July 31, 2013

It’s just one of those days…

Another shitty song by another shitty band.

I worked this morning (YAY back to schedule!) and I have a meeting at 2pm and since I can’t go anywhere or do anything still because of my foot, I’m just going to do a lot more internetting and sharing with the class. Are we ready boys and girls?

omg a thought just occurred to me. I bet there are people in the world with Limp Bizkit tattoos who SUPER regret it now. I bet there are people with Nickelback tattoos as I type this or girls with Justin Bieber tattoos…yikes.  There’s shitty tattoos and then there’s *shitty tattoos*.

I guess there are lots of people in the world with tattoos they wish they never got, now that I think about it. That’s why I won’t get a Hole tattoo or a Nirvana tattoo, even though I know I’ll love those bands forever. Courtney Love could do something WORSE than she’s already done and make me regret the Hole tattoo and I just don’t want Kurt on my body. My friend Raymond has a Smashing Pumpkins tattoo that I really like. That one’s probably safe.

I’ve thought about getting a Canada flag tattoo but I don’t know where. A very small one. I like itty bitty tattoos for some reason.

HAHA Wes is talking to his friend on the phone in a British accent. What a nerd hahahahahaha Ohhhhh if my foot wasn’t jacked up I totally could have filmed him. Ugh. Moment’s over.

omg haha Jehova’s Witnesses just came to the door to show me an article about “what was god’s purpose for creating the earth?” and I replied, “I just think he was trying to have a good time making stuff. Thank you.”, took the brochure and the guy was like, “do you have a bible?”, “yes,” I half-lied*, “okay well thank you dear and I hope you get better soon”. God, crutches are awesome.  But those Jehova’s Witnesses, man! I *just* posted on Facebook somewhere that they had stopped coming and here they are. Like fucking psychic vultures. Ugh.

(*oh and the half-lie is that it’s the King James Version that my great grama got for free for sending money to a televangelist in like, I dunno, the 60s or something haha Like I’d ever actually read it.)

In my dream office, I want space for a canvas rack, both to store pieces and to store blank canvases. Just a thought I’d like to send out to the universe.

Listening to the Violent Femmes. The thought that Blake and Brian could play this whole album on Brian’s porch because it’s acoustic occurred to me a few weeks ago. I dunno if they tried it the last time Blake was over there because it was a Saturday and I was working so I didn’t go. I know Blake was practicing one song recently, though, but I forget which one. Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths just came on. I’ve been begging Wes to learn this song, I think he’d do such a good job with it. Wes just looks at me like I’m on drugs (duh) when I suggest it though.

haha this was taken at a children’s clinic.

Godammit I have to pee. That means crawling up 3 stairs, crutching down a crowded hallway/laundry room and then maneuvering myself onto the toilet. It’s exhausting. So sick of crutches. I don’t want to miss this summer. I want to go to the beach 100 million times and play with Madison in the waves. Tomorrow is August. Summer will be halfway over. :o(

~*peeing accomplished*~

Mother Mother just tweeted that Neil Young painted the artwork in their hotel room and they also posted an Instagram pic of it.

Here’s my video of the day, which I never saw before this very moment and I guess it’s not safe for work…which is a fucking shame, man. A fucking shame. Because she was beautiful and she did a good job (or they blended her with her stand-in pretty well). I think if you can see it on YouTube it should be okay in the workplace. Anyway, here’s the video. Sound quality’s not the best:

It’s 1pm and I am literally counting down the hour until my work meeting. I haaaaaaaaate them. I just always want them to be over with and I know this is going to be a long one because…*sigh* it just will be. Then again, I always think that. Which is why I hate them.

~*some time later*~

Doot doot doot doot doot dOOt doot doot doot doot doooot
Ting thing thing, ting ting ting, ting ting ting, ting ting ting

I was just thinking about some of the people I knew in Stouffville. See, my boyfriend at the time’s father who was an alcoholic and crazy and scary, rented out rooms on the top floor of the house and one time the newest addition to the house happened to be a chef. Cannot, for the life of me, remember the guy’s name (Gary maybe? no idea) but he was super nice and one time he made us roast elk with this really lovely gravy and roasted, seasoned potatoes. One of the best meals I’ve ever had to this day. I forget the name of the restaurant/pub he worked at but it was beside the Fickle Pickle. We also hosted a waitress from Australia who I think was named Kelly, she worked at the same pub and made us a gross lasagna once that had yogurt in it because she was a freakazoid who would put such a thing in perfectly good lasagna. I showed her an easy way to shorten a skirt using a stapler.

It’s weird the things that come to you when you just let yourself zone out for a sec and let your mind wander. How some memories are clearer than others. The snippets I have from back then, from when I was 15, are so so random. I wish I’d have taken more pictures of those years. There are lots of pictures of me as a child, but hardly any as a teenager because I lived with a family who didn’t care about pictures and my poor ass didn’t have a camera. I know Ken took one of me with purple hair when I was 15 but that’s the only one I can recall. I was a bride for Halloween in grade 9 or 10 and the yearbook people took my picture but I don’t think it was put in the actual yearbook because I moved away or something. Must have been grade 10.

Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction is another song Blake and Brian could do on Brian’s porch. Just a thought.

Song of the moment.

Anyway, Blake’s home now so we have to figure out dinner etc. My vote is chicken Kiev with boiled new potatoes!

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July 30, 2013

Hands Up, Baby Hands Up

I could be completely wrong but I think that Blurred Lines (ugh) song by Alan Thicke’s son, the “editor’s cut” or whatever of the video I just saw for the first time this morning. I know nothing about this guy other than that one video, I even forget his name like, every time I think about him, which is like, never, so anyway I think he sampled the song I know as “Hands Up, Baby Hands Up” from the old Club Med commercials. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that guy’s a dick whatever the case may be.

Know who else needs public shaming? That Bieber kid. I like, excommunicate him from Canada because in my imagination I have that ability. *taps temple*

Now that that’s over I remember that I came here to add to yesterday’s story that during ALL of that puking, shitting, sprained foot bullshit? I was also on the rag. So like, yay. Which reminds me of this commercial for a wicked service for women in the US that’ll send you your period supplies and a treat in the mail and it’s in tune with your cycle. So I guess it’s for regular period girls. Wouldn’t work for me even if it was available in Canada. (Also I use Lunapads so my periods are basically free at this point.) Anyway I thought it was cool. A good thing to wake up to. Also good to wake up to was this:

Which I got on Layla’s tumblr. (Possibly NSFW all the time but it is right now.)

Also this guy is awesome. That’s from Reddit.

