February 26, 2013

Bam Super Nature Goddamn

It’s super sunny outside right now and I’m listening to music on “11” and aside from the fact that it’s a work meeting day, today’s been pretty great so far. Granted, I’ve only been up (after going back to bed after work) for an hour, but during that hour, I’ve been discussing Doctor Who on Facebook with my friend Ana who has just started watching the reboot (and she’s in luuuuuurve) and her friends. It’s been my experience that life is always good when Whovians gather and geek out. :o)

So was there no new Girls on Sunday night because of the Oscars or has it just not been added to my cable’s OnDemand service? I couldn’t record it because our DVR wouldn’t let me record Girls and Walking Dead AND watch the Oscars so I had to stop recording Girls. Complications! We watched Walking Dead yesterday after Zero Dark Thirty (which I didn’t like, I thought it was pretty boring) and Blake told me how things go down in the comic and then the kids bought me the first Walking Dead compendium from Amazon. So yay! Maybe by Mother’s Day I’ll have it finished and they can buy me the 2nd one. But then what do I do after that? Do I wait it out for the 3rd compendium to come out because I’m completist* like that or do I buy the individual comics to read (then buy the 3rd compendium) or do I buy the trades and just buy those from then on out? Fucking marketing, man! Taking all my damn money!

I still have all the Buffy comics to read too, I still haven’t gotten around to that. Truth be told, I don’t really like comics but I did really like Buffy and was curious to see how the story continued so I’ve been collecting the Buffy trades as they come out. I think I’m up to date, anyway, I’m not entirely sure. I’m not exactly at home in a comic shop.

Yesterday was errand day. First we had to go to Staples to get Madison a binder. Let me tell you what this fucking kid of mine did with that binder. We got her a black one with a clear pocketed cover because she didn’t specify what colour to get and she didn’t like the pink one we got her at the beginning of the school year, which I’m currently using for CBT, so we figured this was the best way to go. Well this morning she shows me her binder to show me what she did with the cover and it was covered in Get Fuzzy comics. I asked her where she got the comics with a sinking feeling in my stomach because I know she didn’t use the printer last night, which, by the way, is also a scanner, and she tells me she cut up her Get Fuzzy books. BOOKS. Not comics. Trades. Anthologies. BOOKS. I just about fell over and she couldn’t figure out what the big deal was and I’m freaking out because YOU DO NOT JUST CUT UP AND RUIN GODDAMN FUCKING BOOKS FOR YOUR STUPID GODDAMN BINDER!!! If she’d have used her brain for 30 seconds and asked one of us how she could do this, we could have shown her how to use the scanner and she could have essentially used the printer to colour photocopy the comics she wanted to use on her binder. It’s not rocket science. I thought “do not ruin books” was just common sense. Anyway, when I woke up this morning, she’d left the binder on my desk, probably because she set it there while tying her shoes and then forgot it. I mean, they’re her books, she can do whatever she wants with them in the end, I just have a reverence for books that apparently I haven’t screamed about in this house enough. But now she knows and as long as she lives in this house, she will never do that again. And when she lives in her own house and maybe decides to do something idiotic like that again, she’ll know better than to tell me about it.

So that’s my story about Madison, books and a binder.

At Staples I got 3 packs of these wicked Bic “Velocity Gel” pens that I fell in love with when we did back to school shopping in the fall but we only got one pack of them and I’d never seen them anywhere else and I’ve lost 2 of them so when I saw them I was like, “gimme”. So I’m now the proud owner of 12 new awesome pens. I used to only use Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V7 fine pens, which I still like, but the gel pens are so much more gratifying to write with. Plus they’re clicky pens so that’s a bonus too. I checked to see if they had the glitter Sharpies because I figured if they did, they’d be cheaper there than at Michael’s but they only had the metallic ones and I already like the fine ones by Pilot that I get at Curry’s for signing my paintings so I have no interest in the Sharpie ones.

