December 17, 2012

Murder, Murder, Murder! Kill, Kill, Kill!

Last week we asked our guild master to give us access to the guild bank because our guild is sort of non-functional and up until yesterday our family were the only active members. So our GM cleared tabs 1 and 4, but left some useful high level items in one of the tabs for us just because he’s nice and Blake and I had spent all last week putting stuff in it.

Well Blake went to put some stuff in it the other day and there was NOTHING left in there! So he was like “wtf?” and asked me if I went on an auction house spree or something and I said no and he asked Madison and she said no so we figured we’d have to ask our GM what happened because we honestly had no idea.

So yesterday Madison and I were running Gnomer with our GM and I mentioned the guild bank and asked him if he knew what happened. So he hops on an alt and looks at the bank logs…Wes’ character withdrew everything one day. WHAT!? I thought Blake was going to eat the poor kid alive. Wes didn’t know the guild bank existed and thought this was stuff that was somehow put in her personal bank. So Blake asked him what happened to all the stuff from the bank and Wes said he sold it. Well, he didn;t even sell it at the auction house, he VENDORED all of it! So Blake was like, “you have to put the gold you made from selling all that stuff back in the guild bank” and Wes was like, “I can’t…”

As it turns out, he bought gingerbread cookies for 25g at the auction house for a Christmas quest. *facepalm* I suppose I should mention that he IS only 9 and no one explained to him about the guild bank, but still…ugh.

Luckily like I said, we’re really the only ones using it so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but he’s now been told that he can’t touch anything in the guild bank unless he asks first from now on.

After that was cleared up, I drove the whole family to Wal*Mart in Wasaga Beach and had a bit of an issue because I didn’t get into the right lane soon enough so we could turn into the parking lot, which I normally do but for some reason I thought that lane was a turn lane so I just messed up, but I didn’t panic and got us over and everything was fine. My parking job was pretty terrible but not as bad as a lot of the cars around us so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

I went around the store with Wes to help him pick out presents for Blake and Madison and I think we were pretty successful. Blake went around with Madison to look at other things. Then Wes and I went through the checkout by ourselves which was nerve-wracking but I made it through and then I drove us home.

When we got home, the kids vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom because we’re having company today and then I started bleaching Madison’s hair while Blake started dinner. While her hair was bleaching, we started watching Mirror  Mirror, which was cute but blah (Wes enjoyed it though), and then it was time to eat. We had peameal, peas and scalloped potatoes.

After dinner, it was time to rinse Madison’s hair and since her hair is so dark, it ended up pretty yellow so I’m worried the turquoise dye is going to end up green when we get to that stage (yellow + blue = what now?) but she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to bleach it again and she seems pretty happy with her hair the way it is, so without further ado, here she is:

(This pose was a JOKE.)

I really wish this one wasn’t blurry. :o/

Madison in her natural habitat doing what is second nature.

I absolutely hate it and wish she wouldn’t have done it, but it’s her hair, her body and she can do whatever she pleases with it I guess. Blake thinks at 14, you’re supposed to have stupid hair, we both did, so we can’t really be hypocrites now. And like I said, she loves it and thinks it’s the greatest thing she’s ever done so as long as she’s happy…

Anyway, that’s all I have to report. This afternoon Deanna, Alex & Ronny are coming over for our annual Xmas party so I’m hoping Cards Against Humanity gets here today. Blake’s going to be checking the mail in about 15 minutes. *fingers crossed*

Peace oot.

PS. Those pics were my first time using a flash, do they look okay? I used tungsten white balance with the tungsten filter on the flash and the pics were pretty yellow so I cooled them down in Lightroom a bit.

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