So Snoop Dogg took a trip to Jamaica, brought a bunch of music writers from the US with him and he made a reggae album at a studio there…and turned into a rastafarian because c’mon, this is SNOOP DOGG – or sorry, Snoop LION because he’s “reincarnated” now right? – isn’t that the obvious conclusion? But Bunny Wailer, for reasons I’m not entirely sure of excommunicated him from the rastafarian faith and then everything was cool for a while, as far as I understand it and Snoop and Bunny were friends again, and then I see this really offensive quote where Snoop LION claimed to be the reincarnation of Bob Marley and I just about ate my tongue. So I had interest in the album in the winter when the videos for “Here Comes the King” and “La La La” were released on YouTube – both of which I liked – but then I promptly forgot about it because hello, I have the mind of a goldfish. I sieve out the most unimportant shit I see in a day and keep what was good (or bad, depending on the day).  I see the quote, remember the record, fire up SoulSeek and download it because I am not paying for this crap, especially if I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit. Which it was, but I can’t stop listening to a few of the songs, which have made it on my Summer 2013 playlist. That’s only 22 songs so far but I’m trying to diversify so Blake doesn’t want to kill me on car rides since that’s when it mostly gets listened to. Moral of the story: Snoop Lion is a poser who made a pop record. Congrats.

Speaking of Blake…I woke up with him this morning and we cuddled in bed for about 40 minutes and I didn’t even realize he’d shaved his immigration playoff beard until like, 15 minutes in! He said it was itchy and driving him crazy so he shaved it. Fair enough! I have no idea what it feels like to grow a beard (thank god) and it’s his face, he can do whatever he wants with it. I didn’t like it because I think beards are scratchy and gross on most people and he knows that but that I can deal for short periods of time.

This is one of two giant pieces of Jade found in Canada in 2000. The thread about it is here. Currently they’re debating whether creating a sculpture of a buddhist religious icon with the second one would be more valuable than carving it into a giant dragon penis.

Just a Friend by Biz Markie made it onto my Summer 2013 playlist thanks to Allure from Camwhores (probably NSFW at the moment but definitely a whole lotta fun!) I hadn’t heard that song in soooooo long. :o)

Speaking of Camwhores, there’s a limit of how many videos you can post over there in their blogs section, which I think is a fucking travesty but I’m not going  to bug Kevin to change it because the man has enough problems, so as the one video I’m going to post in this post is this one.

I think I’ve posted it before and people probably already know it, but it’s probably in my top 5 favourite songs of all time (this version though, but a better quality audio track) and it pretty much makes it onto every playlist I make.

Right now Blake and the kids and Brooke and Charlie are at laser tag. haha suckers. Even if my foot wasn’t completely fucked up, I don’t think I would have partook of that. I suggested they go to Pie because it’s right there but I guess there’s pizza at the laser tag place so they’ll just eat there.  Blake’s bringing me home Quiznos. If he keeps my note I’ll show it to you later.

I managed to get to the bathroom, grab a plastic bag from the laundry room, crutch my way into the kitchen, maneuver the fridge on one foot without falling, get 2 Diet Cokes in the bag and crutch back to my office which requires me to go down 3 stairs. Know what that makes me? A fucking ninja badass. Who has Diet Coke.  Booyah.

Thinking at this moment that it would be pretty cool if my brother were here or even if he was on the internet right now. He defriended me on Facebook a long time ago after being a dick on my status update, getting in a fight with my cousin Haylie, me seeing Haylie’s point, my brother then messages me with bullshit and I give him bullshit right back because you fight bullshit with bullshit that’s just how it is. Then he’s like “blah blah blah goodbye sister” or something stupidly dramatic (I realize the irony of that statement!) and defriends me. So that was my last communication with him which was ON WES’ 10TH BIRTHDAY. The status update mentioned Wes’ birthday and finding out my grama was in the hospital and had been diagnosed with cancer. And he pulls bullshit.

But that was February. It’s now almost August and he’s staying with my mom still as far as I know. And he’s seen my grama a lot from what I understand and he’s being very helpful. This is good news. So I’ve been entertaining the idea of hanging out with him and my mom and my grama at my grama’s apartment.

Except this week was out because Brooke & Charlie were visiting, my work meeting was Wednesday, and I have to set up for that…township building art show thingy for the month of August. The thing they made us sign just said that I’d drop the art off and they’d arrange it, so, bonus. At least I don’t have to do that. I just have to buy a tablecloth. If they can do early morning Blake could work from Barrie and drop it all off on his way to work. Maybe if he gets home and isn’t tired from playing with the kids we can go get the tablecloth since he took today off. DAMMIT I’m on crutches. I can’t navigate Wal*Mart on CRUTCHES!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Ugh. That sucks.

I guess my instructions will be “no patterns, don’t pick a stupid colour, don’t pick white, black is okay”? *thumbs up*? bueno? yeez?

Damn. Just looked at Twitter. Whistleblowing = espionage in the US. Wow. No idea what my country would do in the same situation or if they’d even ever be in that situation (probably) but that’s harsh, man. Bradley Manning, 136 years in prison if sentenced to max penalties. Sentencing tomorrow morning. Wow. Just wow. Run Edward Snowden, Run may be tomorrow’s headline.

Don’t you think it’s a little weird that the US is getting less strict about same sex marriage just as Russia is getting more strict on gay everything while they also basically harbour a fugitive the US wants? Interesting timing don’t you think?

Those are the three international news items (and Gitmo) that have crossed my path on a daily basis in the last little while. Or at least the only ones I’m paying any attention to.  Monsanto craziness is always happening it seems and it would make sense that either something in the GMO plants, which Monsanto provides the seed for, or the pesticides the plants have been GM’d to be able to withstand, which Monsanto also makes, is responsible for the whole bee thing so fuck Monsanto and anything GM to the best of your ability. Unfortunately a lot of processed foods already contain GM ingredients and it’s not labeled so like, the best stuff is probably GM unfortunately. Like the potatoes in chips, I bet those are GM. Unless it’s labeled you just don’t know. First it’s the bees, then it’s going to be the butterflies. Then the birds. The fish are already poisoned.

Not that I’d eat fish anyway, but, y’know…

I just made it into the kitchen with my plastic bag and got the last cold Diet Coke and bottle of water in the house, cursing Blake and the children for not leaving me better rations if they were going to be out this long. :o/ I’m not ninja enough to be able to handle stocking the fridge with cases of Coke and water on crutches.

Oh well.

Listening to this. I didn’t link to the official video because I didn’t like the part in the middle screwing up the song’s vibe. I’ve never seen a song so blatantly and heavy-handedly have a message attached to it with a video. It was cool when I thought it was about guns in clubs, which is a very real problem around the world, but attaching it to Sandy Hook and Columbine and everything seemed a little off initial message. Then again, I’m not usually exposed to official music videos. I’ve only just started looking up random stuff on YouTube to see if it exists, if it’s popular, if I can download it and if it’s worth sharing with the world, passing it on.

