January 17, 2013

Ohhhhhhh, Title.

So many things! So many things! So many things!

First of all, I’m listening to this:

So now you are too.

Second of all, I’ve decided to at least TRY this whole tumblr thing since I have one & all. Here is the link to it. When tumblr first came out, I was like “wtf is this?” and I’m still like “wtf is this?” but back then I registered my name on there in the paranoid state that if I didn’t, someone else would do it and make a tumblr making fun of me. Because yes, I think I’m really just that goddamn important. If you’re all “why the fuck is she even talking about tumblr?” it’s because I posted pretty literally everywhere but my site on opinions on tumblr and what it’s used for and links to everyone else’s tumblrs. So if you replied to one of my queries, thank you! I will probably follow you (unless you’re boring or your tumblr’s about sports other than hockey, in which case I’ll follow you and then get sick of you and quietly unfollow you…). So yeah, fuck yeah tumblr! As if I didn’t waste enough time online!

DAMMIT. I was so excited and had so much to write about but then I got distracted and started doing something else and now I’ve forgotten like, 80% of my blog content for the day. It’s Thursday, which is the best day of the week besides Sunday and Monday because I only work 2 hours on Thursdays which means I get to work, then sleep, then have an extra hour to do ANYTHING I WANT TO, which I spent looking at my friend Jax’s tumblr and reblogging like, half of her entire tumblr because at the time I only followed 3 people. Now I follow 21! Enough about tumblr though, today I made a new friend! His name is Michael and he’s a photographer in town. He saw my work at The Conservatory and I guess Rob gave him one of my cards or told him the URL to my site or whatnot because he e-mailed me to introduce himself and we’ve been messaging on Facebook for the last few hours. His site is pretty bare bones, which seems to be just how people are these days, everyone just has a Facebook page, so that’s what I’ll link you to. He does some HDR, which I find interesting considering Andre barely knew what HDR was and when I tried to show him examples, the files wouldn’t open due to some kind of copyright protection. Anyway, it looks like Michael mostly does photos of models or aspiring models and HDR landscapes. He recently won a local photography contest, which is pretty cool and he said I could ask him anything. He even offered to take me on some shoots so he could teach me some stuff. After I’ve got some CBT* under my belt and feel comfortable being around strange people, I think I just might take him up on that offer. School is looking less and less appealing as time goes on. I really have a hard time at work in the morning if I don’t go to bed by like, 9pm and classes would be over at 9:30 and then I’d have to drive 40 minutes home. In the dark. Probably in the cold. Probably in bad weather. It’s not that I’m scared, it’s just that I don’t want to do anything that would mess with my job in any way and – at least right now – I’m not good with anything high pressure and school for me, would probably be high pressure because as lazy as I am, I also over achieving perfectionist tendencies that could really mess with me in the wrong environment. School may be the wrong environment.

At the same time, I kinda don’t feel like I’d be qualified to call myself a “professional” photographer and charge people money without it. At what point do you get to call yourself a professional? I know it’s not the equipment and I’m told it’s not the schooling, so what is it? Experience? How much experience?

On Sunday I watched the Golden Globes, which isn’t really anything to write about I know, but Lena Dunham won two awards, one was for best actress I think and the other was either a writing or directing award, both for her series Girls. So I was like, “meh” because I watched the first episode of Girls when it first aired and just couldn’t bring myself to get into a show whose main character is a 24 year old, university educated woman who had been interning for the past 2 years since graduating and whose parents, who had been paying all her bills while she lived the high life in NYC, were finally cutting her off. I just can’t relate to a character like that. I have very little sympathy nor empathy for a character in that situation. But then on Monday night I read an article in Salon about how there’s all kinds of Lena Dunham hate happening all over the internet because she got a $3.6 million advance on her advice book, because she apparently comes from a well off, artistic, privileged family, because she’s unattractive and because she’s fat. Well. That got my attention. An underdog I *can* relate to, so on Tuesday morning, I started watching Girls from the very beginning with a fresh slate. It started slow and I was having a hard time liking any of the characters or even believing them but then episode 5 happened and I laughed my lady balls off and by then I was sold. Now I’m all caught up and I’m definitely down with Girls. This was the beginning of my perfect Tuesday.