Then we went to the mall to go to Black’s which is the camera store where I bought my camera and where Blake used to be a manager before he made the move to TELUS. Our old camera bag was this awesome Roots sling bag that only held your camera and some accessories but not enough room to fit another lens I don’t think and since I was acquiring some new lenses, I invested in my camera backpack. However my camera backpack is a bit too heavy for daily use so I wanted something lighter ad we have torn our house apart looking for the Roots bag but we just cannot find it and cannot figure out where the hell it would have gone. So I was looking for a bag to replace that one so I could bring my camera with me when we go places. Blake gets a 25% discount on bags at Black’s which is why we went there first and his old co-worker, who is now a manager I think, but whose name I forget, showed me this sling bag that was slightly bigger than I was going for but she showed me how you could sort of turn it around on your body to get the camera out and change lenses easily and we were like “how much is that?” and she checked and it was I think $79 + tax. That was a little more than I wanted to spend, even with Blake’s discount but she was like, “lemme check the sale price” and it turned out to be $31! $36 with tax! What a bargain! So we got that one and I’m very pleased with my purchase. And now I think her name might be Lynn. I’ll have to check with Blake. Anyway, totally awesome bag that I’m going to start using regularly.

After Black’s we thought about getting food at the food court at the mall but it was only 11:30am and I didn’t feel like eating beef teriyaki or poutine at 11:30am so we decided to go to the Starbucks that’s inside the Chapters in the south end to get drinks and treats until lunch time because Blake hadn’t had breakfast (I had my leftover pizza from the night before for breakfast so I was pretty much good). I wanted to go to Chapters to get the Rolling Stone magazine with the cover story on Lena Dunham so we were going there anyway. I got a vanilla bean frappuccino and I always mean to tell them no whip because I think their whipped cream is oily and nasty and leaves a residue in my mouth but I always forget and I know that’s a total first world problem but it happens every single time. I also got a marshmallow dream square and Blake got some type of coffee drink and a blueberry square. Chapters had the Rolling Stone I wanted but I couldn’t leave the store without checking out the best sellers and “books in the media” sections and I was thinking about getting one but honestly, I had like, 4 of the books in that section sitting, unread, on shelves at my house so I needed another book like I needed another hole in my head and I just left there with the Rolling Stone that is still sitting on my desk unread. I’ll get around to it…

Leaving Chapters, we went to Best Buy so Blake could look at monitors. He bought me a really nice monitor for my birthday and he needed one too because he was using a laptop screen and a monitor with a blue stripe down the middle of it that he inherited from his mother so since he just got his bonus, I told him he should get one. So that’s what he did. He also got himself an electric razor that works wet or dry and I got what I thought was an OtterBox that fit my phone.

Before I end the Best Buy paragraph, lemme tell you why I never leave the house. When I was in the cell phone section looking at cases, there was this creepy guy who totally looked like a serial killer who said hi to me and smiled. I thought he was just some creepy guy so I sort of mumbled hi back and gave him a look like, “don’t fucking talk to me creepazoid” and continued looking at the cell phone cases. When I found the OtterBox and another one that fit my phone, I grabbed both and went to show Blake and when I came back to the cell phone section to put the other case back and I realized, because the guy was sitting behind a desk, that he was an EMPLOYEE but because he was wearing a dark blue polar fleece zipped up sweater (that I later realized all the employees were wearing) I just thought he was some creep and I felt like such a douche because I was a total bitch to him thinking he was just some creepy dude trying to talk to me. Best Buy employees should be wearing fucking nametags and they should be wearing blue and yellow uniforms, dammit! Then shit like this wouldn’t happen!

Anyway, after Best Buy, we went back to the north end of the city to go to the mall food court where I got beef teriyaki and Blake got green Thai tofu curry, which I tried and hated. After we ate. I asked him to put my OtterBox on my phone and it didn’t fit. Upon further inspection, it turned out I grabbed one for a Note when I have the Note II. The OtterBox was $55.99 + tax and we were still in Barrie so back to Best Buy we went and Blake exchanged the OtterBox for the other case I had been looking at and he put it on in the store to make sure it fit and it did and all was good.

On the way back to Best Buy I kinda had a meltdown in the car. On our way to the mall from Best Buy, we saw an accident and I saw someone being put into an ambulance. Over the last little while, memories of coding and almost dying and being brought back to life and them trying to put in a central line in my neck before transporting me to St. Mike’s and the look on Blake’s face and then my time at St. Mike’s has been coming back to me and mostly I’ve been able to block it out but seeing the ambulance and stretcher yesterday really messed with me.  I haven’t been able to shake it.

So that happened.

