February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Wes!

Wes turned 10 today. :o) Or at least he will be 10 at 12:52pm.

So my mom called this morning to wish Wes a happy birthday and she talked to him for a little while as he got ready for school and then she asked to talk to Blake. And then she told Blake that my grama, the one I haven’t spoken to or seen since 2005 for various reasons, the last grandparent I have, fell and hurt herself pretty bad and is in the hospital. She’s 69. And then I guess they did some tests on her because she had some weird symptoms for someone who just fell and it turns out she has cancer. Dunno what kind, where it is or how serious it is yet. This is literally all I know.

My mom told Blake to tell me because she couldn’t do it herself, likely because she was afraid of how I would react since, like I said, my grandmother and I haven’t spoken in 7 and a half years.

So yeah…that’s happening…

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