December 27, 2012

Random Shit From a Random Folder/Xmas

So I came across this just now:

Dubber was just this guy I used to know.

I still think that’s a good idea. And I googled it just now (because I wanted to show the kids and back when I originally posted this, there was only this one link that doesn’t work anymore with a video of them sinking/floating) and it’s true, full sugar pops/sodas sink in water while diet ones float because artificial sweetener is less dense than sugar. (Click here for the nerdy part of that.) I say that that gives Diet Coke the advantage over regular Coke (because who wants the density of sugar feeling full in their belly and that much sugar on their teeth?). And Pepsi, for that matter, which was the original intent, but I’m not sure how far Coke would realistically want to take my line of thinking with this or if the simpler idea is the way to go. I mean, if Coke wanted to rebrand Diet Coke based on a positive response to these pieces of art in major cities, that would be pretty cool, right? And what if aspartame was cheaper than sugar or that the potassium blah blah blah that they have in Coke Zero that’s apparently super bad for you, anyway? Worse than aspertame? (And I argue that sugar is just as bad and Coke is a cheap source of it anyway).  And that there is less aspartame in a can of Diet Coke than there is sugar in a can of regular Coke so wouldn’t that make sense that there’s more carbonated water in Diet Coke and isn’t more water content better for you? So that was just one of my ideas one day when I was helping my old friend Dubber with his book a long time ago. (Which, for the record, he said was stupid but I argue that he was stupid and that’s where we are today.)

Anyway, it was just an idea and I’m surprised that I haven’t already seen Coke or Pepsi use this floating fact to their advantage. I mean, pop is still totally garbage for you, I’m sure, but with how people drink it, it’s still a tonic too and this is all just chemistry. We know sugar is bad. Aspartame is kinda bad, you can find reports and studies to deem it safe and not safe, but I do know it’s definitely better for you as far as your teeth and your blood sugar than regular Coke and the potassium blah blah blah in Coke Zero is banned in some countries because it’s not necessary and there hasn’t been as much study on it than aspartame  so – and this is just me – Diet Coke comes out the winner every time.

And this just turned into a total can of worms, I know, because people are really crazy about what they will and won’t drink or what they prefer and there’s even drink etiquette when you’re at someone else’s house, I think, so the beverages industry is the bigtime, but it’s my favourite brand category so I think about it often.

So Xmas.

Well, we had Xmas with my mom, John and Chris on Sunday and that was pretty cool. My mom makes this cheeseball every year that Blake and Wes really like so she made that and invented this:

My mom's a hipster.

It is:
A little 2 inch long crustini thing, like a bit crouton. I forget the flavour.
Red pepper cream cheese.
Bacon marmalade.
Havarti cheese.
And a slice of cherry tomato.

I am personally offended by cream cheese as one of the nastiest substances on Earth and I would also put the mere idea of bacon marmalade in that category, so I didn’t have one, but I thought they looked nice and Blake liked them so there ya have it.

Blake is dumb.

Give me pouty!

“Give me pouty!”

Prince Wes.

Madison reading the joke from her Xmas cracker.

Princess Madison.

My mom made a honey spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots, peas and perfect crescent rolls and everyone had a good time just enjoying each other’s company. The kids sorta formed a gang upstairs and the adults (term used loosely) stayed downstairs. We played a little Cards Against Humanity which is extra fun when you play with Wes, who loves the game but understands very little but he knows what sounds funny and the brat ended up winning. By like, a lot. What have we created? I realize the game is for 17+ but when we played at Squam, the whole time, while having a good time, I was thinking, “yeah, I’d have no problem explaining that  to my kids” with every card and believe it or not, I think the game’s actually a little bit educational in that it’s good for kids to ask “what’s the holocaust?” and “what’s the three fifths rule?” which are two of the white cards in the game. Of course, explaining a lot of the other ones is a little harder, but we’ve played all the white cards from the entire base game and there wasn’t one thing that I thought we shouldn’t or couldn’t explain to Wes. It’s definitely not a game meant for kids and your mileage may vary, but for Wes it’s fine and I’d much rather he play a gross word game with his family than play the latest bloody video game alone. And also coming up with explanations for things that he would even understand is part of the fun! Of the game AND of parenting itself!

