March 4, 2013

So Much For That

So Friday was my 34th birthday, as most of you know, and I celebrated by getting very very drunk. And this was a mistake because for the last 2 days, I have been in pancreatic hell. I thought it would be okay to drink because I thought my body was healed since my period had come back and has been regular and things that used to trigger pancreatic attacks – like alcohol and fried foods – have not been a problem in about 5 months as long as I take my pancreatic enzymes at the time of consumption. On Friday, I was taking 3 pancreatic enzymes per drink (until I got too drunk and forgot haha) so I thought I’d be okay, but no such luck. I’m not in “must go to the hospital” pain, so that’s an improvement, but I *am* in enough pain that I have taken about 2/3 of a bottle of Tylenol 1s since yesterday and a ridiculous amount of extra strength Ibuprofen and I’m still in pain. :o(

So that experiment failed. I mean, obviously I can have a couple of drinks and be okay, I just can’t get drunk apparently. Which fucking sucks.

It’s almost 7am and I’ve been up for 45 minutes – on my day off – because the pain was bad enough to wake me up. It’s weird though because I woke up in pain yesterday and was in pain all day until about 9pm when, I think, the drugs in my system reached a saturation point that finally put a dent in my personal hell. But they obviously wore off in my sleep and now I have to start that process over again. :o/

When I’m having a pancreatic attack, I get the world’s worst heartburn and I don’t know if it’s from the enzymes (possible), all the drugs I have to take (also possible) or if it’s some weird pancreatic response of some sort but it is almost as bad as the pancreatic attack itself.

Last night for dinner we had fresh ravioli in four cheese sauce with more cheese on top which is one of my favourite foods but i couldn’t eat it because the heartburn was KILLING me and when you have killer heartburn from the fiery pits of hell, throwing tomato anything on top of it is like, the absolute worst thing you can do. So last night for dinner, all I had was 2 bottles of water, about 2 litres of iced tea and a microscopic container of strawberry Haagen Dazs because when I feel sick or have heartburn, ice cream always makes it better for some reason.

The dogs were verrrrrrry interested in my ice cream:

Lucky is a little impatient and he knew when the container was empty so he left, but Hoover stuck around so I let him lick the ice cream residue from the container and his tail was super waggy as he did so. Yesterday I paid a lot of attention to Hoover because guys, he’s getting kinda old. :o/ He’ll be 8 in May and he snores, he groans, he spends most of his time on my office futon (which currently REEKS of dog and the cover badly needs washing) with his head on the pillow we keep there or he lays under Blake and my desks and he’s just started acting, I dunno, just old. He still plays with Lucky outside and they’re annoying when they do that and that’s a good thing but he’s just not as energetic as he used to be and he’s less tolerant of certain things (like the cat). I’ve never really had an animal get old before and I’m a little afraid of what happens next.

But I don’t want to think about that…Hoover’s just been super cute lately and sort of introspective, if that makes any sense and he reminds me a lot of Eeyore sometimes. I just love the shit out of him.

On Friday night – while inebriated – I did a members only show at Camwhores where I, topless and with headphones, sang lots and lots of songs I didn’t know the words to haha. If you’re a Camwhores member, you can watch the show here. Blake swears it’s really funny and thinks I should watch it but I don’t fucking think so. Especially since it’s about an hour and 40 minutes long…of me just being drunk and stupid. I’ve NEVER watched any of my members only shows at Camwhores before and I’m not about to start watching now! Seeing myself move on video freaks me right the fuck out, it’s actually almost a phobia of mine. Anyway, if you’re bored and this sounds interesting to you, feel free to check it out…just don’t tell me about it haha I don’t need to know how bad it is, thank you very much.

Saturday I worked and it was actually a really slow day, which was good because I was hungover as fuck. While I worked, I started reading the Walking Dead compendium one and that’s almost literally all I did all weekend. I’m on chapter 7 of 8. I really really really want compendium two so if anyone EVER felt like getting me anything maybe as a belated birthday present, that would be #1 on my list of things I want. My wishlist is here and it’s only $40 with free shipping. I’d buy it myself but I just bought my new phone so between paying off the remainder of my phone $50 at a time and trying to pay down my credit card (ugh), I really only have $62 to last me until my next paycheque. And that’s the math for my NEXT paycheque. This paycheque I had to also get a cover for my phone to protect it from accidents and then I bought a crapload of pens because I just didn’t have any in my office that worked anymore and then I had to pay stupid FedEx for the duty on the leggings I got before Xmas. So right now I literally have $1.75 in change to my name and I just got paid on Friday. Also the new Sims expansion comes out on Tuesday…I know, a camgirl moaning about money. What can I say, I’m a walking cliche?

Looking at my wishlist just now I realized someone bought me River Song’s TARDIS journal, which is awesome. Thank you SO much! I’ve wanted that for so long! Blake and Madison are going to be SO JEALOUS HAHAHAHA!!!!

So did anyone watch Girls last night? (Slight spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it yet.) So Hannah starts displaying symptoms of OCD, right? But did you know that Lena Dunham herself has OCD and used to have those exact symptoms? The counting to 8? It kinda bugs me that she puts so much of herself into Hannah, I’m not sure why. Maybe because I think it’s kind of unoriginal? I dunno. This episode just sorta bugged me. (/end spoiler)

Walking Dead was good last night. I won’t throw any spoilers out there for the people who haven’t seen it yet but I really liked that episode. I’m wondering how it compares to the comics and theoretically I should find out soon. Blake told me that the comics were “brutal” compared to the show and I was expecting like, really graphic drawings, but I think they’re actually pretty tame or at least they’re drawn that way. Michonne & the Governor’s interactions are a lot different in the comic but the drawings are nowhere near as graphic as I was expecting. I think all the weird Japanese shit I’ve seen on the internet over the years has desensitized me.

Madison and her boyfriend are coming to our house for lunch today because they want to eat french toast. This is what Madison’s told me last night. The thing is though, she lost her lunch money so she’s kind of full of shit because she can’t eat lunch with no lunch money so that’s probably really why they’re coming here. I feel like crap and look like crap so I hope Madison’s not embarrassed by me. I maintain that it’s my fucking day off and I’m in pancreatic hell and if I want to wear the same clothes since Thursday and not wash my hair then so fucking be it.I’ll wear a hat when they come or something.

I actually like Madison’s boyfriend. I never used to because when she dated him last year I kinda thought he was a weasel and they were using my phone to text each other and that was driving me a little nuts (because he was trying to text her while I was in the hospital and no amount of telling him “I’M IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL” would make him stop) ┬ábut he’s gotten better and he’s matured a little since then. We got Wes Minecraft for the Xbox for his birthday and an Xbox live (?) account and I don’t think he’s played it once because Madison’s on it every waking moment playing with her boyfriend and all their mutual friends. It’s actually pretty funny to listen to them talk on voice chat.

Anyway, speaking of Minecraft, I think I’m going to go play for a while because I am dying of pain and need to do something to take my mind off of it. We all have Minecraft now and we have Blake’s computer acting as a server so we can all play together. Right now I’m building a greenhouse for no apparent reason, which Wes turned purple somehow and I’m not sure why…I made it out of stone (baked cobblestone stone) and I think he replaced all of my stone with dyed wool. I really wish he didn’t do that, but whatever.

So yeah. YAY MINECRAFT. Bye!

PS. My period started on Saturday, really really light and then the pancreatic attack started yesterday and my period stopped completely. Weird right? It’s like my body knows it can’t do that when I’m having pancreatic problems. I dunno, I found that interesting. You probably don’t though…

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