After going to Best Buy to exchange the phone cases, we went home and Blake set up his new monitor while I did internet stuff, I think, and then he came in my office and I ate the rest of my teriyaki and marshmallow dream square while we watched Zero Dark Thirty, then Walking Dead, then there was an hour before I had to go to bed so I just fucked around online and then went to bed. And that’s pretty much the end of my yesterday and the end of this post.

I’ll leave you with pictures of my goofball pets that I took the other night. Peace oot.

(*Spellcheck wants to change that to “completest” which is a completely different word with a completely different meaning, so I added this non-word to my dictionary.)

February 25, 2013

Favourite Celebrity. Hands Down.

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The real story behind Argo.

According to Jimmy Carter and y’know, HISTORY.

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The Oscars and Other Shit

Blake was in Militiagan from Friday after work until late Sunday afternoon because there was a tattoo convention and he and his friends Joe (a tattoo artist) and Dennis hadn’t all hung out together in 12 years so this convention was an opportunity to do so. Blake didn’t get any work done. While he was in the US, he bought Girl Guide cookies, a new monitor, some kind of weird grapefruit pop, some weird Militiagan chips that I forget the name of and I’m too lazy to go in the kitchen and check, Caribou coffee and a fucktonne of Chewy Sprees for me because I love them and we don’t have them in Canada.

Speaking of candy, did you know that Skittles, in the “original” bag, is changing the green ones from lime to fucking GREEN APPLE? What the FUCK, Skittles? How can you even call that bag “original” when it clearly won’t be the original flavours anymore? First they discontinue Fizzy Skittles (aka Fizzles) which were the best candy I’ve ever had, and now this. W T F ?

After Blake got home, he wanted to take me out for dinner because he’s awesome and I chose to go to Pie again because that is also awesome. I got their Kobi 43 pie which is just tomato sauce, cheese and basil and I added mushrooms to it. In fact I have my leftovers in the toaster oven as I type this. Yesterday’s drink special was “a flight of Caesars” which was 4 mini Caesars that apparently showcased different flavours. I hate Caesars so I didn’t get that but I did have two Long Island iced teas which were big and beautiful and awesome. That place knows how to make drinks. While we waited for our food, I put their drink specials into a tip on Foursquare so I would always know when to go.

Friday is my birthday and traditionally we all go out for dinner on our birthdays and if that’s the case I’m probably going to choose Pie again. Friday’s drink special is margaritas and I’ve discovered tequila agrees with my pancreas quite well so it would be all systems go! The only thing that has me worried is that it’ll be super busy because it’s Friday and because margaritas are awesome and that would suck. Pie was also on the Food Network recently so it gets super busy during peak times.

After we went to Pie, we wen to the Bayfield Mall so I could get movie popcorn for my Oscar-watching festivities, as is tradition. Nothing about the Oscars really surprised me, but I really REALLY fucking hated Seth McFarlane, who I knew little about beforehand because I don’t really watch cartoons. I did watch Ted though – in a theatre no less – and thought it was cute, but not re-watchable. Anyway I thought Seth McFarlane was a sexist piece of shit who thinks way too highly of himself. I agreed with Captain Kirk, why couldn’t Tina and Amy have hosted? They should host everything.

I *loved* Silver Linings Playbook so I was happy that Jennifer Lawrence won best actress. This is the best picture from the night:

She’s awesome. That’s all there really is to say about it. Here’s a bunch of gifs of her being awesome at the Oscars.

I didn’t see Argo but I plan to download it today. The only reason I’m okay with it winning best picture over Silver Linings Playbook is because it’s about the Canadian embassy getting Americans out of Iran the year I was born and everyone has told me it’s good, so there’s that too. I plan on downloading Zero Dark Thirty today too and The Master because Philip Seymour Hoffman is fucking sexy as hell and apparently it’s about $cientology. Normally I see all of the nominated movies before the Oscars but we couldn’t find seeds for all of them until the last minute and then last night ISO Hunt was down for maintenance (on Oscar night, who the fuck thought that was  a good idea?) so that’s what we’re doing today. We also have Walking Dead to watch and last night’s Girls.

Blake and I both loved Beasts of the Southern Wild but I didn’t think it should win for best picture and as much as I was absolutely floored by Quvenzhane Wallis’ performance, I didn’t think she should win best actress. She’s got many years ahead of her to win another Oscar. I looked it up last night and that movie was based on a one-act play, which I would love to read. The Wiki article on the movie is really well-written too. I think Beasts should have won best adapted screenplay over Life of Pi. (As much as I loved Life of Pi.)

