March 25, 2013

My Baby Don’t Dance

The school called about half an hour ago and apparently Madison jumped off a snowbank and fucked up her ankle. They want us to take her to a “healthcare professional” so Blake’s on his way home. This could be a broken ankle, this could be a twisted ankle, this could be the office being overly cautious, this could be Madison being a drama queen, this could be a ploy to get out of gym class – all of the above or a mixture of the above is possible. If it’s broken, I’m gonna draw butts all over her cast while she’s sleeping. Because butts are funny.

Yesterday was an okay-ish day. I wrote 6 pages on the story I’m working on so that was a plus but then I got scared – because I was excited and proud that I’d written what I thought were 6 good pages – that I was manic, so Blake and I did a thought record and I decided I wasn’t manic but then I got depressed because being scared I was manic made me depressed and so then I wasted a good mood thinking I was manic and that would ruin the whole day.

Here are the thought records:

(Click to enlarge.)

And here’s the one I did last Sunday on productivity:

So there ya go, meet my crazy.

Then, in an effort to make the day not a total loss, we went to Pie for dinner and I got salty balls (good) and their fries (good, but really just spiced fries and I thought their smoky ketchup was gross). Afterward I felt like barfing so I think that’s going to be the last trip to Pie for a while. I know I said that last time, but Pie always cheers me up so that’s why we went there. It didn’t really cheer me up though and the day was basically a write off, just as I figured it would be.

We’re going to my mom’s Friday afternoon for dinner and she’s inviting my grama. She’s not sure my grama will feel up to coming, but she’s inviting her anyway. She’s finished with radiation and she still has all her hair but it caused little sores in her mouth which led to thrush and a sore throat so she’s on medication for that and apparently she has really bad swelling in her feet and calves which I don’t know if it’s from the fall or radiation. I’m not really sure how radiation works.

Her property is officially sold (I’m not sure if I posted that the deal I talked about last time fell through). A Chinese family bought it and the family is going to live above the store, the store’s going to be a convenience store and they’re going to rent out the house. Seems like a good use of things. It’s gonna be super sad for me to see the store as a convenience store. We’ve driven past so I’ve seen the store empty, which got me, but seeing it “alive” again but with a whole different family living there is really going to take some getting used to.

Anyway, I don’t have a whole ton to say so I think I’m gonna go play Sims.

PS. It looks like Hoover has something called “ear tip vasculitis”, which from what I can gather, is an infection or disease of the veins in his ear. His ear looks all deformed, like, crinkly, and the veins feel hard and swollen. Poor guy. They both go to the vet on Thursday to get their shots so we’ll have it looked at then. Apparently it will be fine if they give him antibiotics so I hope Dr. Google isn’t telling me stories.

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