I didn’t grow up with cable so while I’m of the MTV Generation (or Much Music, as we had/have in Canada), I missed a lot of things just because my music was what was on the radio and tapes my friends made me. So sometimes music videos catch me off guard and since I’m a super auditory person, I’ll usually link the best MP3 quality I can find, unless the live version is good enough. I used to broadcast on Blip.fm but their search engine is so fucking stupid that all it would ever give me is live versions (usually terrible) or covers (also usually terrible) so I gave up and now I’m just linking to YouTube directly. It wouldn’t kill me to have another tab open for quick searches…says the girl with 15 tabs open. And the day’s not even half over yet.

Canadian Man Sorry for Chugging Eight Beers and Swimming to Detroit” <—- hilarious.

 Oh god, a kid just came to the door, I could tell by the knock. Freaked the dogs out so they started barking like over-protective assholes but I’m on crutches. I couldn’t get to the front door and open it without the dogs getting out before the kid was gone on crutches anyway so I had to sit here like a tool and hope they just went away.

Well, my computer is in front of a window and the “front door” is to the right. My music was turned up to 11 because hello, no one’s home, neighbours aren’t home, why not? So I had to sit here though, and wait until they went away because I didn’t want them to hear me typing. Fucking kids. GRRRR.

Okay I just opened the last cold can of Coke in the house. This is TERRIBLE.  Listening to Miley Cyrus makes the pain go away. Have texted Blake for an ETA. Response percentage 50%.

I wish I could afford to get this for Blake for passing his citizenship test. He would absolutely love it. I’m going to try and talk him into buying it for himself. Today is the last day you can get it. Thanks Stephy! (And for once Madison would try stealing HIS clothes rather than mine.)

People never understand me when I say I need two monitors to do my job. My boss taught me how to do it on two monitors and that’s just how I learned. Blake has 2 at home but 3 at work. People don’t understand what I mean when I say I want a titty-free computer – which this one 98% of the time is – and that one has the biggest monitor of the 3 on my desk. 3 monitors, 2 computers. I also have a cellphone in my lap at the moment which has the biggest screen out of all the phones, I’m pretty sure. I am a sadly connected person haha

Listening to this. Have you ever looked the lyrics of this song up on the internet? Funny shit if you ever get bored.  “You are my guiding star, my shingling light, I love you baby”. :o)

I really hope no more kids come to the door. The dogs are spazzes and the kids told all their friends they’d be with their grandparents today so I dunno what dumb kid it must have been. But if he’s dumb enough to knock once, then twice when there was no answer, he’s dumb enough to come back and knock 3 times like the little pestilent troll he probably is.

Dammit. I wasted my only video on something auditory. Well, that’s fine. But I’m listening to Amanda Palmer, who, if you’re not familiar with,  this is a pretty good start and you should totally watch the video because there’s titties, if nothing else.

Blake got Wayned at the grocery store over the weekend and apparently Judy was totally nice to him too for a change. Ashley was with them. I dunno about the baby, I forgot to ask.  Just interesting that they were at our grocery store when he works at the grocery store at the beach. Maybe the beach one runs out of good stuff early on the weekends. Wouldn’t surprise me. Even on days that kinda suck, the beach is usually pretty busy, that’s why we stay out of the main beach area and go to what’s known as Allenwood. The water and sand’s cleaner there than the main beaches, I think, and it’s also not as crowded. The parking’s not as expensive too, I think.

Anyway, it’s just better. I wish we could live near there rather than going closer to Blake’s office.

Random thought, I know, but if you have a reason to be at the beach, I think you should be at the beach!

Blake just texted me back. It’s roughly an hour after I texted him requesting an update on how long I have to make this Diet Coke last. He’s at Quiznos now so that’s probably 40 mins away. Like I said, texting him was a 50/50 shot of actually getting an answer. He hates texting. He got me a small, cold bottle of Diet Coke to go with my sandwich because he’s thoughtful like that. Yay! <3

When they get home, I’m going to end this and spend the rest of the day with them maybe watching Six Feet Under if I can talk Madison into it. Blake will almost literally watch anything so that leaves a wide selection. We finished Trailer Park Boys season 1 on the weekend and I thought it was pretty awesome, so we might watch more of that. Honestly I’m just hungry and don’t really care either so it’ll probably be one of those. Or a movie of Blake’s choosing.

They’re home! YAY!

Here’s my note to Blake. Peace be with you my ninjas!

July 29, 2013

My Baby Don’t Dance

So on Thursday morning I jumped a fence to get to the field behind our house with Wes to take pictures and I landed on my foot just…wrong….and it swelled up – it’s still swollen – and it really fucking hurt and then it was numb in some places and Blake had to come home from work and take me to the hospital where they took some x-rays, determined nothing was broken, it was “just” sprained, elevate it, ice it, “do whatever it says on the internet but do not wrap it”, he said. So I haven’t had it wrapped since leaving the hospital but it’s still puffy and now it’s starting to bruise. I’m using Madison’s crutches.

On the way home Blake said, “if you could eat anything in the world, what would it be?” and I swear all I remember was saying “poutine” which was just idiotic because apparently poutine from this particular place is out of the question ever again. Diarrhea on crutches really fucking sucks. That was my Thursday night and Friday morning. Friday was barf day where I threw up 4 times – making it to the toilet twice. I was siiiiiick.  I couldn’t keep down water, Gravol OR Zofran. Then Friday evening I had some Canada Dry ginger ale and some other medicine and I felt okay. My foot obviously still hurt but at least the diarrhea and the vomiting finally fucked right off.

Friday evening Blake went to a BBQ with his work friends where the LUCKY BASTARDOS had Stouffville Pizza and Blake told them about The Glotch.

All night I wondered if it would be cool to move back to Stouffville since we’d be approved for a house we could afford there, it’s technically in the running, but I grew up there and when I was in high school, all of us were like…no, living in Stouffville when you were a grown up after spending your childhood there made you a total loser, a failure as a human being to go out and find better…but Stouffville has changed a lot since I grew up there. Apparently Good Eat is gone, which makes me sad. That was the Chinese food like, of Stouffville for a very long time. My family used to be good friends with the man who owned that building. Anyway, it was just an idea I entertained for about a millisecond. I’d rather have family, which is what we get if we move to where my mom lives, than a whole bunch of new friends in Stouffville. I still may write about The Glotch though. ;o)

So that was Friday. Madison and I stayed up late watching Six Feet Under.

