:

  • It hurts people’s feelings less NOT to add someone than to remove them later.
  • It’s really easy to wake up one day with a giant “friend’s list” that’s impossible to follow.

Well you can at least reply to my “@ replies”!!
I try to!


What is “KOTL”?
“KOTL” is an abbreviation of “Keep Off the Lawn”, which was the name of the original gardening/art project in which friends, family and I turned my lovely, green, but BORING front lawn into a wildflower garden. The whole thing was blogged about in its own blog, called “Keep Off the Lawn”. Now all of the posts are archived in my every day Live Journal under the tags “KOTL” and “keepoffthelawn” and since the garden’s not going anywhere, I consider the project ongoing. In the spring I plant seeds, mostly donated by kind internet folk, and spend all summer taking pictures of whatever comes up.

What does “<3” mean?
Turn your head to the right. It’s an emoticon heart! Also, when people say they “less than three” you, that’s what they’re referencing. ;o)

You mention “work” so you must have a job now? Where do you work?
I work for a major adult website doing e-mail customer support. I can’t tell you which site or the particulars of what I do (unfortunately) but it IS a pretty interesting job and it’s good that I can work from home.

Have a question that’s not answered here? E-mail me at Sunny@SunnyCrittenden.com and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!