June 4, 2014

Intergalactic Planetary, Planetary Intergalactic

Yesterday, I executed my plan. I drove from my house, to Balm Beach and back. On the way there I got passed while doing the speed limit by an SUV and then later a motorcycle and then when I got to the beach, the guy on the motorcycle was there and I just thought…”you really had to get here 10 minutes before me?” That’s just dumb. Especially because weirdly, he left right as I was coming down the lane that leads to the parking area, which is where he was. There are also bathrooms there (that I’m sure are disgusting) so maybe he had to take a shit or something. Yeah I’ll go with that. He had diarrhea. In fact I think from now on, every time someone passes me I’m just going to assume that they’re rockin’ the ‘rhea. Other than those two things, which really aren’t even “things” at all because I don’t even give a shit, I was right so whatevah, the drive was pretty okay. I was super nervous the whole way there but not so much on the way home because it was around the time the school buses are out so I figured people would be going the speed limit anyway. I had a bit of a panicked moment at one point on the way home though. There’s this curve on county rd. 6 (the one that had the giant snow drifts I told you about this winter) just past the “murder house” (forget the story now but people were murdered there a few years ago, forget who did it, if I ever knew) that leads into a right-hand turning lane that merges onto county rd. 27 which takes you into my town. That curve snuck up on me so I was doing 80 km/h with this dude on my ass so I signaled as soon as I realized we were coming up to that turning lane and sloooooowed down probably too early but I don’t care because I knew that turning lane’s speed limit is 40 km/h. As I’m doing this I’m hoping the guy behind me knows what I’m doing and is turning left, while panicking about merging because I haven’t done it without Blake before. I aced it, of course and panicked for no reason so maybe I won’t panic next time at all.

As it turns out, parking IS only $2/hour at Balm Beach, however there is a $4 minimum. Ugh. Still $1.50 cheaper than Wasaga Beach, the one 10 minutes away from me, but how much am I paying for gas? I think ultimately it really doesn’t matter which beach I go to because between gas and parking it probably evens out. Blake’s looking into parking passes for both beaches though. Balm Beach issues 150 non-resident parking passes per season, so those could all be sold out for all we know.

Anyway, yesterday I got to the beach and scored the most cherriest of parking spots because no one else was really around. There was a couple on the actual beach with their little dog that would run into the waves and then run back out and yap at the water as if it were giving it shit. The beach is actually a horseshoe shape. I was on the tip of one side of it and there were some people hanging out on the other side of it, but other than that, there really wasn’t anyone around, so I got out of the car and walked over to the parking ticket thingy, placed my first ladybug and paid for parking.

I was worried about the ladybug because I guess I used too much glue because while I was paying for parking, it slid down a bit and I had to push it back up to where I wanted it and we were also under a severe thunderstorm warning and it was spitting, so I was hoping that it wouldn’t start storming and wash away my glue. Then I came back to the car and smoked a joint. For the record, while novel and cute, these papers are actually terrible to smoke.

…which lead to lunch (I ate a little less than half)…

I stayed in the car the whole time because at first I was afraid I’d get everything all set up on the beach and then the storm would happen (it never happened), there were seagulls EVERYWHERE and I just felt safer in the car. It didn’t matter though because I had water on two sides of me and the windows down and the sun came out and I just sat there and took my time eating my lunch because I paid for 2 hours worth of parking and had nowhere else to be. While I ate, I looked at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on my phone while also watching the people around me.

There was a lady who had to be about 70 slowly walking a dog that also looked about 70, who didn’t appear to approve of my joint. Oh well. Then there was a guy in a truck who pulled up sorta behind me and to my left who seemed humoured by my joint (I’m pretty used to the smell so I forget that to other people it has a pretty distinct odor and he saw me trying to take the pic of the joint above, of which there are a million outtakes.) Then there was a couple who disappeared beyond the rocks in front of me and they stayed there for a good 20 minutes before heading back onto the beach and then I stopped keeping track of them. Having seen no signs that dogs aren’t allowed and seeing two dogs while I was there, I think it’s safe to assume Hoover or Lucky can come with me if I want them to. They’ve never really been in/near water outside of baths before so I’m not sure how they’d react.

After I finished my lunch (or rather, what I planned on eating of it), I checked on my ladybug and the glue was dry so I packed my shit up and split.

Today Blake is working from home and I only have $46.67 to my name from now until next Thursday so I don’t plan on going anywhere by myself. Today when he’s done working, we have to take my car to the gas station so I can fill the tank because I’m almost at the halfway mark and my grama always told me that you should never let it go below half and as long as I have ever owned a car, I never have. Blake has to come with me because the gas station in town is pretty crazy. Although theoretically I could go to the gas station up the road closer to Wasaga Beach. Anyway, he showed me how to pump gas but I have to see something and do something like, 3 times before it fully registers so for now he has to come with me. After we get gas I want to go back to Balm Beach because apparently there are 3 more beaches around there with parking that we’ve never seen that may have less people. This matters when you’re deciding between two beaches to get a parking pass for.

And that’s all I got! Peace oot!


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  1. Scutterman says:

    Sometimes I’m driving very slightly slower than the speed limit, and someone will pass me doing the speed limit. Because there’s so little difference in our speeds, they take forever to pass me. Seriously, there’s nothing that could be that important for them to be doing. If they do that, I’ll often just speed up slightly so they have to either pass me faster, or back off.

    I never let me fuel tank go all the way empty, because the dregs will have dirt and other stuff that’ll screw up an engine, but I would be interested to know why halfway? I guess it doesn’t matter that much in the long run, especially if fuel in Canada is as cheap as it is in America.

    • Sunny says:

      I would rather someone pass me than have them on my ass forever. If someone’s on my ass and we come to a dotted line, I’ll go a bit slower in the hopes that they’ll pass me. You’re not supposed to let your gas go below halfway because you never know when you’re gonna get lost or stranded in a snowstorm and you need to keep the car on to stay warm.

    • Sunny says:

      Oh also, I paid $1.32/litre when we got gas yesterday. It cost me $30 to fill half the tank, which I so do not have. :o/

      • Scutterman says:

        Ah, that makes sense. We don’t have to worry about things like that so much because our weather is very meek most of the time, and our country is so small that we’re never far away from somewhere.

        Current cost of petrol is about 2.47CAD/litre over here. A lot of Americans that I know were complaining the price went up recently, and when I worked it out they were still paying about 8x less than we were over here.

        • Sunny says:

          Holy fucking shit @ that gas price. How the fuck does anyone afford to drive there? What’s minimum wage there?

          • Scutterman says:

            Current minimum wage is 11.59CAD. We can afford to drive because that’s how it’s always been. We’ve never known any different. If you think that’s bad, my insurance once I passed my test was £1000 (1836.29CAD) for the first 12 months. I managed to get it reduced by 1/4, but it’s still a huge amount of money. I doubt I could have afforded it if I didn’t have a fantastic job at the time, but most of us have no choice because the public transport in our area is dreadful.

            • Sunny says:

              Minimum wage here is $11 too. For a new driver on basically any car, you’re looking at a minimum of 2500 a year if you’re a girl and $3000 a year if you’re a boy pretty much until you turn 25.

          • Scutterman says:

            I guess it really depends on how much driving you do. I do very few miles, so cheaper insurance and more expensive fuel probably works out in my favour, but if I did a few thousand miles in a year, the cheaper fuel would be more beneficial. Having said that, my insurance last year was only £400, and I turned 25 since then, so that’s brought the cost of driving right down for me.

          • Scutterman says:

            I guess I’m wise beyond my years :p

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