Saturday we finished Orange is the New Black. Loved it.  Mr. Healy looks exactly like my friend Robert Peate which I thought was cool at first and then…well, spoilers.

Saturday we watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes for the second time and it really just didn’t impress me. The new one they’re doing will hopefully be better but obviously my expectations are pretty high; I can see they really tried with the last one.

Moving right along…FUCK. It’s 6pm? Awwww I have to take my pills in like, an hour but I’ve had the last 4 days off work (w00t w00t! even though I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING but fuck around on the internet and watch TV – which I’m totally cool with)  and my sleep schedule is super messed up. Blake’s mom’s in town and they’re going out for dinner and Blake said they probably won’t even have dinner until like, 7pm. So not only will I have to go to sleep before they get home, but *I* won’t get to have “dinner” until 4 o’clock tomorrow morning. Good thing I picked yam rolls and beef teriyaki from Furusato which is right near the Mandarin, which is where Grama Brooke, Grampa Charlie and Wes and Blake and Madison are meeting after Madison’s doctor’s appointment. They’ve left me with a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, 1 bottle of water, 3 cans if Diet Coke and my 7pm pills which should, theoretically knock me out by about 9-9:30pm but like I said, my system’s all messed up from being off work for 4 days, so I actually plan to take all the psych meds and the pancreas meds but postpone the sleep meds a little to be gentler to my system and just suffer a  little tomorrow morning to help establish a new program of being for a day before…dun nuh nuh nUH! Wednesday’s work meeting. Who knows what happens at work meetings? Crazy shit, that’s what, you have no idea. It pains me that I’m not allowed to discuss any of it.

My fucking friend just texted me and asked if I could pay him for something in our website’s currency and I’m like, dude that would get me FIRED so damn fast which would be bad for both of us so let’s just stfu now. That is what happens when I talk about sensitive information. So I’ve just decided that mum’s the motherfucking word on all things work related. Talking about diarrhea on crutches? Awesome. Shit that will make me lose friends or get me fired? Nope. I’ve found this leaves me little to actually talk about because I’m honestly not all that interesting.

Anyway, since I have to go to bed early-ish tonight, that peanut butter and jam sandwich is all I get until 4am when ideally I’m getting yam rolls at the very least, teriyaki if I’m lucky and tonight my options are Netflix or internet and I pick internet, again, because internet is just more fun and always will be. :o)

Last night on Reddit, I upvoted some guy because his dog’s balls were spectacular. This is what happens when I start going down internet k-holes, not to be confused by the awesome site of the same name. They usually start on Reddit or YouTube or Wikipedia or even just Google itself and how I get to where I find some of the weird shit I see, I can’t even explain.

So let’s begin this little experiment, shall we? Let’s see how long I can go before the meds kick my ass to bed just rambling and throwing out links.

Last night I was somehow reminded of Chris Sheppard, a Toronto radio/club DJ from the super early 90s, possibly the late 80s? Who made these compilation CDs. This one was always the beginning of my favourite. I didn’t have the CDs, my cousin Chris did and I spent a lot of time with them at that time and this would be what we’d listen to.  So that was pretty cool. That channel has a bunch of Chris Sheppard mixed songs and it says it’s by request but I don’t remember any individual songs so I can’t request anything.

Oh god. haha So LONG story short, I found myself on a certain internet celebrity’s YouTube channel who I hadn’t really been following for a while but this person normally doesn’t talk in their videos but there WAS a newish video where they DID talk! So I watched it and I just about had a conniption fit at what a dork this person is. I shouldn’t laugh because I myself am the hugest dork but it was not what I expected and I just laughed and laughed and I’ll never forget it.

Annnnd now it’s 7pm. Time to take my psych, stomach, pancreatic and pain meds.

I’m listening to this.


Today I Learned that brussel sprouts can look edible.\m/

Listening to this, which, don’t laugh, is fucking poetry. Okay you can laugh, but tell me it isn’t awesome in its simplicity. Don’t watch the video, just have it on in another tab. The video is stupid, no contest.

omg so Blake is growing an immigration playoff beard haha what a retard. I love the hell out of that man, he fucking kills me. Meanwhile, speaking of the retarded, here’s me:

Listening to A Tribe Called Red while quoting Metric like the good little Canadian girl I am. This time you probably want to watch the video:

Blake just called; they’re on their way home with my sushis yum yum yum! Blake wants me to start eating healthier and this IS healthier. Healthier than the waffles I had for “breakfast” and the peanut butter and jam sandwich I had for “lunch” – but Blake thinks there’s a grease threshold that I can’t process due to my shitty pancreas and lack of a gallbladder and Furusato was the only thing I could think of that wouldn’t significantly contribute to said “grease threshold”. Anyway, when they get back I’ll take my sleep meds and eat the sushi because yam rolls are best as fresh as possible. *thumbs up*

I guess I’ll end this and post this is various places and have a lovely night with something on Netflix! Peace oot, homes!

July 24, 2013

Forget the haters, cuz somebody loves ya-AH…

Greetings, Earthlings.

I am feeling SO MUCH better than I was on Monday. A normal schedule again, medication-wise and work-wise, and lots of sleep has helped immensely and I’m mostly back to my old self. I won’t say “normal” since I doubt I’ll ever be that, but back to my old self…

I did not go see my grama and my brother on well, today, because both Blake and my mom thought it would have been a bad idea in my former state, which I agree with, but I’m okay now so I’m kind of regretting that decision. I really want to see my brother. I don’t know why, I just do. Is it weird to say that I miss him? Because I do. Immensely. I love the shit out of that big stupid asshole. And my grama, well, I have something for her.

On last Thursday or Friday, I forget which, there was “customer appreciation day” in Elmvale and Madison was doing face painting at Jack’s On Queen, which is the local comic shop.

Why people would want their face painted on a 42 degree day is beyond me…

Brian was also there assembling his new mini comic called “Faces” which I forgot to buy one of so I’m not sure what it’s about but I’m sure you can purchase one yourself on his site! He’s really good!

So Wes and I went down there for moral and emotional support and also to buy Madison lunch at Alma’s which, if you follow me on Foursquare, you would know that we eat there a lot. Their hot roast beef is the fucking bomb. Look at this!

Anyway, that was Friday I think and while we were at Alma’s there was a HUGE storm where tornados touched down in various places near us so we called Blake to come home from work to come get us (he was working in Barrie that day) and then on Saturday before I had to go to work, we went to the beach because we live right near day beach. BOOOOOI! Lotta mercy. (Points if you get that reference. I can’t stop saying it…)

The beach is AWESOME after a big storm because there are big waves that are fun to jump. So we stayed for about 40 minutes because I had to work and then I worked for 3 hours but a friend of ours had a bit of an emergency so my co-workers, who are AWESOME, scrambled to cover my shift and Blake and I went to spend time with her. She had just run the Warrior Dash, which is this crazy-assed race thing that you can read about here. In fact, apparently someone died at it here this year but I haven’t read anything about that yet. They apparently had a pre-existing condition and just…died. I mean, the race itself is brutal, you have to climb rope walls and crawl through mud under barbed wire and the mud has gravel underneath it so your knees get scraped up and you have to jump through fire. It’s pretty nuts. Blake ran it last year and plans to run it again next year. I think they’re both mental but whatever floats their boats.

