January 7, 2013

Blue Monday

Tonight is my first yoga class in 2 years and I am nervous as fuck. What if I suck at it? I’ll probably suck at it. :o( The classes are at a country club and the instructor is Kelly, the same instructor I had before I got sick so at least it’s someone I know. We’re going to get there 20 minutes early so we can give her the whole story about me being sick because she never really knew what happened, just that I got really sick and had to drop the class. Blake just wasn’t in any shape to really explain it to yet another person as it was happening. Anyway, I’m kinda looking forward to it but I’m also absolutely terrified. Even when I was going to classes before, I’d dread going all day but then once class was over, I’d feel amazing and would be glad I did it.

Yesterday Blake and Madison started watching Twin Peaks, which is awesome because it IS awesome so that’s pretty much what we did all day; they watched Twin Peaks and I painted. My snow fairy is coming along nicely. I’m at the dreaded stage where I have to make her some arms, which is the hardest part of the whole process. Actually in this case that’s probably not true because I have to sew the marabou trim on her dress at the end, which is pretty difficult because you have to sew through varnish, cardstock and canvas. A few years ago my mom gave me a good sewing kit though so I have two thimbles I use to make it easier to sew through all of that.

Last week I priced out button makers and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m getting for my birthday: a button maker and the supplies to make 1000 buttons. Blake and I are going to go halvsies on it because those things are friggin’ expensive. My plan is going to be to make cut & pasted buttons of my girls, similar to my ACEOs, but I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet because I need to do them on watercolour paper and that might be too thick to make into buttons. The one I priced out was for 2 & 1/4″ buttons but I’m afraid those might be a bit too small. The 3″ one is $100 more though and I’m not sure I want to spend THAT much money on something that may not even work. If the buttons I ordered from Zazzle are good enough quality though, I think I’m just not going to bother with the button maker at all because making girls that small is going to be a royal pain in the ass and I just don’t think they’re going to look right. At the same time, I’ve always wanted a button maker and would like to at least try because I think they would be pretty cool if I did them right so I dunno. I can’t think of anything I’d rather have for my birthday. The other thing is that the homemade buttons would be pretty labour intensive so I would probably have to sell them for like, I dunno, $8-$10 each plus shipping, so like $12 like the ACEOs. Is that outrageous? What if they really are pretty cool? They’re going to be glittery and pretty and basically like a mini painting that you can wear. Thoughts? I mean, the cost of the button maker + materials + labour, even at $10 I’m not going to break even until about the first 75 sales. And that’s a lot of buttons to sell. I highly doubt I’ll be able to sell that many in a year. Maybe even 2 years isn’t realistic either. But I still think they’re going to be really cool so I just dunno. I DUNNO GODAMMIT. Is making a profit secondary to making art? That seems to be the story of my life. PS. Buy my paintings!

This weekend we dyed Madison’s hair turquoise, which turned out pretty much blue. She loves it. I did the bleaching (to get the pink out of her hair and to get rid of the brassiness) and then on Saturday Blake did the dying. Here’s the result:

So yeah, she’s happy with it. She says she feels like an anime character. (She even showed me the specific character but I forget the name now. She’s apparently the first pop star that doesn’t technically exist and they project a hologram of her during concerts or something.)

Anyway, I think I’m gonna go make lunch and see what documentaries are on Netflix. Then I’m gonna work on this painting and the cover of my new sketchbook. Peace oot, homies.

PS. I mailed my application for the artist’s guild today!

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