Anyway, on Xmas Eve I had to see Rick, my support worker mental health nurse guy, and that was pretty uneventful. I told him about all of the things I’ve been doing and he said he wasn’t sure what the next step is and I said neither did I. Blake suggested that I try having an appointment with Rick by myself, to which I said no. Blake said okay and Rick fucking argued me down to 5 minutes alone and the rest of the meeting with Blake, which I agreed to but isn’t actually going to happen, I just wanted to end the conversation without crying. Rick is not someone I want to be alone with, he just has a vibe about him I don’t trust. He obviously doesn’t respect my boundaries or he wouldn’t have argued and bullied when I said no. Other than that, which can be fixed next appointment I think, the meeting was pretty uneventful. Blake’s fear is that with the winter weather, I’m going to be less likely to drive and that’s going to slow down my progress. I don’t think he’s right and I don’t think that I have to work on anything new right now  with how much I’ve already put on my plate to digest and deal with. I’m pushing my mental faculties pretty hard between driving, dealing with Rob at The Conservatory and potentially joining the artist’s guild I wrote about a while back. Throw in still trying to learn photography, painting, parenting and my job and it could all come crashing down like a house of cards if we add much more. I think I need to plateau where I am for a little while and if that means only driving on clear days  for the next couple of months, I think that’s fine. I can drive in Elmvale and to the beach and possibly even to Midland if the roads are okay. And by “okay” I mean, either just wet or completely dry. I’m not ready to drive in snow at this point, but I think there will be good driving days ahead. I’m fairly confident it’s okay.

So the rest of Xmas Eve Day I basically just farted around online and hung out with Madison. Blake went back to my mom’s house to pick up the full-length mirror my mom got Madison for Xmas that wouldn’t fit in our car with people in it.

Then Xmas Morning rolled around and when I got off work, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t and Blake decided to get up and then Wes got up and then Blake and Hoover woke Madison up and we did presents, and then Blake made a million phone calls to his family all over the US and then we had Xmas in Orgrimmar, had dinner, played more Warcraft, watched Doctor Who and then I had to go to bed so I could work the next day. (I actually went to sleep about 20 minutes into Doctor Who, so we finished it yesterday morning.) Here’s some pics of Madison, Wes and Blake with some of the stuff they got for Xmas:

Her shirt is Rose Tyler, if it’s not obvious.

Still trying to convince Wes to make his Furby evil.
Apparently how you treat them counts as far as personality development.

And that was Xmas.

I think for the rest of the week, Blake is working in the Barrie office so he’ll get to see some of his friends there and he’ll actually be home before dinner. Bonus! I think for me, it’s just going to be an internet day. Or maybe I’ll go level battle pets in Warcraft. I dunno. I’ll figure something out.

December 22, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Canada

WTF? Did Stephen Harper’s Twitter get hacked? Saying “Mmm bacon” to HOMER SIMPSON and linking to a Simpsons video called “you don’t win friends with salad” while an Indian chief is on day 11 of her hunger strike right outside your door and won’t eat until you speak with her? WHAT? And was posting about Meals On Wheels, two food posts on a day of protest, all over the world, in support of said chief’s hunger strike and against this government’s disgusting policies, intentional Mr Harper? This is just fucking INSULTING.

December 18, 2012

Two Awesome Things & One Not-So-Awesome Thing

1. GQ’s super long piece on Bill Murray is excellent.

2. Spooky Split Face Portraits of Family Members is pretty cool and was shortlisted for Cannes.

3. A note on Instagram: Facebook has had the same ad policy for a while now and 95% of you are still using that. Also your Instagram pics are too low-res for most advertising purposes. The only thing they’d be any good for are like, banner ads. And still, I doubt they really want pics of your lunch put through shitty filters to advertise anything except Instagram itself. Oh and Instagram sucks anyway. Use Flickr’s new app instead.

