January 31, 2013

Careful, Your Messiah Complex is Showing

Yesterday was a big day, best summed up by last night’s Facebook status update and some gifs that illustrate how I feel about the person/situation because even if I posted their e-mails, I’d have to also post 7,000 words of an unfinished piece of fiction I wrote to explain what transpired and while I’m confident you’d see my side pretty clearly, that would just screw over my creative process in the long run. Here’s what I posted on Facebook last night:

Someone who insults me on a personal level, an intellectual level, a creative level and obviously doesn’t respect me (all in one e-mail!) is not my friend. Good riddance. I was sick of putting up with their shit anyway. Also? When the first thing *I* do when you tell me where you’re vacationing is Google “(place) sex trade” obviously I wasn’t your friend anymore either. Now we’re both free of our mutually low opinions of one another.

This was my face after the person’s initial e-mail, as described in the above quote, where in reply all I really, calmly and concisely said was that they’d insulted me:

This is literally what I said to them after their SECOND e-mail because it was so ridiculous and I was just so done dealing with them on every conceivable level:

Their second e-mail started with “I’m sorry. But…” and then they actually argued that their insults, judgments, assumptions and “advice” (where they literally suggested I go to CHURCH to “learn something”) were justified.

I honestly have no idea what reaction they expected, I cannot even fathom it, truly, but I was about 98% sure at that point I would be cutting them out of my life completely.

Their third e-mail said I was overreacting.

By saying “please stop talking,”  I was “taking this way to [sic] hard“.

I talked the situation over with Madison when she came home from school and after explaining the whole thing to her and reading her the e-mails out loud, she said she didn’t care if we were friends with them anymore especially in light of the fact that this person had become such a nuisance to her on Facebook recently that she had to keep her chat off because she couldn’t chat with her friends – y’know, other 14 year olds – uninterrupted.

This pretty much sums up Madison’s feelings on the subject…

However she encouraged me to wait until Blake got home because defriending someone permanently is srs bsns and she didn’t want to be the deciding factor.

Truthfully, we’ve been talking about ditching this friend as a family for a while now with Blake definitely thinking we should because it was pretty obvious that this person didn’t want to be friends with him (who at Xmas sent this person 3 pieces of art, 2 from Etsy and one of his own printed photographs and never even got an e-mail to say thank you – for example), never thought about Wes unless I got pissed off and called them on it and it became fairly obvious that this friend wasn’t really a friend to our whole family unit, which, as a “family friend” is fairly important. That just wasn’t cool.

This has been Blake’s attitude for a while now…

…but because I (stupidly) thought this person would eventually stop being such a constant know-it-all cunt to me when it was clear that they upset me all the time…

…and because I didn’t want to think bad things about someone I considered a friend, I kept making excuses for them and waiting for things to get better.

Obviously that didn’t happen, obviously things just got worse with this person thinking they could underestimate and disrespect me all the time.

So fuck ’em.

When Blake got home I explained what had happened and  read him the e-mails and I knew what his answer would be so I actually already had this person’s Live Journal and Facebook page open on my computer screen, ready to defriend them at a moment’s notice.

Blake said “go for it”.

So I did it. As did Madison and then Blake.

A little while later, I actually got an e-mail from this person, which surprised me because I was fairly sure they wouldn’t care and this is what they said, word for word, because it takes no explanation:

Sorry it had to end like this Sunny. Have a good life.

And that was it.

So in conclusion:



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  1. Sondra says:

    This whole post was awesome… well you know, except for the douche ex-friend part. You know what I mean.

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