December 11, 2012

Life Goes On

Yesterday morning the roads were bad so the buses were cancelled. Wes decided to go to school while Madison decided to stay home. (The schools are open on “snow days”, there just aren’t many kids there because the buses weren’t running.)

Blake was also working from home and had a lot of work to do so Madison was banished to my office and she was bored and I was bored so I did a very very brave thing.  The roads had cleared up so I drove us both to Wasaga Beach so Madison could do her Xmas shopping and so I could get bagels since we were out.

This was huge because I’ve never driven to Wasaga Beach without Blake and I get really nervous driving with the kids in the car because what if I kill them?  But we got there without incident and Madison got her stiff and I got my stuff and I went through the check out and used our Visa all by myself without messing up, without it being declined, without saying anything stupid, it just went through fine and then we were outta there.

On the way home, Madison told me how proud of me she was and I almost started crying. And we got home in one piece.

Oh that’s another big thing was that I had a certain timeframe I had to be home within which is something that makes me really really nervous because what if I’m late? But I got home before I had to be by about 15 minutes, enough time to make a sandwich to bring in the car while Blake drove me to the hospital to have my boob mole removed by Dr. Hanrahan.

I showed her my head wound and she laughed pretty hard. She looked at it and said it was about a 2nd degree burn. Oops. She told me to put Polysporin on it.

The worst part of the mole removal was the needle to freeze it. I didn’t get to see her do the actual cutting but Blake said she did it in like, 3 seconds and the rest of the time was cauterizing it and sewing it up. Then she’s sending the mole to pathology just to make sure it’s not cancerous or precancerous which we’re pretty sure it’s not but there’s no point  in not checking.

Then I go and see her in 5 days where she’ll take the dressing off and make sure it’s not infected and I’ll be on my merry way.

After the hospital, Blake bought me a bottle of Diet Coke because I was dying of thirst due to all the Ativan I had to take that day to do all the things I did that day, but I was feeling pretty good so when Blake said he was going to take the long way home, I told him to pull over and that I would drive. And I drove us home because I mostly knew the way.

The only thing I really did “wrong”, was I took a right-hand turn a little too sharply and drove on the shoulder splashing water all over the place.

We had to stop off at the drugstore and I parked on the street because there was a spot (not a parallel spot, thank god, I just pulled in behind someone) and we got my prescriptions and Polysporin and I drove us home.

I wasn’t brave enough to drive to photography class a couple of hours later because it had started raining and it was dark and I’m just not ready to do that yet, so we stopped off at McDonald’s for dinner and I ate in the car on the way to class.

Class was pretty uneventful. The HDR pics I brought in wouldn’t open for some reason, which sucked, but everyone really liked my beach pics. I think a weekly assignment might be a good thing for me, as long as there was no pressure to do it and the prompts were actually creative.

Andre took us upstairs to the gallery to show us these Soviet pictures from “the Age of Stalin” that they had on display there along with paintings by Leopold Plotek, which tied in with the pictures.

After that he just sort of said, “is there anything you want to ask me about?” so I asked him about the photography course at Georgian and all he said he really knew about it is that they expect their students to be creative and that he didn’t think I’d have any trouble with it. John asked him about DSLRs and Andre said “after a camera, a lens and a tripod, what’s the next thing you need?” to which I replied “a flash” and he said “right!” and he went over what to look for in a flash and what brands were good etc. And I don’t really remember what else we talked about. Then we filled out evaluations, which I’m notoriously bad at so mine was probably completely unhelpful and then it was time to go home. I thanked Andre and said I hoped to cross paths with him again and then Blake drove us home.

Then I came home and went to bed immediately because I’d been up since 2:45am the morning before and I had to be up at 4am this morning for work, so that’s what I did and this is the end of this post.


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  1. scutterman says:

    Seeing the progress you’re making recently I can’t help but be happy for you. You should bookmark posts like these so you can look back when you’re unsure of yourself.

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