It’ll Be a Pink Xmas Without You

On Sunday, when Blake and Madison were left to their own devices at Wal*Mart, Blake put a tiny pink Xmas tree in the cart and argued that our 4 foot tall green one was a pain in the ass and if I wanted to put it up, I could go out to the shed and get it myself and put it up. What a fucker! But the thing is, a pink Xmas tree is very near and dear to my heart, except he didn’t know that.

If you recall, last year (as they do every year), our grocery store held an Xmas colouring contest and I won. This was my entry (terrible scan though, it looks a lot better in person):

I’m not sure if I posted about it last year but the reason I coloured the tree pink is because my great grama, when she got too old to put up and decorate a big tree, bought a little 2 or 3 foot tall pink Xmas tree that came pre-decorated with white and silver ornaments. This Xmas tree is set up every year when my family does their Xmas get-together in November that I never go to and am not invited to anymore anyway.

So that’s the significance of the pink Xmas tree. Here’s mine (we don’t have any ornaments small enough for it though):

The cards are from Deanna, Alex & Ronny and Phaedie. :o)
The angel was my great grama’s.

I hung our stockings below the tree but they’re Xmas colours so I left them out of the picture since they clashed haha. We need to find pink stockings! I have 2 pairs of white, pink and brown knee socks, maybe we should use those? (They’d be too small for the stuff I have for stockings anyway.)

So that’s my Xmas story and I’m sticking to it. Xmas Eve day I have to go see my support worker, Rick, which should be a party and a half and the day before that we’re having Xmas with my mom. We still need to find something to get for Chris and John. I think Blake’s working on that and then our Xmas shopping is done (well, I still have one thing to get for Blake but it’s not here yet). Well, we still need to get batteries for Wes’ Furby and then we’re done. Maybe some stocking stuffers.

Now I’m going to watch the series finale of Twin Peaks and work on my snow fairy. Oh, but before I end this post, did anyone watch the Gossip Girl series finale last night? I watched it this morning and thought they did a really good job. Also excellent cameo from Kristin Bell, I dug that.

Okay, Twin Peaks and paint. Then work meeting. Then Madison’s bringing home friends to practice her Die Antwoord thing. Joy. (Oh and Blake’s picking up toner tonight after work at Sally Beauty Supply so I’ll be doing Madison’s hair later tonight or tomorrow.) Okay really going now.

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December 17, 2012

Murder, Murder, Murder! Kill, Kill, Kill!

Last week we asked our guild master to give us access to the guild bank because our guild is sort of non-functional and up until yesterday our family were the only active members. So our GM cleared tabs 1 and 4, but left some useful high level items in one of the tabs for us just because he’s nice and Blake and I had spent all last week putting stuff in it.

Well Blake went to put some stuff in it the other day and there was NOTHING left in there! So he was like “wtf?” and asked me if I went on an auction house spree or something and I said no and he asked Madison and she said no so we figured we’d have to ask our GM what happened because we honestly had no idea.

So yesterday Madison and I were running Gnomer with our GM and I mentioned the guild bank and asked him if he knew what happened. So he hops on an alt and looks at the bank logs…Wes’ character withdrew everything one day. WHAT!? I thought Blake was going to eat the poor kid alive. Wes didn’t know the guild bank existed and thought this was stuff that was somehow put in her personal bank. So Blake asked him what happened to all the stuff from the bank and Wes said he sold it. Well, he didn;t even sell it at the auction house, he VENDORED all of it! So Blake was like, “you have to put the gold you made from selling all that stuff back in the guild bank” and Wes was like, “I can’t…”

As it turns out, he bought gingerbread cookies for 25g at the auction house for a Christmas quest. *facepalm* I suppose I should mention that he IS only 9 and no one explained to him about the guild bank, but still…ugh.

Luckily like I said, we’re really the only ones using it so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but he’s now been told that he can’t touch anything in the guild bank unless he asks first from now on.

After that was cleared up, I drove the whole family to Wal*Mart in Wasaga Beach and had a bit of an issue because I didn’t get into the right lane soon enough so we could turn into the parking lot, which I normally do but for some reason I thought that lane was a turn lane so I just messed up, but I didn’t panic and got us over and everything was fine. My parking job was pretty terrible but not as bad as a lot of the cars around us so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

I went around the store with Wes to help him pick out presents for Blake and Madison and I think we were pretty successful. Blake went around with Madison to look at other things. Then Wes and I went through the checkout by ourselves which was nerve-wracking but I made it through and then I drove us home.