So while I watched Girls, I played Sims. On my new computer, which is Alienware, which is to say that it’s a Dell box with a decent graphics card that happens to have an alien on the front whose eyes glow blue in the dark. So now I have my laptop for work (I use my laptop screen and another screen for that) and I have this Alienware box for gaming and editing photos, along with a 3TB external drive for storing photos. I’m pretty much set up. Anyway, I’ve been playing the same Sim, Charlie Moody, since the Supernatural expansion came out which I think was the end of spring or early summer. She’s a fairy with a pink and blonde pixie cut/fauxhawk and pink sparkly wings. She was actually based on Madison’s friend Eryn. She’s a professional alchemist and has a problem with potions in that she never sleeps but drinks “invigorating potions” to keep her energy level up. In other words, she’s addicted to Sims amphetamines. So then the Seasons expansion came out and it pissed me off so much that I stopped playing because the only reason I even bought that expansion (beside the fact that I buy every expansion ON expansion day) was because in Sims 2, the Seasons expansions had greenhouses and I still maintain that gardening is the best part in the game. There’s just something really satisfying to me to having perfect produce to make perfect meals out of. Something cool about the Seasons expansion though, is that you can control each individual Sims’ aging; you can either slow it down or speed it up. I have all of them set to “epic” so they all age really slowly. It is a f act that I have never played a Sim long enough to get to old age and I’ve never allowed any of them to die naturally either. I am TERRIBLE at the Legacy Challenge. I mean, I have a Legacy Family, I just stopped playing them because I couldn’t bear the idea of any of them dying.

ANYWAY…so Charlie Moody, the fairy alchemist, lives in a small house on a small property with a small outdoor garden and she grows mushrooms in her basement. In the Ambitions expansion (I believe) they introduced celebrities so some NPCs are celebrities and if you befriend them or impress them you get star points which contributes to your own celebrity status which is kept track of with a possible 5 gold stars beside your Sim’s name. Charlie Moody, at the moment, is at 4/5 possible stars because she’s both a fucking cheater AND a starfucker. Allow me  to explain.

Being an alchemist, you can make these jars of friendship that you can throw at celebrity Sims and instantly you become best friends. This is how Charlie Moody has cheated her way to the top. As a celebrity, you get discounts on things, free shit, people ask for your autograph and the paparazzi follows your every move. As a celebrity you can also be disgraced, but I’m not totally sure what the effects of that are yet.

So Charlie Moody’s friends with all these celebrities and that’s how she’s achieved her high celebrity status but I got kinda bored with a fairy who was the highest level alchemist, who had achieved her lifetime wish to be one and who aged at an extremely slow pace. She’s even a “young adult” as opposed to an “adult” so she’s not even going to be an “elder” for a really long time.

Well. While at the Midsummer Festival, she met Chester and they were instantly attracted to each other. He himself was either a 2 or 3 star celebrity so I decided that they should woohoo and perhaps he should father her one and only child. Or at least that was my intent in bringing him back to her house where they did, indeed, woohoo to “try for baby” and she became pregnant. What was intended to be just a simple, every day starfuck ended up as one thing leading to another and they ended up married. But as it turned out, he was a goddamn VAMPIRE! I hadn’t even noticed because he had five o’clock shadow which hid his complexion and I thought his glowing eyes were just a trick of my graphics card. So I started freaking out, was Charlie’s baby going to be a fairy or a vampire?

As Charlie was working in the garden, Chester was sleeping in her bed and then all of a sudden he’s standing up, writhing in pain and Death appears! Next thing I know, Chester’s spontaneously combusted and I’ve got an urn on Charlie’s bedroom floor, along with a pile of ashes to clean up! This was definitely a good thing because I had no intentions of them staying together anyway and that was a good way to get rid of him.

So here’s Charlie in her mushroom grow op, upset that her vampire husband is now dead:

And then she went into labour:

And then she gave birth to a motherfucking VAMPIRE!


So that happened. I named the baby “Gift” because Stephy on Twitter asked me if I was playing True Blood Sims, which had never even occurred to me and “Gift” is a character in the books (except she’s a fairy). When Gift grew into a toddler, I used some of my lifetime happiness points to buy something called The Philosopher’s Stone. It said that it was used by alchemists to transmute gold, so hey, I’m an alchemist, why not? WELL! It has two options when you click on it, you can “bind ghost”, which was lit up so I could do it or you can “transmute gold” which was greyed out so I couldn’t do it for some reason. (I’m still not sure how transmuting gold works.) So I clicked on “bind ghost” to see what that did and it gave me a list of possible ghosts to “bind”. Again, not knowing what “binding” in this case meant, I figured choosing Chester’s ghost, whose tombstone was in my garden, was the safest bet so I clicked it and IT FUCKING ADDED HIM AS A GHOST TO MY HOUSEHOLD AND MADE HIM PLAYABLE AS A G HOST VAMPIRE! I didn’t WANT to play a vampire! I definitely didn’t want to play a ghost vampire!

