Play With Me!

Play With Me!

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I spend half my time running off to pick flowers or fishing.

I love WoW Classic. I love the camaraderie involved in EVERYONE starting over on a new server, with a new economy, and events launching throughout the year. This excites me.

However, I have no one to play with. Everyone at my work was all chomping at the bit to play and we chose a server and faction, and then when launch happened…I was the only one playing. People were either playing on a different server with existing WoW Pals, or were simply too busy, so whenever I logged in, I was playing alone, and that was fine for a while, but then it got lonely because I had no one to share the WoW Classic experience and geek out with and every time I logged in to play, it was just a reminder of that loneliness, so I haven’t been playing.

My experience with WoW Classic is that I’ve been playing Warcraft since 2006 or 2007 and we started with vanilla, obviously, which was when we started our guild and had the best times raiding and making new friends. I’m no expert on the game, and I don’t pretend to be, but I know vanilla WoW pretty well because it was the longest I’ve played any of the expansions, and when I had the most fun.

So, if you haven’t started playing WoW Classic yet, or aren’t committed to any particular toon on any particular server, consider making your toon on Pagle. It’s a normal server in EST and as of right now, my Shadow Priest is level 24 or 25 and I’m in no hurry (again, as of right now), to reach 60. I want to pay attention to the storyline this time around, and explore each area thoroughly. I’d love to raid, because while we did a lot of instances with our vanilla guild, we really only did the one Zul Gurub raid, which was a clusterfuck but a lot of fun. We don’t have to raid if that’s not your jam, though, I’d just be happy to not be playing by myself.

Less about herbs in this game, but ALL ABOUT fishing…

I haven’t played Modern/Retail WoW in probably a year because I got my druid geared to do instances and then I ran ONE instance with my guild, had 30 panics attacks during the experience because they kept telling me I sucked (which I do, tbh) and afterward, just as I was starting to research spell rotation and how to play better…they nerfed her and made her the worst DPS in game. What did they make 2nd worse DPS in the game? My Shadow Priest. It was frustrating, so I quit playing.

The guild I was in was kinda hardcore, antisocial, full of conservative dudes (one of them was named NotAFeminist ffs), and not very helpful, so I wasn’t sad, when I logged in to take the above screenshots, to find that I’d been removed from the guild for inactivity. I don’t even know what they were called because that’s how much I played with them.

So now I have these two level 120s that are just sitting there, collecting dust. They could be used to farm stuff to start a new guild of lowbies, or they could be used to raid with other level 120s. The problem is, I don’t know anyone on my server and I have no one to play with. If someone wanted to play with me, I’d be fine with transferring these two toons to their server, but everyone I’ve asked just doesn’t play WoW anymore, or don’t have Battle For Azeroth. I can’t play with Blake because we can’t afford two accounts.

So, if you play Modern/Retail WoW and would like to play with me, either e-mail me ( or message me on social media so we can work out a plan.

Looking forward to hearing from…anybody?
Is there anybody out there?

PS. If you’d like to play mobile games with me, check out this page!

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