When we got home, the kids vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom because we’re having company today and then I started bleaching Madison’s hair while Blake started dinner. While her hair was bleaching, we started watching Mirror  Mirror, which was cute but blah (Wes enjoyed it though), and then it was time to eat. We had peameal, peas and scalloped potatoes.

After dinner, it was time to rinse Madison’s hair and since her hair is so dark, it ended up pretty yellow so I’m worried the turquoise dye is going to end up green when we get to that stage (yellow + blue = what now?) but she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to bleach it again and she seems pretty happy with her hair the way it is, so without further ado, here she is:

(This pose was a JOKE.)

I really wish this one wasn’t blurry. :o/

Madison in her natural habitat doing what is second nature.

I absolutely hate it and wish she wouldn’t have done it, but it’s her hair, her body and she can do whatever she pleases with it I guess. Blake thinks at 14, you’re supposed to have stupid hair, we both did, so we can’t really be hypocrites now. And like I said, she loves it and thinks it’s the greatest thing she’s ever done so as long as she’s happy…

Anyway, that’s all I have to report. This afternoon Deanna, Alex & Ronny are coming over for our annual Xmas party so I’m hoping Cards Against Humanity gets here today. Blake’s going to be checking the mail in about 15 minutes. *fingers crossed*

Peace oot.

PS. Those pics were my first time using a flash, do they look okay? I used tungsten white balance with the tungsten filter on the flash and the pics were pretty yellow so I cooled them down in Lightroom a bit.

December 16, 2012

Jealousy! Makes You Naaah-sty! In Your Face!

So when I saw my shrink on Friday she asked me about my eyebrows. Apparently if you have sparse eyebrows, like in the last 1/3 of your eyebrows, it can signify a thyroid problem and I’m on medications that can cause that so she’s ordered a bunch of blood tests. She probably made up the eyebrow thing and just noticed that I’ve gained weight but didn’t want to be rude and say so haha

Right now Wes is the only person who’s awake and as soon as I’m finished this (very brief) post, I think I’m going to ask him if he wants to play WoW with me. Right now I have a mage I’m playing with his shaman, a druid that I’m playing with Madison’s warlock, a monk I’m playing with Blake’s monk (I’m a healer monk, he’s a tank monk) and my priest who I play by myself. None of my toons are dual specced because I’m not sure how that works.

I’ve been listening to a LOT of Die Antwoord. Mostly $O$ because I think it’s a better album as a whole than Ten$ion, although “Fatty Boom Boom” is probably my favourite song right now. I really hope these guys come to Toronto and that the show’s all ages so Madison can go. There’s a lip syncing contest at school next week for house points and Madison and her friends are doing an edited version of “Fatty Boom Boom”. I think today she wants me to bleach her hair out and this breaks my heart because her hair is so fucking beautiful au naturel. But she wants turquoise hair for Xmas so that’s what she’s getting. Yolandi of Die Antwoord has bleach blonde hair, so that’s why we’re bleaching it early.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to post about. I’m gonna go bug Wes to play WoW with me now. Peace oot.

December 14, 2012

Do You Wanna Dance? Do You Wanna Fight?

I guess it’s been a couple of days so I should probably make a post. I’m still alive, FYI.

Yesterday I had the boneheaded idea to try a shot of cinnamon whiskey in Vanilla Coke Zero because, well, it just seemed like a good idea at the time…and today my pancreas hates my guts. I didn’t even finish the drink, I had maybe about 1/3 of it! But I am huuuuuurting today. I took pancreatic enzymes but they don’t seem to be helping. I don’t think they work after the fact, I think you have to take them while you’re actually ingesting the triggering food/substance, but I figured I’d try it anyway.