So we had a good night with our friend and then Sunday…I forget what we did on Sunday. So probably nothing. I had to work at 1am, which fucking sucked, but I did it and then I had Monday off but I slept through most of it and that brings us to yesterday when Blake did his Canadian citizenship test where he got 19/20 questions right and was finished first. He’d been practicing for weeks so I wasn’t really worried about it and nothing bad happens if you fail anyway, it’s not like they deport you or anything. I am crazy proud of him. What happens next is he’ll get a letter to come down to that building again to do his oath where he’ll swear to like, be awesome & respect the Queen & shit which I will get videos and pictures of, don’t you worry! The first song we listened to upon getting into the car after he passed his test was this one, by A Tribe Called Red, which is a Canadian band that does like, aboriginal dubstep that’s super wicked:

They’re up for the Polaris Prize and I think they should win.

I didn’t wear socks with my Chucks yesterday so I have a blister that’s basically my entire heel and it really fucking hurts. I wore my Chucks because my sandals gave me another blister on Friday when we walked into town to see Madison and Brian. I can’t win! But that one’s healed enough that I can wear my sandals again.

And I guess that brings me to today! I worked this morning, which sucked (I am so sick of my job at the moment…I’m thankful I have it and I realize it’s a pretty cushy job compared to a lot but man, I am so fucking sick and tired of working), then I woke up around 11:30am and decided to make this canvas I’ve been working on my bitch. If you go to my Facebook page you can see Vine vids of the process of splatter painting which I think is super uninteresting but other people seem to like so that’s why I did it.

This is how you can tell someone’s an artist (or one of the ways):

I can’t remember if I posted about what I’m working on at the moment but it’s Dorothy! The background is all rainbow so far and as soon as I’m finished this post I’m going to start working on Dot herself. I made a preliminary sketch of her last weekend but I think I’m going to tweak her a bit when I actually paint her.

That’s obviously just pencil crayon with no shading and her nose isn’t right.
I can’t figure out how to paint braids but Dorothy in the 1939 movie only had french braids to just behind her ears and the rest was a pony tail so that’s what I was going for.

Anyway, that’s what I’m working on.

Peace oot, homies.

July 23, 2013

Blake passed his CDN citizenship test!

We’re having peameal and scalloped potatoes for dinner to celebrate! (And maybe poutine for lunch if I can convince him to…I’m workin’ on it.)

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July 22, 2013

Sunshine in a Bag

I’m not having a very good day so far.

I can NEVER AGAIN cover for someone at work the way I have been. I’m basically off my meds right now as a result and I’m kinda losing my shit. I took my PM meds last yesterday at like 6pm, slept until 12:30am, took my “morning” meds and then when I was done work at 5am, I took 2 extra loxapines so I’d be able to fall asleep and I slept until about 9am and when I woke up, I wasn’t sure what I should do because I shouldn’t take morning meds *again* right? But now I think it’s probably a good idea…I’m gonna call Blake and see what he says…


Blake’s coming home and we’re going to call my shrink because I AM LOSING MY SHIT.

I’ll finish this later.


I can’t even articulate what’s wrong, just SOMETHING is wrong. I can’t stop crying and I just feel WRONG. I don’t feel healthy, I’m fidgety, I’m uncomfortable. I thought a shower would help with the latter but it didn’t. I just can’t cope with the tiniest things. I watched last night’s True Blood and cried all the way through it. I don’t know if it was me? Or was last night’s True Blood extremely emotional? LIke am I seriously losing my fucking mind? I’m afraid to watch The Newsroom.

I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t play Sims. I can’t watch TV. I can’t paint. I can’t read. I just can’t concentrate. And I don’t really do anything else so I can’t even think of anything else I would do.

Last night was my last night working crazy hours so I should be relieved right? YAY I made it through! Except I didn’t. Obviously. I’m FUCKED UP.

I’m also on day 1 of my period so I’m sure that’s helping.

I e-mailed my mom at 3am and told her that I didn’t think I could come see my grama on Wednesday because between working all these crazy hours (which would be normal hours for a normal person, probably, but I’m not a neurotypical person) and my brother AND my grama, I didn’t think I’d be able to deal. But then when I woke up, I felt more or less okay so I e-mailed her back and said that I’d changed my mind. But she hasn;t written me back and may not because I don’t know where she is or if she has internet.

Anyway, yesterday we were at this mega-toystore called Mastermind Toys buying a gift for one of Wes’ friends, which is one of my favourite places on Earth. And I got these:

I also got this little guy whose name is “Wishful”, for my bag:

It’s hard to tell in the pic but she’s a unicorn.

And yesterday I also drove and that made me extremely emotional too, which I think was a warning sign for today. Like I should have seen this coming.

What else?

Oh, I’ve been driving Blake crazy with Snoop “Lion”‘s new reggae album, which, to be honest, I only really like 4 songs on. “Here Comes the King”, “Lighters Up”, “No Guns Allowed” and I think “La La La” is the best song on the album, which is pretty crazy considering it’s a b-side that was never meant for the album and  you can only get it in the deluxe version of the album from iTunes. (Which no, I did not pay for. Please.) I also downloaded Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” which is stupidly catchy and Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s To Never Growing Up” which I *did* pay for because no one on SoulSeek had the explicit version.


So Blake came home and talked me down from the proverbial ledge and I took 2.5mg of Olanzapine (Zyprexa) to calm the fuck down and he said that at 3 or 4pm I should take my psych meds but not my sleeping ones and take my sleeping ones at 7pm like I normally do. He thinks the issue is that I took my meds too close together, not too far apart but that if I wait until normal med time to take everything I’ll be pinging because it *will* be too far apart.

So yeah.

I have a work meeting in an hour so I have to get my shit together. Blake has his immigration test tomorrow. Wish us both luck.

July 17, 2013

Cryin’ Won’t Help You, Prayin’ Won’t Do You No Good

Here’s today’s theme song:

I’ve only updated 4 times this month and it’s already the 17th. Remember when I used to post 3 or 4 times a day?

I don’t really know why I haven’t been updating. I guess I just haven’t had all that much to say. And I’m not exactly getting feedback these days so I don’t really have all that much as far as incentive. I don’t even think Blake reads anymore.

