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Hello and welcome to my world. My name is Sunny Crittenden and I guess if you’re on this page, then you’d like to know a little bit about me, although I’ve been around long enough that I’d think you’d all know me by now, but if you’re new, here goes…

Me @ Barrie Pride, 2018

I’m pansexual, bipolar, agoraphobic, and married to Blake, who is a writer. We live with our son Wes, who is 16, and our senior dog, Lucky, in a town in Ontario, Canada called Elmvale, population 2000. Our daughter, Madison, is 21 and lives in Newfoundland.

I have a chronic pancreas condition due to pancreatitis in 2011 that almost killed me, which sometimes puts me in the hospital and is best managed by medical marijuana. When I’m having a “pancreatic attack” I have to be on a clear fluids diet and take hydromorph (morphine), and I can’t do my part-time Lovely Money Job, which is customer service for an adult website. I work from home and love my boss and most of my coworkers, and it’s probably the only job on Earth I could keep while having two chronic conditions.

I had a lifelong battle with endometriosis that ended in hysterectomy 5 days after my 40th birthday, in 2019.

I’ve been writing about my life on the internet since 1998, before the word “blog” was ever coined. I was also a popular nude camgirl on Camwhores.com, the internet’s first webcam portal, from 2000-2019. Some people combine these two facts and consider me an “internet pioneer”, which is sort of cool, but something I don’t really take too seriously. Now my camgirl activities pretty much boil down to Instagram and Snapchat and I do most of my intimate blogging on Patreon.

What should happen to Republican lawmakers? Hrm…
This is my friend Ryland, who got one of my girls tattooed on her fucking arm like some kinda crazy person.

I’m not just a writer, but also an artist who has been creating and selling art online for 20 years, with my “girls” being the main focus of my discipline. I started painting my girls in 2008 after taking an online art class where the instructor taught me how to draw girls that didn’t have googly eyes. I had my first and only art show in 2017, at a cannabis vapor lounge in Barrie, Ontario, where someone showed up with one of my girls TATTOOED ON HER ARM. I started drawing my girls as colouring pages for patrons on Patreon in 2015 and I published my first colouring book in 2019.

I’m inspired by all things pink and glittery, as well as feminism and social justice. My artistic influences are Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo, Maude Lewis, Brain Froud, Mark Ryden, and my own dark sense of humour.

“Light Snack” 2016

My favourite movie genres are horror, biopics, and documentaries. My musical taste is what you’d call “eclectic” and I listen to pretty much everything except country (with exceptions) and classical (but I’m okay with music from live theatre/musicals). To get an idea of what I listen to, here’s my main Spotify playlist that I listen to almost every day. As far as books, I suppose my favourite genres are fantasy/sci fi, thriller/suspense, or speculative fiction. My two favourite books are Middlex by Jeffrey Eugenides and The Power by Naomi Alderman.

I’m very much into video games, as is our whole family. I grew up with Nintendo, so I’m partial to their games and I love my 3DS. I don’t have a Switch yet, but there is one on my wishlist if anyone felt so inclined!

Screenshot from me playing original Sims in 2000. Not sure why Blake’s blonde?

My favourite game series of all time is The Sims, which I’ve been playing since the original came out in 2000 and is an integral part of my depression management strategy. My friend Nicole and I noticed that we both played The Sims for several days or weeks in a row, without doing any other activities, and that this behaviour corresponded to our depressive moods. She coined it as being in the “Sims Bunker” because when you’re in it, it’s like being underground with no other influences or activities. Safe. Cozy. Protected. I’ve been using The Sims to cope with depression ever since, and I maintain a separate Twitter account, called @SimsBunker, where I post animated gifs and screenshots or what my Sims are doing or how I decorated a room. The Sims allows me to be creative when I’m too depressed to be creative in my usual ways.

Painting at the beach.

If I’m not feeling agoraphobic, another thing I enjoy is making art in public while Blake writes, and we often go to the local Starbucks for a few hours to do so, or if the weather’s nice, I’ll go to a local beach and draw or paint with watercolours. If it’s a sunshiney day, sometimes I just set up whatever project I’m working on on a card table on my front porch and listen to murder podcasts (with headphones!) or an audiobook while I work.

In the winter, I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder which worsens my already persistent depression due to bipolar disorder, so I have to sit in front of a full spectrum light box every day, starting on Labour Day, to absorb vitamin D, and do things to keep myself occupied like $20 artist dates and making art in public with Blake. By late April, I start feeling better and then by the end of May I’m usually pretty happy because I love late spring/summer.

And that’s basically the sum of me!

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