Yesterday I uploaded about 50 photos to the Black’s website and ordered 128 prints. It took me over 3 hours because their site is such a fucking piece of pure and utter counter intuitive, buggy shit so I e-mailed corporate and told them so. I don’t expect to hear back. I also told them that the only reason I was even using them was because free prints came with my camera and that their new dry inkjet process is balls and that I’d be using Japan Camera henceforth because they still use wet labs. *nods*

Ugh. Juxtapoz is on Twitter telling me about how in 1949, Life magazine documented Pablo Picasso “painting” with light. I mention this because A) no shit, Sherlock and B) this is AT LEAST the 4th or 5th time in the last 2 years they’ve tweeted the exact same thing. Juxtapoz is 99% crap, 99% of the time (both the magazine and their Twitter feed) so I don’t even know why I follow them. I stopped buying the magazine a long time ago, the last issue I bought solely because Mark Ryden did the cover and I’m poor so I’d frame that shit, because I am so sick of graffiti and comic book artists (usually white, usually male) being the be all that ends all. The only artists in that magazine I ever really found interesting were the ones who bought ads in the magazine and I got sick of buying a magazine just to sift through ads and surf websites. I have Google for that.

Anyway, rant over. Juxtapoz sucks.

This afternoon I have a work meeting (yay) and I have to go see my shrink in Midland. Theoretically I should drive to my shrink’s office but I’m going to let Blake do that because I have to leave my work meeting early just to get there in time and I don’t want the pressure of having to potentially go over the speed limit to achieve that. I think the most horrible thing that could happen to me at this point in my immersion therapy, besides having an accident, is getting pulled over, which has never happened to me before. I’m pretty sure I would lose my shit and never drive again. So. Blake’s driving. I’ll work the iPod.

I have to remember to take my shrink back her painting from Touched By Fire and I think I’m going to return the lightbox I borrowed because I keep forgetting to use it and someone else might be waiting for one. The increase in Wellbutrin has kept me pretty in check so I don’t really think I’ve needed it anyway. Plus we’ve had more sun so far this year than I think we usually do.

Wednesday morning, the guy who owns The Conservatory tweeted @ me and asked me to e-mail him. He said he “loved” my 3 pieces, that they were “super sweet” and “refreshing” and he wanted to discuss pricing. So I e-mailed him and we worked out pricing and now my work is being sold in a store!

Encouraged, I pretty much immediately started working on a new painting which is still in the early stages but I’m making it with a brick and mortar store in mind. I made a snow princess a few years ago and sold it to a friend almost immediately who insisted on calling her a snow fairy, even though she didn’t have wings, which, in hindsight, was probably a better idea than a princess anyway. But whatever, she was happy with it and it’s hers so she can call it whatever she wants. However, I decided that my first painting of the new year, since it’ll take me that long to finish it, is going to be a snow fairy of pretty much the same design, just altered a bit and of course she’ll actually have wings.  She’s also going to be bigger at 11 x 14 inches, whereas the original snow princess was 12 x 12.

Through following links, I discovered that there’s an artists’ group in our town and I e-mailed the guy who runs it asking what it was all about and how to become a member and we’ve been exchanging e-mails back and forth. They have meetings once a month and there’s even a studio tour in the fall, as well as some other events and I’m pretty sure it would be good for me to be a part of this. I don’t really care about sales since art isn’t my main source of income, but honestly, I just kinda want “art friends” since I’ve never really had any before. I mean, something that would get me out of the house and into the community once a month or maybe even more than that couldn’t possibly be a bad thing.

The only thing I’m struggling with is how to fit everything in. I can’t do my job, paint AND go to school to get my photography certificate all at the same time. And learn how to drive. And take pictures for the assignments for my photography classes. I just don’t have that kind of energy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, by any means, that I’m giving up on photography, I just don’t know how I’m going to explore that area yet. I’m not sure if school is really all that feasible or if it was even really all that feasible in the first place. I think I’m definitely going to take some classes at the college, but I’m not sure I’m going to actively work toward the certificate in any specific timeframe like I was planning on before. Originally I figured I’d have like, 3 years  if I started in the fall, to get it done because we’re theoretically moving in 4 before Wes starts high school and after Madison finishes. Blake says moving is relative though and not set in stone and it all depends on a million other things so I’m not supposed to plan my life around it. Also it’s theoretical that if we did move somewhere else that there would be a college around that would have a similar program and I could finish there if I wanted to. It’s all technically possible. So I dunno. I just feel like I have to decide right now, which I know is completely unrealistic but I don’t function well without a plan and right now I don’t have one. Or at least the one I have is pretty loose and I need tight, compact plans or I feel out of control. I need to start making lists.

