January 27, 2013

My Manta Ray Is Alright

I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have zero responsibility and can do whatever the fuck I want on Sundays and that RULES! Yesterday at work was brutal…I can’t get into details because I’m sure my bosses wouldn’t like that but basically one of our payment processors was messing up so there was pretty literally twice the volume of e-mail to deal with from 5pm until I don’t even know when (the end of my shift was 11pm and it was still ongoing at that point) and there was nothing I could do about it because I don’t have access to the parts of the site that would be necessary to deal with it. (That’s the bosses’ job.) Ugh, Saturdays are the worst.

I also saw a camgirl do something that will probably scar me for life, so I don’t really want to talk about it. It was pretty gross though, trust me. I mean, I was a regular member of the Stile Project Forum for like, 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of gross things, but never live like this was. *shudder* If you were on Twitter last night and you follow me, you know what I’m talking about…

I totally forgot to mention this in my last post but I had a really awesome experience with a company and I think I should tell you about it.

I’ve been using DecoArt’s Triple Thick Gloss Glaze since approximately 2008. It’s a super thick varnish and it’s how I get my glitter girls to sparkle and shine. It’s an excellent product and it’s absolutely integral to my creative process but the last two jars of it I got were messed up, they were extremely thick, like glue and you couldn’t really brush it on properly because it was so thick. I used it on my “Snow Fairy” painting and it caused her face to wrinkle a little bit (you wouldn’t notice this, but I did) because she’s made of watercolour paper. She wrinkled like when you make paper too wet. I thought it was messed up so I threw out that jar and opened a new one but the new one was the same consistency. I tried it anyway on my sketchbook thinking this was maybe their new formula or something but the new jar made my paper sketchbook girl wrinkle too. Look at her hair:

I buy Triple Thick in multiples every time I’m at Michael’s because I’m paranoid DecoArt is going to discontinue it on me because they did that with certain metallic colours on  me a few years ago (for example, the blue in the girl’s eyes above is discontinued and I just happen to have about 2/3 of a bottle still) so I had 2 other jars on hand + the one that was messed up. I turned the other (brand new, unopened) 2 jars on their sides and they were definitely more liquid than the one I used on my sketchbook. So I decided to contact DecoArt to see what was up because if this was a new formula, I’d have to find another product to use and if it was just a messed up batch, then I wanted to know that too.

So I e-mailed them and explained my situation and Sarah from the company e-mailed me back pretty much immediately and asked me to tell her the batch code on the jar and explained how to find it. The batch code on the jar was different than she described, so I took a picture of it with my iPod and sent it to her. The batch code was “5209” and she explained in her next e-mail that that meant the jar was from 2005! I’d purchased it at Michael’s in the spring! So she said she would be sending me 2 new jars and asked for my address and I asked her where I could buy 8oz jars of the stuff aside from Michael’s because she also said that they’ve had issues with Michael’s selling old product before. One of the companies I deal with, Stockade, only sells the 4oz jars and I definitely need 8oz ones because I use about 1/3 of a jar on each painting. Anyway, she told me that the only other place in Canada that sells the 8oz jars is a place in Quebec but that they do mail order so I guess I’ll be getting it from them from now on.

I just thought it was a really good exchange and I thought it was really nice of them to replace the 2 bad jars I bought. They haven’t come yet but I’m pretty confident they will, DecoArt’s good like that.

Today’s a sunshiney day so when I woke up, I asked Blake if he would come with me and Wes across the road to the park with the dogs because I can’t control them both on my own and I wanted to take pictures, but his feet are still all fucked up and his doctor-ordered shoes to heal them are sandals and there’s a foot of snow at the park so he just couldn’t. I decided that Wes and I could handle Lucky so we leashed him up and went across the road to take pictures. Behold!

The sun was hurting his eyes.

Lucky smelled something in the snow and was sniff sniff sniffing.

Lucky heard the snowmobiles on the trail and got very concerned.


Haz flavour.

Haz smell.



So that’s what we did this morning. Now I think I’m going to work on a new painting while my other canvas dries (the one for the golden girls), maybe the one with peacock feathers and watch Breaking Bad which is on Netflix (I’m just starting season 3). We also have Silver Linings Playbook to watch finally. I also have to get pictures together for the Springwater Guild of Artists and Artisans which I GOT INTO! They need pictures for their website and I’ve been procrastinating…I go to my first meeting on February 7th! Anyway, Blake just arrived with my lunch so I’m gonna go eat. Happy weekend!

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