I loved Django Unchained so I was happy about Quentin winning best original screenplay and Christoph Waltz getting bet supporting actor. Also isn’t Adele a perfect human being? I’m not a fan of her music, but I absolutely adore her anyway and thought she was the most beautiful person at the Oscars.

The plan for today was to go to the movies and see Warm Bodies but I think I’d rather stay home and watch Oscar movies and use our movie money to see the new Oz movie On the 8th. It kinda looks cheesy but I really love Michelle Williams and think she’s the perfect Glinda and I also love Rachael Weisz. I tried to watch Deep Blue Sea with her in it and it was completely unwatchable. We turned it off after about half an hour. I mean, we totally gave it a try but it was just terrible which is a shame because she’s really amazing.

Anyway my brain isn’t really working at the moment so I’m just going to end this and consider going back to bed. I woke up at 7am from a weird dream about someone else’s kid and felt the need to e-mail my friend immediately to tell her of this dream. Now that I’ve been up for a couple of hours, I could go back to sleep. Blake’s in the shower so maybe we’ll play some Minecraft when he gets out. Peace oot, homies.

February 23, 2013

Oh For Fuck’s Sake!

This is a Minecraft post.

I don’t have a screencap this time because I didn’t think to take one, but on Thursday I signed up for my own Minecraft account and so did Blake and right now his computer is acting as a sever for the 3 of us (Wes too) to play together. So yesterday I spent ALL DAY, from about 9am-6pm in this motherlode of all caves that tapped into an abandoned mine. At 4pm I had: 28 gold ore, 231 redstone, 37 lapis lazuli, 8 diamonds & 36 obsidian (and obviously a diamond pick to mine the obsidian). Wes was so excited because that meant we could make an enchanting table but my inventory wasn’t totally full yet so I wanted to completely explore the mine and make sure I got everything good before we exited because I wasn’t totally sure I’d be able to find where I was again.

Well…I got greedy. I went after more obsidian (did I really NEED any more? NO I DID NOT) got overrun by lava, died and lost EVERYTHING I HAD SPENT ALL DAY COLLECTING. I cried. Literally. I know it’s just a game, I KNOW THAT, but I was so excited and Wes was so excited and I just cried…and then to make matters worse, I couldn’t find my way out of the cave despite only laying torches on the left so I could follow them on the right on the way out and leaving myself signs all over the place, so Wes had to get me out because I was just so defeated. :o(

This morning we’re eating homemade bagel McMuffins and we’re going to explore the area of our maps that we haven’t been to yet. In the end I collected enough redstone to make each of us a map and a compass, which is really all I wanted anyway.

So that’s my story.

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February 21, 2013

Oh Lord…what have these children gotten me into?

Hahaha! WTF is this?

(Click to enlarge.)

It’s a spider – on fire – in a cage, surrounded by a million webs, in an abandoned mine shaft.
That’s what it is.

So now you know.

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February 20, 2013

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

It’s a snow day. Again. Monday was “Family Day” which is this stupid provincial holiday that only some people get to take off. Like, if you work for a national company like Blake does, you don’t get it off. You get a holiday in the summer instead. (So I guess it works out.) Then yesterday was a snow day for some unknown reason, probably to mess with me. And now today. We are having snow squalls today so today’s snow day makes sense but yesterday was a mystery. Madison is allowed to stay home on snow days but Wes isn’t as per his new principal, which I think is fucking bullshit. See, snow days here just mean that the buses aren’t running so the schools are still technically open and his new principal says that kids who walk to school have to come to school anyway on snow days. So the weather’s so bad the buses can’t run, but it’s totally cool to make a 10 year old walk 2.5 km to and from school through snow squalls? I don’t use this word often, but I think it applies: Wes’ principal is fucking retarded. There is literally only two other kids who live further from the school than us and they are siblings who live like, 5 doors down to street. I think it is child abuse to make these kids walk through this shit.

Yesterday after work I went to bed, like I usually do and when I woke up, Madison scared the shit out of me because she was laying on the couch in the living room in the dark playing Minecraft and she said “hey, it’s a snow day” and Wes was already at school. Today I gave him the option of staying home because it was pretty bad out – I mean, fuck this principal, I’m his mother – and he’s trying for perfect attendance this year so he decided to go to school. And he said, “besides, all we do is math, computers and dodgeball” and as for the weather he said, “I’m used to it at this point”. Okay man, whatever. It’s his decision I guess but if his principal wasn’t such a dickhead  who considers snow days as absent days, Wes would be staying home.

