February 11, 2013

In Heav-in, Everything Is Fine

You & me both, Hannah.

I’ve been up since about 3:30am. I dunno why I woke up at that time, I just did. I don’t know what I was dreaming about but I woke up with the sentence “we should have taken it to the edge” in my head. No idea what it means. I went to bed at 10pm after Walking Dead so if anything, I should have slept in. I’m not tired right now but my eyes hurt like they just haven’t been closed long enough in the past 24 hours, gritty, and my head is starting to hurt probably as a result.

I tried going back to sleep a few times but ultimately gave up at 5am. Then I watched last night’s Girls while I worked on my “golden girls” painting (not the old ladies) and started working out the idea for a new one. When we went to Michael’s last month I got a bunch of new papers for dresses and among them was this gorgeous matte and metallic copper damask and right above it was glitter cardstock in pretty much the same shade so I got them both with the idea of making a copper angel. I’ve made 2 angels in the past, a light skinned one and a dark skinned one and each of them have different wing shapes. The light skinned one is the only one of my paintings that I know for a fact belongs to a child and the dark skinned one is Madison’s favourite. Both of them though, are gold, because when I think of angels, I think of halos and halos are gold, right? And religious icons are often gold, the crosses and shit and there’s a lot of gold in the Pope’s robes sometimes etc etc etc, I just thought angels should be done in gold. But these papers are so beautiful and they really wouldn’t work for a fairy or a girl in a ball gown so an angel in robes just made sense since I really only do the 4 types of girl (angel, fairy, mermaid, princess) and then while I worked, the song “Pennies From Heaven” came into my head, so that’s what she’s going to be called.

When I do my backgrounds, I usually pick 3 or 4 complementary colours for the splatters with the main colour as the first layer so it shows through the crackle. Then I mix up to 4 different types/colours of glitter for the final background layer. The thing with copper is that not a whole lot goes with it, so I’ll be accenting the piece with a grey-ish green like the patina on really old copper and probably the metallic “espresso” that I have, which I’ll also be using for her hair. The green glitter is chunky and the copper glitter is fine. The piece may or may not have actual pennies on it, I’ll decide that when it’s almost finished. I use mulberry paper for my angel wings because it looks like feathers and I just so happen to have some in a peachy colour that’ll look good with all the copper.

This is what the angel looks like:

That was actually my SECOND drawing of the day because while I was unable to sleep last night, I still wasn’t totally all there so when I selected the papers (which is usually the first thing I do, but sometimes I pick the glitter first) and decided on what I was going to make, I knew in my brain what I was doing but my hand did something else completely and the first drawing I did was of a girl in a ball gown. I’ll use her for something else, but I was so annoyed that I spent over 2 hours drawing the wrong thing because there I was thinking I was being super productive and happy to be so and then my work amounted to nothing. At least I didn’t get to the shading stage, then I would have been flat out pissed off.

Anyway, while I worked on those two girls and started the process of making the background on the canvas, I watched the movies What To Expect When You’re Expecting (pretty much what I was expecting), one called The Fever with Vanessa Redgrave which was just weird and basically one long monologue and then I watched The Woman in Black which I thought visually was really well done but I am so over horror movies. They do nothing for me. I used to be really into them but now I just find the whole genre boring and predictable. I don’t even know why I watched that one. Probably because my friend Robert said it was the scariest movie he’s ever seen. I knew it wouldn’t be the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and I figured I probably wouldn’t even like it, it was just on the movie channel so I watched it.

I sent Mike from the artists guild all of the stuff he asked for for the website. This is my bio (Blake wrote most of it):

Sunny grew up in York and Durham Regions surrounded by art. Throughout her life, she has experimented and expressed herself using many different mediums from crayons to t-shirts to assemblage. Sunny moved to Elmvale in 2005 and works out of her home studio, kept company by her family and pets, loud music and way too much blogging.

Predominantly, Sunny currently works in mixed media painting, combining acrylic and watercolour paint and along with the masterful use of glitter she creates dream infused, magic-inspired fantasy girls. Her work is available online at http://www.SunnylandStudio.com

Blake’s also joining the artists guild as a supporter as opposed to an artist/artisan and that way he can come to meetings with me and be a part of things. So that’s cool.

Today it’s grey and rainy and all the snow is melting. Yesterday Blake and I went to the beach just because we’d never really seen it in winter and I’ll be editing the pics from that probably later today or tomorrow. Then Blake made teriyaki in the crock pot that looked pretty gross so I didn’t have any. When we were making the grocery list on Saturday (or more to the point when he and Madison were making the list while I was working), I told him to go on my Pinterest and find things he could make there and buy the stuff for that so he got the stuff for beef teriyaki (which I normally love but his sauce was really thick and dark, like molasses; they liked it though), beef & broccoli stir-fry and the stuff for me to make chicken soup which theoretically I should have done today but I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate cooking so much and it’s my day off and I don’t wanna. I realize putting stuff in the crockpot isn’t really “cooking” but it is to me because you have to chop all the stuff and cook the chicken and well, fuck that. That is not on the agenda, especially since if I was going to do it, I probably should have started 2 hours ago. Oh well.

Okay it looks like my paint is dry so I’m going to get back to work on this angel. I hope you’re having a quacktastic day.

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