I got notification the other day that my Memoir Project book has been digitized but I tried to read it and they’ve messed it all up. Here’s the link anyway. I really only wrote about when I got sick so it’s not like it’s full of stuff you guys haven’t heard 100 times before. I also found one instance of where I should have written “too” but I wrote “to” instead. That shit drives me crazy and I wish I could fix it. I even proof-read it twice before sending it off! Oh well, what’re ya gonna do?

I have 4 days left of work hell. Five if you count the fact that we have our weekly work meeting the day after my last crazy shift which should technically be my day off. Once I’m done all that though, I’ll have 25 hours banked that I can take off whenever I need to. Nine of those hours are going to be the Saturday of the studio tour and the rest I think I’m just gonna save in case I need a sick day or in case we go to Montreal, which Madison wants to do this summer. I wouldn’t mind going to Montreal but I don’t speak very much French and Blake speaks none. Wes just started French last year so he barely knows any and we’d be relying on Madison whose best mark this year was en Francais. I hate working from anywhere other than my own desk so if we do go, I’d take some time off. But since I don’t really *want* to go, I’d feel like those hours were wasted but at the same time, if I didn’t go I’d feel left out, so I dunno.

I think next week or the week after we’re going to go see my grama. My mom says she’s been feeling well enough that she hasn’t needed people to be with her 24/7 so that’s good, but let’s be realistic, also temporary. My mom has a show to do in August so at least this is giving her some time to make product for that and prepare for it etc. My grama requires a shot of heparin in her stomach every day and I dunno who’s giving it to her since people aren’t with her every day anymore. It’s a blood thinner. When I was in the hospital, I had to have the same shot (as well as wearing compression socks, which are terrible!) and it fucking hurts. Like, first the needle part physically hurts and then the heparin itself burns and stings. It’s only like, 10 or 15 seconds of pain but pain is pain and I haaaaaaated that. My grama has to have it because she has/had blood clots in her lungs. I had to have it because I was bed-ridden and with the lack of circulation, blood clots were a possibility.

I should be painting today, since I’m awake (and I don’t intend to go to sleep until about 5 or 6pm because I have to get up at 2am to work at 3am, boooooo) but I just don’t feel like it. Plus there’s nothing to really watch and I have to watch something while I paint.

I watched The Newsroom premiere on Monday morning but I couldn’t really follow it. Same with True Blood. With the hours I’ve been keeping, my brain is just mush. Unless it’s work-related, nothing sticks. :o/

Anyway, I think I should force myself to go paint. I have my next project sketched out already so I need to work on that (it’s sort of a commission, sort of not…it’s an idea I’ve had for a while now but my friend said he’d almost definitely purchase it if I did it and I REALLY need money right now so that’s why I chose it to be next) and then I have to work on an 8 x 8 inch painting for the food bank. I get the feeling that I’ve explained this already somewhere but I forget where…on the studio tour we’re supporting the food bank as our charity and each artist is donating a piece of work to be used for a raffle/draw. Like you would buy 10 tickets for $10 (or something) and then you’d put your ticket in a basket beneath the piece of art you want and then at the end of the tour we’ll draw the tickets and whoever’s ticket gets chosen for each piece gets it. And the money obviously goes to the food bank.

I have NO IDEA what I’m doing for my piece so I suppose I should figure that out…I also have to buy a tablecloth for my display at the township office next month which I’m stupidly nervous about. That doesn’t even make sense considering I don’t even have to BE there for it or talk to anyone or anything like that. I’m more scared of my paintings being damaged or stolen.

I also have to make hang tags for the paintings, which I’ll staple to the back of the canvases. That was my mother’s idea.

I have a lot of stuff I need to do but no desire to do any of it. But I better get my shit together because all of these events are happening SOON so…yeah…

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up by saying GO VISIT MY ETSY SHOP!!! Or my ZAZZLE SHOP!!! If ya see anything ya like, BUY IT!!! :oP The reason I say that is because I need to know what I’m putting in the township office and I need to know what stock I have for the studio tour so if you had your eye on anything, you should totally grab it now!

And if anyone has any idea of what I should do for the 8 x 8 inch canvas, I’m all ears!

Peace oot, homies.

PS. One of my ACEOs was chose for an Etsy treasury this week! Check it out!

July 15, 2013

Who Is…Brendan Fraser With An Extra Chromosome, Alex?

I’ve been at a loss for words for a while now. Cat’s got my tongue. People are disappointing me left, right and centre. I’m getting fed up and I have no outlet…anymore.

I’m really sick of being sick. For the last 2 or 3 months I’ve been throwing up a lot. No food is really “safe” anymore. No idea what’s triggering all this vomit, there doesn’t seem to be any common denominator. I can keep down mandarin oranges out of a can, but I can only eat half a can of them at a time. And they have to be in a can. Mandarin oranges out of plastic containers just don’t fly with me. And they have to be cold. Room temperature oranges make me gag. They always have though, that’s not a new thing.

After I throw up, I usually feel better. After I barf I usually follow up with a bottle of water and a chocolate popsicle. I dunno why chocolate popsicles settle my stomach, they just do.

Blake suggested yesterday, after I threw up WATER, that I go see the doctor and have him order some tests but I don’t know what tests he had in mind. Like I’m just not optimistic that there even is a solution to this. My body’s just messed up. And it’s not like I’m “wasting away” or my hair’s falling out again or anything. I think he’s more concerned with the fact that my medications cost him money than anything else. Last week when I had to go to the doctor to get Zofran and he also prescribed me Tecta for the near constant heartburn that goes along with all of this, Blake was quick to point out that Tecta’s expensive. Like it’s optional or something. Like I can control this.

Sometimes the vomiting is accompanied by pancreatic pain, but usually it isn’t. I haven’t had a *bad* pancreatic attack in a couple of months now, so that’s good, but the throwing up is happening more and more frequently.

So I dunno. I’m going through Zofran and Gravol like crazy. The Tecta has helped with the heartburn, so that’s good, but why do I need it all of a sudden to begin with?

I dunno. I dunno. I dunno.

Right now I’m on hydromorph contin again because my pancreas is throbbing. It goes from the spot between and under my boobs, like right under where my ribs connect and it throbs from that spot into my back. It’s really really fucking painful. But like I said, this isn’t a bad attack where I’m bed-ridden and throwing up (a different kind of throwing up), this is just a mild one, but I’ve learned that if you don’t get the pain of a mild one under control as early as possible, it can snowball into a major one and that is the worst thing ever, next to actual pancreatitis.

