December 4, 2012

Nirvana is the cure for everything.

In my last post I forgot to mention that yesterday I started watching Twin Peaks on Netflix. (Did I already mention we got Netflix because Blake got a wireless internet thing for the Blu Ray player for Xmas? Netflix is AWESOME.) I don’t even know what to think of this show. When I was in grade maybe 6 or whatever, my friend Heather’s mom used to rent us movies in exchange for babysitting her brother and she rented us the Twin Peaks movie (Fire Walk With Me) and we were like “what the fuck is this?” Luckily I don’t remember anything about it but the midget from Agent Cooper’s dream talking gibberish so it’ll be a surprise when I watch it after I’m done watching the show but yeah…I just finished the first episode of season 2 and it’s pretty clear that they had absolutely no idea what they were doing and they were completely making shit up as they went along, it’s pretty entertaining. I don’t even know how it’s all going to end or if I’m even going to like it when it does, but I think Agent Dale Cooper is probably one of TV’s greatest characters. I look forward to every scene he’s in and I TOTALLY did not even recognize the actor who plays him, whose last name I can’t spell, until Blake pointed it out to me and I had to laugh because all I’ve ever seen him in is romantic comedies and not even good ones. But in Twin Peaks he’s so good!

God I love TV. Truly. Good TV is one of the best things in life. I only even realized Netflix had Twin Peaks in its entirety when I was looking for I Dream of Jeanie, which they had in its entirety when we signed up last week but it’s not there anymore and I didn’t even get to see one episode. (I’ve seen a million I Dream of Jeanie episodes, of course, but not in probably 25 years and watching it in reruns was one of the high points of my childhood.) So I guess Netflix changes their selection every month? I don’t really know how it works.

While watching Twin Peaks I edited the pictures Madison took last night at my class and the ones I took of Wes and the pets this morning on Charlie’s advice that I should take pictures every day and that I should take pictures of the kids before they leave for school just as something to shoot. I took an awesome picture of Madison giving me the finger this morning while she was on the phone but she forbid me to post it because she said she looked fat (she didn’t). Maybe she’ll let me post it in 10 years.

Anyway, here are the pics Madison took of my extremely photogenic friend Alex:

Despite the fact that there were two strobes in soft boxes in front of her on either side and Blake holding a reflector to her left, I had to lighten all of these pics in Lightroom because there just wasn’t enough light.

Blake looking dumb. As per usual. :oP

This is probably the best pic of Wes that’s ever been taken.


Although this one’s pretty fucking cute…

I’m going to frame this one for us & send a copy to Blake’s mom for Xmas.
Actually, I need to do that by the end of this week: get my shit together and upload the pics I want printed to the Black’s website so they’re ready for Xmas.

This is the pic of Wes I took this morning.
The light in our living room is glaringly tungsten so I had to correct it in Lightroom.
The kid looked jaundiced.


Lucky watching the construction workers.

Pixel’s getting used to me shoving the camera in her face.
Or at least she doesn’t seem as perturbed by it.

These pics were exposure corrected.
Despite taking them at ISO fucking 3200, they were still pretty dark.
I’m slowly becoming a Lightroom pro.

This is Hoover at the back door, which is in my office.
The black part on the right is the dreadmill.
The light in here are those horrible compact fluorescents so the light’s this godawful greeny yellow and I had to fix it in Lightroom by adding blue and magenta. When these bulbs finally blow (it’s been like, 2 years, they should go soon) I’m going to get Blake to get LED ones.

Then Lucky wanted out too so I stopped taking pictures and let them out.

Charlie got me a flash for Xmas but I haven’t tried to use it yet because I’m not entirely sure how to attach it to the camera or what to do with it once I figure that out. All Andre’s really told us is to bounce flashes off other stuff, like white ceilings and walls and never use direct flash unless you’re shooting outside and you want to fill in shadows because the natural daylight will diffuse the flash so it’s not so harsh.

Anyway, I’m going to RTFM and figure it out, I was just waiting for batteries to charge so I could play with it. I think now I officially have every piece of gear I’m going to need in the foreseeable future. A wide-angle lens would be nice to have but in all practicality I can’t really think of what I’d use it for. I’m not really one for being in places where group photos are taken or around big buildings, although some of the ones in town are super old and might be worth photographing if I ever left my house. But already my super duper special photography backpack weighs a million tons and there’s no room for anything else so I think I’m good.

Something I thought of for “signs of life” is taking my macro lens to the beach on Sunday. I bet there’s lots of signs of life in magnified sand. Little shells, human shrapnel like beer caps and bread ties. Then I could use my 50mm for other stiff, like signs and people. Andre says to never change your lens on a beach because you’re going to get dirt on your sensor but I figure if it’s been raining it’s probably okay because sand won’t really be blowing around and that’ll be the case on Sunday when Blake and I can go to the beach to shoot. Or if that’s a bad idea I can always change lenses in the car. I just can’t think of anywhere else to find signs of life in December. Especially not when I live in a construction zone and they’ve practically scorched and salted the earth.

Speaking of which, the curbs are in and they’ve repaved the road so all they really have left to do is fill in the trenches between the curbs and the sidewalks. They were doing something really noisy earlier, which is why I’m even writing this post (I couldn’t hear the TV), but I’m not sure what. It *looked* like they were actually cutting the asphalt with some sort of saw on wheels but I have no idea why they’d be doing that. They cut a line from in front of my neighbour’s house past where I could see out the window. They’re working on the other half of the bridge now, but they’ve got two lanes going across so it’s not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago.

I know, this is all RIVETING news.

Know what IS news though that totally isn’t being reported in the Canadian media at the moment? 600 First Nations chiefs are currently protesting on Parliament Hill and so far it’s only being talked about on Twitter. You would think this would be, I dunno, NEWSWORTHY. I mean, I’d certainly like to know what they’re protesting about exactly. So far all I’ve been able to ascertain is that the Harper government’s budget bill that’s either being passed today or being passed soon infringes on First Nations treaty rights and they’re pretty fucking pissed off about it. This may not be news right now, but according to the word on the street, so to speak, it will be soon and this is just the beginning. So far the only “media” coverage I’ve been able to find on it is one reporter on Twitter who works for Sun Media. This protest was rumoured to happen for a while now apparently and they’ve been at Parliament Hill for over 2 hours at this point, so why is this not being reported? The mind boggles.

Okay I think the construction guys are done being obnoxious so I’m going to watch a couple of more Twin peaks episodes before the kids get home. Peace oot.

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