All day yesterday, from the time she woke up until after we went to bed, Madison was on Xbox playing Minecraft with her boyfriend and one of her other friends and it’s actually pretty funny because they play with voice chat so last night Blake offered the boys money to kill Madison which Wes found hilarious. I expect when her royal highness emerges from her bedroom she’ll be doing more of the same.

On Monday night we went out for dinner to this super fancy pizzeria called Pie and it was AMAZING.  I forget what Blake got (pizza obviously, but I forget which one) but the rest of us each got a Kobi 43 pie with custom toppings. My usual pizza toppings are mushrooms and ham but they didn’t have ham so I opted for prosciutto, which I’d never really had before and I didn’t really know what it was beyond “fancy ham for rich people”. As it turns out, I think prosciutto is disgusting so I picked it off my pizza and just ate it with mushrooms. At Pie they use a wood fired oven to cook their pizzas and to be perfectly honest, it was the best pizza I’ve had since we moved here. In fact, I dunno which is better, Pie or my beloved Stouffville Pizza. They’re both good in their own ways I guess, but Pie pizza was really fucking good. Also they have drink specials every day and Mondays they have $6 Long Island iced teas of which I enjoyed two and which were necessary (along with Ativan) to sit in the restaurant because it was so apeshit crazy busy in there that my brain was just pinging all over the place. I meant to bring my iPod so I could take pictures of our food (the camera on my phone is crap) for this post but I forgot it at home. Just go to their website and look at the food porn. Anyway, everyone loved it and we decided that if we’re ever going to go somewhere as a family for dinner, Pie is definitely the place to be. It’s the same price as Swiss Chalet for 4 people, where we usually go (or used to, I can’t stand it there anymore) and a million times better.

Also with experimenting, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can tolerate certain types of alcohol better than others as far as my pancreas, as long as I take enzymes before or directly after consuming. I don’t think I could get right royally drunk without painful repercussions, but I can have a few drinks and be okay. The only alcohol I know for sure that kills my pancreas is rye. I had Fireball cinnamon whiskey with Vanilla Coke Zero about a month ago and I only put in one shot and I only drank like, maybe 10 sips because as it turns out I don’t really like it and the next day my pancreas was killing me. I didn’t think to take enzymes though so that could be a factor but so little alcohol caused pain so I think I’m just going to stay away from rye in general, which is a shame really, because that used to be what I drank as a general rule. Rye & Diet Coke. Sometimes we go to Boston Pizza at the beach because they have strawberry margaritas and I seem to tolerate the tequila just fine and obviously I was okay with the two Long Island iced teas I had at Pie and they have all kinds of alcohol in them, but no rye so I was 0kay.

This year my birthday is on a Friday (March 1st, you can buy me presents here!)  and I don’t plan on being sober for it.

Speaking of my birthday, I think my new phone is going to come today or tomorrow. The package tracking said that at 8:30 this morning it was “on vehicle for delivery via Barrie depot” so that either means it’s on a truck on its way to my house or it was on a truck on its way to the Purolator depot in Barrie to be sorted and it’ll be put on a truck going to my house tomorrow. I am so stoked. I hate my current phone with a burning passion; it’s such a buggy piece of shit. I bought it solely for the physical qwerty keyboard, which I love, but it’s old now and I’m using a mod because it doesn’t run properly on the standard Android OS and it wouldn’t let me install more than a few apps because it wouldn’t let me save them to the card instead of the really small physical hard drive. My new phone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, which sucks, but really my only option for a physical keyboard was to get one of the new BlackBerries and the Canadian in me really really wanted to go that route but not at the expense of screen space so I went with the Note II instead. Now I feel like a traitor to my country. There’s this Twitter account called @stats_canada that I follow that posts funny fake facts about Canada and on the day BlackBerry launched their new model they had a tweet that said “95% of Canadian smartphone owners won’t buy a new BlackBerry but really hope that others do” which is pretty much fact. Blake likes BlackBerry because it works with all his work stuff better than any other device/OS so I think there’s definitely a market for them still but I’m scared it’s not big enough to keep them afloat. Bummer.

