Depression & Art


Depression & Art

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A YouTuber I semi-follow, named Emily Artful, uploaded this video about artist’s depression on my dad’s birthday, which was perfect timing because I was feeling pretty bummed out:

A short video about art & depression.

Last week I couldn’t create a single thing of value and it was very frustrating for me. Mostly it was depression, but it was also because I’d been producing a lot of stuff without recharging my creative well in between projects, which is a terrible habit that I legitimately have a hard time with. Slowing down and having “breathe in” days makes me extremely uncomfortable, my factory default mode of operation is simply “GO! GO! GO!”, whether I’m creating visual art or writing.

So I watched Emily’s video, above, and she said to keep a sketchbook that no one else will ever see, where you just work out your dumb crap without the pressure of “show & tell”. Her advice was to essentially draw anything, or draw from life if you can’t think of anything. She said something like, “draw a rock, then maybe draw a fairy shaving her legs on that rock,” and the wheels in my brain started turning.

To warm up, I got out my watercolour sketchbook and just started playing around with random shapes and the “wet on wet” technique for the flowers on the right:

Warming up.

Then I decided that since I’m too controlled to properly do watercolours, I might as well work with it and I created this, just using the watercolours as my colour:

Just messing around…

Then finally, I had therapy and I told my therapist about the Emily Artful video and her suggestion of a fairy shaving her legs on a rock, and my therapist said, “sounds like you have your idea,” so I came home and drew it:

Fairy shaving her legs.

I dunno why the image of a fairy shaving her legs struck me so hard, but it did and I felt compelled to create this piece and make it available as a colouring page for patrons, here.

It just goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere, so when you’re depressed, keep “breathing in” until something clicks. Browse Pinterest and YouTube for easy art tutorials and see what you can come up with! You never know what might stick!

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