I feel defeated. I feel like giving up constantly, even though I don’t even know what giving up would entail. I am both physically and mentally exhausted and so sick of other people’s bullshit. Everything is so fucked and most of it I can’t even talk or write about and that is so fucking frustrating to me. I’ve never been censored this much before and it feels a little bit like l/dying.

I’m angry and I’m hurt and I’m just a little bit confused.

I’m withdrawing. Immersion therapy is a fucking joke. Dreams are a fucking joke. I can’t see anything beyond all this mental fog. I don’t see the point in just about anything anymore. I’m confused all. the time. I don’t know what I’m doing or what we’re doing or what happens next. I just try to go with the flow, stay out of the way, keep my opinions to myself. Sick of being told I’m wrong. Sick of not being good enough. Sick of being a disappointment. Sick.

My brother dearest is currently staying at my mom’s, I found out yesterday. I don’t even have words for that one. Honestly I’m scared for Chris. I don’t trust my brother not to be jealous of Chris and my mom’s mother/son relationship and lash out at him. My mom was a mom wanting to mother a son and lacking a decent one and Chris was a son lacking a decent mother. It just worked out and their relationship is beautiful. My brother’s always had issues surrounding my mom having this “good” life and being “rich” (she’s not, he just thinks she is) while he and his dad “suffered” (because of her or things she did, naturally) and I worry that him seeing how good her life really is might set him off and make him destructive, especially after he gets what he wants out of her, which is probably money. My mom says nothing like that has happened, not even so much of a hint of it, but that doesn’t surprise me when he literally has nowhere else to go, no job, no money and no other options. He knows when not to rock the boat. My mom said in her e-mail that my brother would “probably want to see you (all) at some point” but I don’t know how I feel about that. He’s burnt my heart so many times that I don’t know if I can see him. I don’t know how he’d be around my kids. I just don’t trust him. And I think I have some pretty damn valid reasons not to. At the same time, maybe my mom needs this distraction from everything happening with my grama. I have no idea. All I know is that it was just a few months ago that he was calling me a bitch because I was like my mother etc etc etc and making my grama being sick all about him. (And my mom inexplicably got mad at ME over that because HE pulled that shit on Facebook. Figure that one out.)

So I dunno what to think of this situation.

In a perfect world my brother would live with my mom while he got his shit together whether that be a job or more schooling or even getting his licence back since he fucked that up royally many years ago. John and Chris (and my mom) would be good role models for him. In a perfect world, maybe even John could get Chad a job where he worked and they could go in together every day. In a perfect world, we’d sell our house and move to my mom’s town as planned and we’d all be one big, happy family. In a perfect world, my brother would be shown what normal, healthy relationships and happy lives look like and not want to go back to destructive slum life with his father.

But it’s not a perfect world. So I don’t know what to think. I want to know what my brother wants. I want to know what his plan is. I want to see him start thinking long term and not a long term plan that involves my mother paying his way at 28 years old. A hand up? Sure. A place to stay while he gets his shit together? I don’t have a problem with that as long as he’s not screwing up the natural order of their family that happens to work so well.  But the odds of there being a shady motive or a shady plan are pretty good and it’s not even so much that I don’t trust my brother necessarily, it’s that I don’t trust his father not to put my brother up to a plan like this. “Hey Chad, go get in good with your grandmother in her last days so maybe she’ll leave you some money and we can get back on our feet.”  That is exactly how Ken thinks and operates. There are any number of variations on that theme but that’s the gist of how he works. He’s a snake. (And such a ploy wouldn’t work for reasons I won’t get into here but it would be a shame if that was what was really happening and my mom got hurt in the process.)

Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to go slow and see what happens.  I doubt my mom will tell me much. She didn’t even e-mail me to tell me he was staying with her. I e-mailed her about something completely unrelated and she was like, “oh by the way…”. Typical.

And that’s all I have to say today.

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July 11, 2013

Asses Kicked, Names Taken

I went to bed last night around 7:00pm, then started work this morning at 4am and I would LOVE to be asleep right now but I have a work meeting at 2pm. Shortly after said meeting, like maybe an hour or two later, I’m going to take my evening pills and go to bed because I have to work again at 2am until 8am tomorrow morning. The good news is that after I’m done work at 8 tomorrow morning, I don’t have to work again until 2pm on Saturday. Granted I have to work 9 hours on Saturday, which sucks, but then I can sleep in on Sunday morning. Then Sunday night (well, technically Monday) I have to work 1am-5am. So I kiiiiinda still get my days off (Sunday and Monday), I’ll just be sleeping through most of them.

Then next week….Tuesday I start work at 5am, then Wed.-Fri. I work 3am-8am but Friday night I have to work 11pm-5am Saturday morning, sleep, then start work at 2pm-11pm and then my last crazy shift is the Sunday night (technically Monday morning) 1am-5am. Then it’s all my normal shift work after that.

I was worried I’d burn out and not be able to handle this but as long as I get creative with my meds and sleep when I’m tired, I should be good. Or at least it has been so far. It’s not even how many more hours I’m working while Belinda’s in Asia, it’s how weird they are that had me worried. For the last year & a half, my schedule has been pretty rigid. Go to bed at 9-9:30pm, get up at 4:30am, start work at 5am, go back to bed at 8am, wake up again around 11am and then paint the rest of the day. The only day that truly sucks in my regular schedule is my 9 hour long Saturdays. But even those I’ve gotten used to because they’re busy and I don’t have time to think about how much they suck haha

So that’s work right now. My meeting’s in an hour and 7 minutes so I better stop blabbing about work and write this damn post.

I’m so tired I’ve pretty much forgotten what this post was supposed to be about.

Yesterday I started a Twitter account for the Springwater Guild of Artists & Artisans (SGAA) where I’ll be tweeting about events we involved in, including the studio tour, so if you have any interest in that, feel free to follow it. I think we have 7 followers at the moment haha Really, the goal of the account is to get the local newspapers and radio stations and local celebrities to tweet or retweet about the event. I also think that during the studio tour, I’m going to live tweet the event using that account. My plan is on the Saturday I’ll get Madison to watch my stuff at the library while Blake and I take an hour or so to go to each stop and tweet pics along the way. I think I’ll also figure out how to incorporate Facebook into that too. I’ve kinda been designated the social media guru so…yeah…

Then this morning I spent a few hours on the SGAA site, on this page specifically that has all of the artists participating in this year’s tour, and coming up with 4 or 5 interview questions for each of them. Then I e-mailed each of them their questions and I asked them to e-mail me back their answers, along with 1-3 pictures, which I’ll then put together as little profile articles to be posted sporadically on the SGAA’s Facebook page. The idea will be for people to see those little articles, which will be based around pictures, and share them, boosting our signal.

I’ve also got the Facebook advertising nailed down so it’s been a really busy morning! I am SO ready for bed!