Well, I think I’m going to go play Minecraft for a while so I can join in the Minecraft insanity that’s taken over our house and I’ll leave you with pictures of Pixel sleeping in Wes’ bed this morning and Lucky sleeping on the living room floor. Hoover was sleeping too – under Blake’s desk – but he woke up when I tried taking pictures of him and then Lucky wanted to play so all I got was blurry pictures. Anyway, here’s fat kitty:

And Lucky:

Peace oot.

February 19, 2013

Me Today (I edited out my zits).

I was just on Camwhores screwing around.
Here are some of the pics.

Bye bye goodbye.

She said “yes”. Kids too.

Just not yet. She’s still really overwhelmed. And according to my cousin Haylie, getting LOTS of visitors which I’m sure is a mixed blessing.

February 18, 2013

“Golden Girls” is finally finished!

More pics can be found over at Etsy and greeting cards, postcards, postage, stickers, buttons etc will be available at Zazzle in about 24 hours!

The ONLY thing I don’t like about this painting is that the paper I used for the middle part of their dresses contained real metal I think and it oxidized when I varnished the piece, which is why there’s a green hue to parts of them. I still think it looks okay though, it’s like a patina. This painting is definitely in my top 5 favourites that I’ve done and it all started with a trip to Michael’s, as the best paintings often do. The flowers are by Martha Stewart and I’d actually had my eye on them for a while but didn’t know what to do with them until I saw those two new papers in the scrapbooking aisle.

My two replacement jars of Triple Thick varnish came via UPS last week so I pitched the bad one I had left and used the new stuff on this piece. The difference in texture between the old product Michael’s sold me and the fresh product straight from the factory that DecoArt sent me was pretty crazy. The bad stuff was thick and sticky like crystallized honey and the new stuff was more the consistency of liquid honey. Anyway, they were still super nice to send it to me and I’m grateful because the stuff’s $10 a jar and replacing two jars for me would have been a burden.

My grama has a room at the hospital now and I guess my Aunt Sandra’s husband, John, and their son Tyler are going to visit her today. My cousin Haylie didn’t get up to see her on Sunday as planned because the roads were apparently bad. I think my mom’s been there every day since she was admitted and probably my Aunt Sandra too, so at least she’s not alone. As far as I know, no one’s asked her if she wants to see me yet but if she does, I’m going to try and go on a day when no one else is scheduled to visit her. I know firsthand how shitty the days are when no one can visit or they can’t come at visiting time or they can’t stay until visiting hours are over. I was pretty lucky in that I don’t think there was a day I was in the hospital where no one visited but there were definitely days where people couldn’t come until later or they couldn’t stay until visiting hours were over. My grama has a pretty big social circle so I expect that she’ll have a lot of visitors, but at the same time, she’s pretty proud and may not want people to know she’s there. I can see it going either way. Now that she has a room, I’m thinking about sending flowers. She always says roses are a waste of money when carnations are just as nice and last a lot longer so I’ll probably send those, if I send any at all. The hospital in Midland doesn’t allow flowers in their ER (there’s a sign that says so) so it’s possible that hospitals don’t want you sending flowers anymore. I dunno. I just feel like I should be doing something, I just dunno what. I’m not sure what she has there to keep herself busy when people aren’t visiting but someone should make sure she has crossword and word search books and magazines because hospitals are fucking boring. At least I had the iPad to keep myself busy but she wouldn’t know what to do with an iPad even if we got her one. I dunno. One day at a time. I think my mom said tomorrow morning she’s having the bronchoscopy to see what kind of cancer is in her lungs. I think that sounds terrible.

Blake ordered my new phone on Friday and I’m pretty fucking stoked for it to get here. I went with the Samsung Galaxy Note II over waiting for the new BlackBerry with keyboard because I wanted more screen space and the BB keyboard would take up 1/3 of the device. Also on Thursday I think, we went to the TELUS store and I played with the Note and loved the stylus. I’m going to whip people ate Draw Something, I tell you whut.

On Saturday I downloaded the new Tamagotchi app and on the first day I managed to kill my Tamagotchi so I started over and let me just tell you, this app is fucking obnoxious and eats your battery life worse than GPS because it’s constantly running in the background so you know when your Tamagotchi needs something. I’m going to half-assedly play with it until I kill this Tamagotchi and then delete it.

Anyway, I don’t really have a lot to say today so I think I’m gonna go paint and watch stuff on Netflix.

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