I just don’t see where this photography thing could go. I thought I wanted to do what Thea does and do family portraits, mostly outdoors, but I don’t have the first clue as to how to run a business like that and I don’t know how you would even learn. I’m also still really interested in HDR and you don’t need school for that.

Anyway, lots to think about. Lots to do. Better get busy.

December 11, 2012

I Fink U Freeky and I Like U A Lot

I don’t know what got into me today but I was sitting here at about 11:30am eating toaster strudel and watching Twin Peaks (David Duchovny was in it!!!!) when suddenly I decided that I had better things to do today.

A couple of weeks ago Blake and I went into this store in town after breakfast called The Conservatory where local artists sell their work on consignment and they had a lot of nice stuff. I asked Blake how you got your work there and he said that you probably just brought some in and talked to the guy. I figured that would be an impossibility so I sort of put it out of my mind.

Lately I’ve been thinking about painting a little bit more. I think I miss it. I love photography, don’t get me wrong, I *LOVE* photography, but I can’t take pictures all day and there’s no reason why I can’t do both. And then today, this artist, Gwenn Seemel messaged me on Facebook asking why I defriended her. Truthfully I defriended her because I didn’t like her sitting on top of her perch and being successful and sort of preaching to the less successful. Like a pulpit. I just wasn’t enjoying what she had to say anymore, especially since I’m having issues with my own art and artistically I’m pretty lost right now. Anyway I just told her I was clearing my friends list and she didn’t make the cut because I wasn’t going to be painting anymore.

So that pretty much happened first thing this morning. It was an old message but I don’t get e-mails when people message me from my fan page on Facebook for some reason (Blake does though, go figure) and the message was from November 19th.

So painting was on my mind while I watched Twin Peaks and when it was over, I washed my hair, put on fresh clothes, some mascara, some lipstick and the next thing I knew, I was looking for a big bag to put artwork into to take down to The Conservatory. I popped two clonazepam and 4 Ativan as I looked for a bag and as it turned out, the only one big enough was the big one we use ti put other plastic bags in. So oh well, I tossed all those out on the couch and I put these paintings in the bag:

More details, I’ve never offered this one for sale.)

I put my iPod, phone, wallet and keys in my purse, put on a pair of fingerless gloves, grabbed a bottle of Diet Coke out of the fridge and put my shoes on. By then the drugs had kicked in and before I could have second thoughts, I was out the door.

I had to walk through the construction, but I managed, and the next thing I knew I was in front of The Conservatory:

My purpose there was actually two-fold. When we were there before, we saw something that my mom would like so I wanted to get that for her for Xmas, which I did and then of course showing the owner my work. Well, he wasn’t there, his wife was, so I asked if I could leave my work for him to look at along with some of my business cards (which have pictures of my girls on them) and that I could come back on Saturday morning when Blake and I go out for breakfast down the street before I have to work, which we do almost every week. She said that was fine so I left my paintings there and I felt so good about myself that I thought I’d treat myself to lunch at Alma’s, where we usually go for breakfast on Saturdays, and is just up the street.

We know the waitresses in there really well so they’re super nice to me and it’s kind of a “safe place”, if ever there was one in this town. I ordered a Pepsi and fries and gravy and then I tweeted like a crazy person (which I am) the whole time I was there because I couldn’t believe I was doing all of this.

After I finished eating, I paid with the debit machine all by myself but before I did, I had to text Blake to see how much I should tip, he said $0.75-1.00 I put $1.00 and then, feeling even more brave, I made one more stop but I can’t say where because it involves Xmas and certain people are reading this.  But I did pay all by myself and had human interaction and everything.

