My Dad Died.

My Dad Died.

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Ken Cox October 1956-September 27th, 2019

Kenneth Wayne Cox passed away peacefully in his sleep on Friday, September 27th, 2 weeks before his 63rd birthday.

Son of William Russel Cox and Charlotte Ann Preston, Ken, or Uncle Kenny, as he was known to his beloved nieces and nephews, was born in King City in 1956, along with his 4 older siblings Joe, Christine, Sharon, Heather, and his younger brother, Rusty.

Ken loved old barns.

Ken was a loving father to Sunny & Chad, who are in shock and mourning at his sudden loss, but take comfort in the lifetime of memories they both share, such as going fishing at the cottage, watching their dad draw barns with ink or airbrushing fantasy creatures, or just going to the laundromat and sharing breakfast on quiet Saturday mornings. He was very skilled in both pointillism and airbrush and was inspired by artists such as Robert Bateman, Zoltan Szabo and Brian Froud, as well as his favourite vintage issues of Heavy Metal magazine and Conan the Barbarian comics.

Ken & Chad sharing breakfast.

Ken and Chad had the closest bond since birth, which was undeniable to anyone who met them. Chad was the highlight and focus of Ken’s life, the most important person. They could always make each other laugh and finish each other’s thoughts and they shared everything, choosing to both live and work together all of Chad’s life, first in Stouffville, where Ken grew up, and eventually Toronto. Obviously Chad is gutted right now and thanks everyone for his privacy at this time.

Sunny fishing with dad.

Ken was the best dad possible to Sunny. He was there for her when she was in pain, and was constantly cooking her meals or trying to feed her once she moved out on her own. Ken cooked THE best Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, where everyone was invited, and which everyone remembers fondly. Ken taught Sunny how to draw and to appreciate the macabre in life, and she always felt his love even when they weren’t getting along, for which she is grateful. Ken didn’t have to be Sunny’s dad, but he chose her every single day because they loved each other and he was a dedicated father.

Ken airbrushing a fantasy creature on the hood of a car.

Ken loved classic cars, sci fi/fantasy and horror movies, and Wiser’s Deluxe whiskey. When Sunny & Chad were kids, it was tradition that every Friday night was reserved for watching Sliders and X-Files together. They would watch the shows and eat subs from Mr. Sub, and after dinner Ken would sit in his chair and sip his whiskey while enjoying a Craven A cigarette after a long week’s work.

Ken also loved fishing and everything about fishing. On snowy Saturday afternoons, he could often be found watching Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show while folding laundry or “resting his eyes” which was really code for, “fuck off kid, I’m trying to have a nap,”.

Ken at the cottage, fishing.

He would take his kids to his family’s cottage in Madoc in the summer, which was basically a 2-room shack with cots and no indoor plumbing, but they loved it. Ken would take them down the Black River in the motorboat, letting his fishing line trawl behind to try and catch any curious fish, while Chad’s hand skimmed the water and Sunny read Mad magazines while lounging on the bough. Eventually Ken would round a corner where, if he continued, the boat would go down some seriously damaging rapids, but he stopped and tied the boat up on the shore of this special place, their place, where little river pebbles collected in place of sand, and it was there where Ken and the kids would find frogs for their bait and try to catch something good enough to eat.

Sunny & Ken swimming.

The rocks before the rapids formed almost a peaceful freshwater lagoon where Sunny and Chad would splash and play and snorkel safely, while their dad would be fishing in the chaotic rapids downstream with his grown up fishing rod, not too far away. The trio would spend the whole day there, soaking up the sun and fresh air and clean water, then they would go back to the cottage where Ken would clean and cook the fish they had caught for dinner, usually with homemade fries. Then they would play Uno until it was time to crawl into their sleeping bags and tell ghost stories in the dark until everyone fell asleep. Ken, being a sci-fi/horror fan, had the best ghost stories, and took great delight in scaring the crap out of his children.

Sunny & Chad fishing with dad.

Ken will be dearly missed by all, immensely by Sunny & Chad, but when we’re feeling the most pain, we all have deep wells of good memories to draw from, to bring a bit of sweetness and light to the saddest feelings.

Ken Cox October 16th, 1956-September 27th, 2019.
May he rest in peace.

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