February 6, 2013

Life is Like a Tub of “Death By Chocolate”…

So it’s 11:10am and I’m sitting here waiting for it to be 12pm because that’s when the fun. and Teegan and Sara concert tickets are apparently available for presale and I promised Madison and her friend that I would be on top of that as soon as it’s possible so here I am. Hello.

I had literally a thousand thoughts before I sat down but now they’re gone. *poof!* Oh well. :o)

I was on cam earlier at Camwhores just being goofy by myself and eating toaster strudel and I caught Hoover next to me, just waiting for me to drop a mere morsel of toaster strudel…

So there was Asshole #1 hoping I didn’t see him there and then I dropped my arm (because I had to use the mouse to take these pics. This computer has a corded mouse…)

And there’s Asshole #2 to the left of my upper right arm who is such a fluttery flutter fluffcake that he probably believes that one day a piece of toaster strudel may rain from the sky because in his world stranger things have happened.

Okay it’s 11:55am and Sabotage by the Beastie Boys just came on haha Gotta focus!


There’s no going back, Blake has to accompany Madison and her friend Emily to fun. and Teegan and Sara, which I think is so cute and so funny and awwwww yay We asked Madison if this is what she wanted for her birthday and she said yes and we’re like, “even though it’s a long way away?” and she’s like “YEAH”. So you’re sure? “OMGYEAH!” And so it shall be. haha

Wes’ birthday is NEXT Wednesday and he’s getting Minecraft and an Xbox Live account. Both kids are pretty happy right now at their gifts and they haven’t even gotten them yet. So yay!

Earlier Belinda showed me this guy who had “miley cyrus” tattooed on his chest and it was like “wtf?” and when I said basically that, she linked me to this long video of him I think (?) and he’s covered in Miley Cyrus tattoos. I couldn’t watch the whole thing but it was really interesting and fucked up and sad the part I did see. Here it is:

Also fucked up is this almost hour long special on Father-Daughter Purity Balls, which I spent the weekend researching:

Creepy shit, man.


I got an e-mail a little while from Mike, the guy who runs the Artists Guild, asking us to RSVP to the meeting tomorrow night. So I did that and then I freaked out completely because tomorrow is going to SUCK. I got confirmation from Rick that the cab is going to be at our house at 12:30pm tomorrow and Blake and I are going to take it there and back and then I do CBT while Blake works at the mental health centre and then we take a taxi home. Then we eat dinner and go to the Guild meeting. And try not to throw up. All day. And like, change my clothes and wash my hair and y’know, be presentable in more than a hoodie and yoga pants. Maybe actually put on some makeup for the first time since December. Be human. Join the land of the living.

Which would be just marvelous but my period started with a vengeance unexpectedly like, 2-3 days too soon, full force like a fucking faucet, which isn’t cool at all menstrual app I’m relying on to remind me of these things! So yeah, that’s happening. JOY at the awesome monthly confirmations that there are no babies in there FUCK YOU for being early you FUCKING CUNT! Why can’t you learn basic math?

Oh, life. Life is beautiful! Happy kids, happy Blake; possibly making a whole lot of new friends or no friends at all, but being good either way; scared…and pissed off about the whole vagina thing but whatever, I’ve obviously been through worse and been okay. If you can die of stress I would have done it already, I’m pretty sure. I’m also pretty sure about death by Coke deprivation, you can’t die of that. It really really sucks, but you can’t die of from it. I went from Coke to Coke Zero to NOTHING, not even WATER for like, 5 or 6 weeks, to a cap full of Diet Coke to gingerale for a while but sugar gingerale is too sticky and diet gingerale is just plain gross to the current Diet Coke fiend we all know and love.

Right now we are out of Diet Coke, which is a travesty of epic proportions I know, and I foresaw this drought on the horizon so yesterday I put my emergency stash of Vanilla Coke Zero in the bottom of the fridge so I should be good until Blake comes home tonight. It’s all good. :o) Sucks that Blake’s work keeps him late so he hits traffic and then we eat late and it feels like we don’t get to spend any time with each other though. Winter’s such a bummer season as it is, why make it worse? But all Blake’s coworkers live a lot closer to their work than we do so they schedule stuff later and get home much faster. It makes sense for all of them, it just sucks for us. Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Uprooting life right now or in the very near future seems pretty impossible at the moment so we just have to suck it up. Poor Blake though, he has to deal with the traffic and driving which would stress me the fuck out to do once let alone twice daily, all we up in Sunnyland have to worry about is what does he need to bring home and whether or not to eat without him.

Well that and Madison’s love life and school life, which takes up the rest of my time from 4:30pm-just about when I go to bed unless we kick her out of my office for “grown up time” which we don’t do often but sometimes ya just gotta because that girl will make you crazy. She’s also probably my best friend because I’m a giant loser so I guess that means I’m going to go pee and make a snack and wait for the childrens to get home….

“Today was horrible…”Wes says. “Are you any good at sewing by any chance?”

And so it begins. Hurricane Madison should be here any minute…

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