June 11, 2013

Shrunken Heeeeeaaaads, Shrunken Heads, Zombie, Zombie, Zomb-eh-hey-hey-ho-ho-ho

Sunday was awesome. Definitely one of the best days of the year so far.

On Sunday morning, we left for The Sketchbook Project Tour in Toronto, in a gated off area of a neighbourhood called The Distillery District. It’s a fancy schmancy little area with a friggin’ Fluevog store (gooooooood I want these) and various other expensive little boutiques. This would be my first time there.

The Sketchbook Project Tour is exactly what it sounds like; the books of the participants of The Sketchbook Project 2012 are being taken on tour across the US of A and Toronto and then when it’s over, they’ll be permanently housed at the Brooklyn Art Library in NYC.

I bought a book last year and meant to participate but between being sick and dealing with nurses and doctor’s appointments and being in the hospital, surgery etc. I never wrote or drew a single line in my book. I still have it and I’ll use it at some point and after I do, I’ll send it to NYC to join the collection. My “class”, so to speak. But the kids finished their books and so did my mom and John so that’s why we went down, to check out everyone’s books and maybe find some cool ones on our own, too.

I hadn’t signed up this year because I’ve never finished a book and since I failed so hardcore last year, it just didn’t seem like a good use of money. However looking at all the finished sketchbooks on the tour, some of which were really cool…

(Click here to see a bigger version of this.)

…and having finished the Memoir Project a couple of months ago, I bought the sketchbook that is guaranteed to tour the northeast and paid for digitizing. I guess the project’s gotten big enough that they can only cart around so many books so they only guarantee your book will tour a specific area, which sucks if you have family and friends everywhere, but I understand why it has to be that way. It’s also a numbers game, if they get as many participants as they did last year, then all the books will go everywhere, but patterns show that’s not the case, that it grows every year, so that’s why they’re doing it this way.

I also got this book by the guys who created the Sketchbook Project:

It’s basically just a book of prompts. Some are really really good, some are pretty dumb, but I figure if I find myself still with an empty book in November (the deadline is January) I’ve got options. And part of me is actually really tempted to do the whole book from beginning to end IN the book. Because the pages are like this:

The very first page of the book asks you to decide if this is a sketchbook or if this is not a sketchbook. I’m thinking of ticking off “this is a sketchbook”. But I guess I should work on the little one before I get any grandiose ideas.

So we went to the Sketchbook Project “mobile library”, which is like a customized trailer, got our library cards and checked out “our people’s” books first since we hadn’t seen my mom’s yet and I didn’t think Blake saw the kids’. We also all participated in the on-site version of The 4×6 Exchange. ┬áThen I tweeted, with one of the SBP Toronto hashtags, for people to tell me their names if they think I should check out their books. Then we went to this fancy restaurant called Mill St. Pub (I think) where everyone had a good time and after our meal, I checked my phone again and a few people had suggested I check out their books, so we went back to the mobile library and we checked out those books, which were all pretty cool and then we came home.

I dunno about anyone else in our party, but all the way home, I was buzzing. First, I was inspired as fuck. Second, that is the exact kind of “good day” I’m talking about that I want not just me, but our whole family, to have more of. I came home in such a good mood and it’s 2 days later and I’m still in a good mood. In fact, a few hours ago I had a REALLY good idea for a story, which is a rare occurrence. And I wrote it down in my sketchbook because that’s the paper I had laying around when the idea happened.

And so it begins…

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