September 28, 2013

None of you nmph better look at me funny…

In other news, I spoke with Wes yesterday about the possibility of doing boys as well as girls, possibly even together (imagine!) and he eagerly told me to go ahead, said that he didn’t mind at all and that he thought it was a good idea. So my brain’s percolating in that area.

I’m still filtering and processing the studio tour and I remember one lady, possibly even the trollop lady but my memory’s foggy, saying that my girls looked like Bratz dolls. 1) No they fucking don’t. Not any more than Barbie or any other adult female doll because hello, my girls are paper dolls! And 2) Fuck you, go buy a Bratz doll then! That’s been bugging me all week. Now that it’s out of my brain maybe I’ll stop dwelling on it.

So like I said a few days ago, I’m working on the colouring book pretty steadily while watching terrible movies on Netflix and it’s actually kind of freeing because there are things I can do with drawings that I can’t do with cut and paste paper dolls, or that is extremely difficult. If anyone has any suggestions on what they’d like to see in a colouring book by me featuring my girls, then please let me know! I’m trying to stay away from careers because that’s a little too Barbie for me, I’m thinking of make believe.

Anyway, there’s my brain dump for today. Have a good weekend!

PS. Here’s a pic taken by my mom’s friend Dianne from a few weeks ago. The only person missing is Chris!

This is my family!

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