Beliefs & Philosophies

Recently my belief system has been called into question, so I thought a good thing to have on my site is a small page outlining the beliefs and philosophies that shape my day-to-day life.

The first thing to know about me is that I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe Adam & Eve were the first people on Earth. I  therefore don’t believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God or that he died for anyone’s sins (if there was no Eve, there was no Original Sin!) and I have my doubts that he even existed. I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. I don’t believe in Satan or angels or spirit guides or ghosts. I don’t believe in miracles. I think the Bible is almost entirely bullshit. I think religion is almost entirely bullshit too. Pick one, any one, I probably think it’s bullshit for one reason or another.

That said, I am not without spirituality. I believe it to be true that there is an energy that animates us all, the same energy that makes our synapses fire and our arms and legs move. Because energy, they say, cannot be created nor destroyed and can only change form, I believe that this energy survives and disperses after death. I believe that this energy is present in every living thing to some degree or another and that in this respect the human animal is no different than the four or two-legged variety. I believe that once this energy is dispersed after the death of a living thing, it’s just added to the atmosphere, which is of course full of this energy, which is then used to create and animate other living things. This energy is the “spark of life” and we all exist and live within it. We breathe it, we move in it,  we absorb it, it is always present.

People in Asia believe in this energy too and they call it Qi, but I’m not convinced, as scientific data does not support it, that this energy can be manipulated by people for benefit such as the practices of reiki or acupuncture. In fact, the only thing science really supports in this belief is that we are animated by energy, there is no proof that it exists beyond death, I just feel that if it behaves at all like other types of energy, it would. My belief that this energy is used to animate new living things is just that: a belief. I could be totally wrong and will accept whatever science has to say on the subject when the time comes.

I used to believe in reincarnation and that people could recall past lives, but upon further study, I don’t believe in either thing. I believe, as I’ve said, that our life energies are recycled, but I don’t believe this happens in whole or even close to whole, so recalling past lives would be impossible even if we found a method by which to recall them. (Hypnosis in this regard, is bunk.) I believe that it’s possible that certain character traits could be retained within the soup of energy that animates us at conception but I believe that if this is fact then these things would be extremely minor, like perhaps left or right handedness, not the love of plants or macrame.

Now, the other thing that I believe in is karma, but not in the religious sense that you bank  positive or negative karma in this life so you’ll be reincarnated into something better (or worse) in the next life. And I’m not even sure if what I believe really is karma because calling by a name denotes that it’s a thing. This is where my beliefs turn more into philosophies and I use the word “karma” only when relaying my philosophies to other people so they can understand the basic principles of it. Put simply, I believe that if you go out of your way to be a good person who does good things and you live a life that’s conscious of and courteous to the lives around it, that good things will happen. That’s not to say bad things won’t happen, just that there will be more good than bad or the good will be bigger than the bad and that if you live this way, you’ll be able to appreciate the good for what it is and not sweat the bad too much.

And even if I’m wrong I live this way because for me it’s the only way to live. Living life as a big jerk won’t make you any happier. Being a selfish person who only looks out for #1 won’t make you happier. Saying and thinking nasty things all the time isn’t going to make you very happy. In my experience, when you open yourself up to the world to receive all the good it has to offer, the world complies.

Even if you want to take the woo woo spiritual aspects out of the equation, everything has a ripple effect, so smiling at the girl ringing up your groceries, having a light conversation with her and telling her to have a great day could mean the difference between her going home and having a fight with her boyfriend about working overtime and her going home and bringing her boyfriend dinner at work instead. Or cutting herself, or beating her kids or any other negative thing she may have done if no one was nice to her all day. This is the same for tipping in restaurants or room service or anywhere else where you have to interact with people at their jobs. And it goes beyond that. If I’m out and buying clothes (god forbid) and I see a girl trying something on that looks good, I’ll say so! Sure she’ll usually look at me funny, but you know deep down the compliment is appreciated, especially coming from a stranger who has no ulterior motive to say it.

These are just examples of my life philosophy in practice in day-to-day situations. Basically it really boils down to not being a dick because you wouldn’t want to be treated that way by someone else. There’s also a “more flies with honey” aspect to it as well. If you treat people well, they’ll treat you well and sometimes that includes a free round of drinks from the bartender or a waitress not charging you for your breadsticks.

My point is that I go out of my way, on an almost daily basis, to help or be nice to others and I find in doing so, I get the same treatment in return. I do this for friends, relatives and strangers, I do it whether there’s gain to be had or not. I genuinely care about everybody. Yeah I have days where I’ll admit I kinda hate humanity, but on those days I keep to myself, play the Sims and generally try not to let my bad mood affect anyone else. And even on my worst days, I still tell the cashier to have a great day.

So what happens when there’s someone in your life where you go out of your way to be nice to them and they treat you like shit anyway? Well, neutrality is usually my tactic of choice. I simply don’t go out of my way for them anymore and in extreme cases, I eject the person from my sphere rather than wage war and create negativity in my life.

Everything else is pretty basic. Don’t steal because it just invites someone to steal from you. Don’t lie or you’ll be lied to. Etc.

I’m not a perfect person and I’m not claiming to be, people piss me off and I get mad sometimes and I can be a real bitch, but most of the time I’m not and I’m just saying what I do in my life with the best of intentions to keep myself and my family happy and as stress-free as possible.

And that’s basically it.