November 23, 2013

Great article on creatives.

Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense

1. Me.
2. I dunno. Probably me. I think I’m definitely equal parts smart and stupid. Maybe I’m smart like a fox… ;o)
3. Me.
4. Used to be me. Now I think I’m a little jaded. Workin’ on that.
5. I’m an agoraphobic person whose life is laid out on the internet.
6. Mmm, I dunno. I have a hard time with the word “pride”. On the same token, I have a hard time with being unappreciated and I think that’s probably tied to what would be my warped sense of pride.
7. I don’t think I’m very traditional or conservative. I can’t think of any examples of me being either one, anyway.
8. Yep.
9. Creating is literally my favourite thing and you can do it anywhere, with anything.

Anyway, I thought it was a good article so I thought I’d share.

PS. It’s snowing. We’re supposed to get like, a foot today and more tomorrow. I’m callin’ it “winter”.

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