But then one thing led to another, as they say, and Charlie and Chester the vampire ghost woohooed to make another baby and not only was Charlie “disgraced” for having relations with “an occult” but she gave birth to a goddamn ghost baby who may or may not be a vampire. Babies and toddlers (and maybe kids too) don’t have the same vampire needs as adult vampires so I won’t know until they’re either kids or young adults if they are. So godammit, I’m stuck with two crappy kids. But, I’m a glutton for punishment, so I used this potion called a potent cure elixir on Chester and it turned him into a human ghost. I made Charlie consume a procreation elixir and they “tried for baby again” and now she’s pregnant again, possibly with twins of god knows what nature.

Late last night I realized that in Chester’s inventory there’s his tombstone and I can send him back into it if I get sick of playing him, but with so many babies, two parents are better than one so I guess I’ll keep him around for a little while longer. And that’s the end of my Sims adventures for now.

Riveting stuff, I know. Also I probably should have included more screencaps. Next time.

So again, that was part of my perfect Tuesday. At around 4:30pm I had a decadent Lush bath where I used a Karma bubble bar, half of a Karma bath melt, a Calavera bath bomb and Karma soap and I shaved my legs for the first time since September while reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and then I followed up with Karma Cream.  Then when I got out, I put on pink yoga pants and a lime green tank top because dammit, I was sick of wearing black and grey like I have been all winter and then Blake came home and made fun of me, saying that the 80s called and they wanted their outfit back. Well fuuuuuuck him!

So that was pretty much a perfect day. Yesterday all I did was work, have a work meeting and play Sims and now you’re pretty much up to speed on everything that’s been happening with me.

Today my mom linked to this project called 50 Words where this blogger gives you a word every week and you’re supposed to make a piece of art using that word.  I’m contemplating doing it. I’m never very good at these things. Last year I signed up for the 2013 Sketchbook Project with the kids and they got their sketchbooks in on time but I never even started mine. First I lost it and then I just couldn’t be bothered, so what I’m going to do is use the sketchbook as an actual working sketchbook and then whenever I’m done with it, I’ll send it in to them to be added to the permanent library. I just won’t be on the tour and maybe mine won’t be digitized. No big deal either way. Anyway, this 50 Words thing is just something I’m considering. I’m not sure I want to make the commitment to anything right now since I seem to be all over the place these days and especially not something that has like, materials involved. So I dunno.

And that’s all I can think of to write about. When Madison gets home, I’m going to see if she’ll go to the pharmacy to buy me hair bleach because I’m really getting sick of my pink. The shade of pink bugs me, I’ve got roots to deal with and I just don’t really like my hair at the moment. Truthfully the bleach will probably just lighten the pink but even that I’d be fine with. Worst case scenario, I throw Manic Panic on it and call it a day. So that’s my plan, if not today the tomorrow.

Peace oot.

(*cognitive behavioural therapy. I’m going to be using this term a lot in the coming months.)


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  1. Tracy says:

    I am sitting her dying laughing about your sims. There is a way in the game to make your sim not a vampire anymore, I think you can buy a potion from the science place maybe? Might use that for the vampire baby? No idea how to make the ghost baby a real person though sorry. Is seasons out yet? Do you like it? I have not played in a while, I get sucked into so many games and TV shows I can’t keep up with it all. They need to add an extra 5 hours to the day just for leisure.

    • Sunny says:

      Yeah there’s a potion I can make to turn vampires into humans but that potion doesn’t work on ghosts. :o/ Seasons IS out and actually the new expansion coming out soon is University Life, which I’m looking fwd to.

      • scutterman says:

        We have clients on our books who paid double or more for their websites because they insisted on their way first, then realised we were right. A professional relationship involves trust. You have to trust a professional to know their field.

  2. Scutterman says:

    I think you’re a professional when someone is still willing to pay you for your services after they see your skills and limitations. That definition works for me, because when a client starts to get idea of making decisions that they don’t have the experience to make (which some of them do) you can turn around and say “We could do that but, as the professional, I think it would be better to do it another way”.

    • Sunny says:

      I would never say that. I think that would be a douchey thing to say.

      • scutterman says:

        I have to say it to clients all the time. You can say it in a kind way, or you can say it in a douchey way. But if you don’t say it then you do it the client’s way and the client gets a worse outcome. Because at the end of the day, douchey or not, it’s usually true.

  3. scutterman says:

    Is it an alienware PC or an alienware laptop? An alienware laptop is something I’ve wanted for a long time, but never needed it enough to actually shell out for one. I wouldn’t bother with an alienware PC (personally) because I can make my own gaming PC for less than alienwares sell for but you need the right mix of skills, and enough confidence, to do that.

    • Sunny says:

      Alienware PC. Not what I would have chosen, but it was a gift for Blake that was supposed to be canceled that showed up anyway so it was here and I needed a computer so I kept it.

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