Anyway, the studio tour isn’t for another 2 months but here’s the Facebook event anyway so if you happen to be in our area, you can “save the date” so to speak. The tour is on September 21st & 22nd from 9am-4:30pm. I won’t actually be IN my studio because my studio is really “the grown up living room”/my office and there’s no wall space to hang any of my stuff so I’ll have my stuff set up at the library in the center of town.

Two & a half weeks from now I have my exhibition for the month of August at the township office. I’ll post more details about that when I know them, for example, WHERE the township office is because I have no Earthly idea. I know it’s between my house and Barrie but that’s all I know. I also know I need to buy a table cloth for the table they’ll be providing to me to use for my setup.

Earlier this week I ordered 400 business cards because I figure between people just asking me for them all the time, the township office exhibition and the studio tour, I very well might need that many and at the moment all I have in my wallet is 4 measly little MOO mini cards (which I did not get any more of, but I did get my cards from MOO because I wanted several different designs).

So long story short, I’m busy and getting shit done.

On Sunday I finished my “Silver Angel” painting, which, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen progress pics of but you may not have seen the final result yet. So voila!

More pics are available on Etsy…
…where you could also BUY HER!

But I’ll show you this one here though too so you can see what makes her so cool:

Her dress is mirrored silver with holographic, 3D stars!
(That were REALLY REALLY hard to photograph.)

When I had her glued onto the canvas (notice that it’s actually NEGATIVE! my backgrounds are always WHITE but this time I went BLACK!), she was pristine. So I started the varnishing process and when I got to her dress and brushed on the varnish, all was well and when I was finished, I put her on top of the washing machine away from shedding-in-clumps dogs. Then I forget what I did, I think we watched TV or I did something online, but when I checked on the painting about an hour later, I FREAKED because the varnish over the holographic paper was CLOUDY, completely ruining the effect. It was so humid on the weekend that it took until Tuesday morning for the varnish to cure and turn clear, which it did THANK GOD, but man I was losing my damn mind until that happened. But in the end it all turned out and now I’m trying to think of things I can do with the other holographic papers I picked up when I was at Michael’s a few weeks ago.


Last night I decided on what my next project is going to be. It’s actually something that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while now and I even bought the material to do it like, 2 weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure if it would be my next project or not until a friend on Twitter last night said “heyyyyyyy remember you said you were going to do [X] painting? Whatever happened to that?” and I said I was still thinking about it but that I had all the stuff to do it. And then my friend was like, “well, if you do [X] painting, I will almost absolutely be buying it,” and that spoke to my poor, broke ass so that’s what I’m going to start working on tomorrow after work. It’s NOT a commission because it was something I had planned and had even sketched out already, already had the materials, but it IS a sale, so yay! It’s been way too long since I sold a painting…

Then after that I think my next painting is going to be an 8 x 8 inch piece for the food bank. The studio tour is partially for charity so we’re selling raffle tickets where the proceeds go to the food bank and each artist is donating a piece and what will happen is, you buy say, 10 tickets and you put them in a basket in front of whatever item you want to bid on. You could put all 10 in the basket in front of my painting for better odds of winning it, or you could put 1 ticket in each basket for the chance to win multiple prizes. At least that’s how I understand it’s going to work.

Anyway, the food bank donation raffle stuff will be set up at the library where I’ll be and I think I’m going to see if Madison can run it and have the hours go toward the volunteer hours you need to graduate high school here. I haven’t run that past her yet but it’s a thought I had.

Okay my meeting is in 12 minutes so I better post this, then post it to Camwhores, then pee, then have the meeting.

OH! Speaking of Camwhores, I’m doing a members only show on Friday night at 10pm EST! If you need a free trial to watch the show, e-mail me and I’ll send you an invite! Sunny@SunnyCrittenden.com! This week’s theme is storytelling, so that’s what my show’s going to be all about. Should be interesting.

Peace oot, homies.

July 5, 2013


I am so sick of throwing up. I don’t know why but barfing has become a daily occurrence again, usually after dinner, no matter what I eat. Last night we went to Boston Pizza where I had caesar salad and ravioli and then I came home, took my evening pills and about 15 minutes later I was barfing my guts up. For the 3rd or 4th day in a row. I don’t think I’m sick, I think it’s a pancreas/lack of gall bladder thing but why it’s happening now all of a sudden, I have no idea. I’ve also been having chronic heartburn which has made drinking Diet Coke pretty much impossible so I’ve become a water addict. There are worse things, I suppose.

Wednesday we had our artist guild meeting and Mike showed me this cool thing called Square, which is this little device you plug into your cell phone that allows you to swipe credit cards and then Square takes 2.7% and deposits the rest into your bank account. So I basically signed up immediately and now I’m just waiting for them to send me the device. My original plan for the studio tour, since I’m going to be stationed at the library, was to bring my laptop and have my Etsy shop open so people could purchase paintings that way with PayPal if they had to use a credit card but Etsy takes 3.5% so Square actually works out better. Also my phone is the Note II which has the stylus so I can accept credit cards that require a signature as well. It’s pretty cool.

Tonight marks the beginning of my crazy hours at work because I’m covering for Belinda while she’s on vacation for the next 17 days. I’m going to be working 28 hours overtime, all at weird hours. Like, instead of getting up at 4:30am to start work at 5am, I’ll be getting up at 2:30am to start work at 3am. Then tonight I work 2am-5am and Sunday I work 1am-5am. It’s all crazy and I’m super worried about my sanity if I can’t sleep when I’m supposed to. I’m going to have to get creative with my medications to ensure everything goes smoothly (with the blessing of my shrink).

On Sunday we went to John’s cottage for fireworks, which was a lot of fun. Before I get into that though, check this out:

That’s my mom, John and Chris in the Cash Cab, which is this game show type thing that I’d never heard of until my mom showed me a clip on YouTube.
You get into the cab and they ask you trivia questions and you win money.
If you get 3 answers (I think?) wrong, they boot you out of the cab.
I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say how much they won, but they won quite a bit of money.
They don’t know when it’s going to air but when I know, you’ll know!

Anyway, we went to the cottage for fireworks but in the afternoon John took Blake and the kids (and the neighbouring cottage’s kids) out tubing with the boat and I took pictures. Behold!

I started off (with the pics above) using my kit lens, which turned out to be not so great so for the rest of the pics, I switched to the zoom.

(He’s faking.)

Then John made us hamburgers with peameal bacon and veggie burgers with grilled peppers for Madison, who is now a vegetarian and then we all just shot the shit until it was time for fireworks. John got LOTS of fireworks and since this post is already pretty pic intensive, I’ll put the fireworks pics behind a cut…


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