And then I walked home and now I’m writing this post! LEAPS AND BOUNDS!

1. If The Conservatory wants some of my paintings, I’ll continue to paint. If they don’t, I’m not sure I will.
2. I plan on getting to know this town a little better. I’ve lived here for 7 years and the only people I know here are some of the ladies at the grocery store.
3. I want to photograph some of the super old buildings we have here.
4. I want to be able to drive outside of town to take pictures, all by myself or with the kids.

All of this is possible.

This is me today, pleased with myself:

Life Goes On

Yesterday morning the roads were bad so the buses were cancelled. Wes decided to go to school while Madison decided to stay home. (The schools are open on “snow days”, there just aren’t many kids there because the buses weren’t running.)

Blake was also working from home and had a lot of work to do so Madison was banished to my office and she was bored and I was bored so I did a very very brave thing.  The roads had cleared up so I drove us both to Wasaga Beach so Madison could do her Xmas shopping and so I could get bagels since we were out.

This was huge because I’ve never driven to Wasaga Beach without Blake and I get really nervous driving with the kids in the car because what if I kill them?  But we got there without incident and Madison got her stiff and I got my stuff and I went through the check out and used our Visa all by myself without messing up, without it being declined, without saying anything stupid, it just went through fine and then we were outta there.

On the way home, Madison told me how proud of me she was and I almost started crying. And we got home in one piece.

Oh that’s another big thing was that I had a certain timeframe I had to be home within which is something that makes me really really nervous because what if I’m late? But I got home before I had to be by about 15 minutes, enough time to make a sandwich to bring in the car while Blake drove me to the hospital to have my boob mole removed by Dr. Hanrahan.

I showed her my head wound and she laughed pretty hard. She looked at it and said it was about a 2nd degree burn. Oops. She told me to put Polysporin on it.

The worst part of the mole removal was the needle to freeze it. I didn’t get to see her do the actual cutting but Blake said she did it in like, 3 seconds and the rest of the time was cauterizing it and sewing it up. Then she’s sending the mole to pathology just to make sure it’s not cancerous or precancerous which we’re pretty sure it’s not but there’s no point  in not checking.

Then I go and see her in 5 days where she’ll take the dressing off and make sure it’s not infected and I’ll be on my merry way.

After the hospital, Blake bought me a bottle of Diet Coke because I was dying of thirst due to all the Ativan I had to take that day to do all the things I did that day, but I was feeling pretty good so when Blake said he was going to take the long way home, I told him to pull over and that I would drive. And I drove us home because I mostly knew the way.

The only thing I really did “wrong”, was I took a right-hand turn a little too sharply and drove on the shoulder splashing water all over the place.

We had to stop off at the drugstore and I parked on the street because there was a spot (not a parallel spot, thank god, I just pulled in behind someone) and we got my prescriptions and Polysporin and I drove us home.

I wasn’t brave enough to drive to photography class a couple of hours later because it had started raining and it was dark and I’m just not ready to do that yet, so we stopped off at McDonald’s for dinner and I ate in the car on the way to class.

Class was pretty uneventful. The HDR pics I brought in wouldn’t open for some reason, which sucked, but everyone really liked my beach pics. I think a weekly assignment might be a good thing for me, as long as there was no pressure to do it and the prompts were actually creative.

Andre took us upstairs to the gallery to show us these Soviet pictures from “the Age of Stalin” that they had on display there along with paintings by Leopold Plotek, which tied in with the pictures.

After that he just sort of said, “is there anything you want to ask me about?” so I asked him about the photography course at Georgian and all he said he really knew about it is that they expect their students to be creative and that he didn’t think I’d have any trouble with it. John asked him about DSLRs and Andre said “after a camera, a lens and a tripod, what’s the next thing you need?” to which I replied “a flash” and he said “right!” and he went over what to look for in a flash and what brands were good etc. And I don’t really remember what else we talked about. Then we filled out evaluations, which I’m notoriously bad at so mine was probably completely unhelpful and then it was time to go home. I thanked Andre and said I hoped to cross paths with him again and then Blake drove us home.

Then I came home and went to bed immediately because I’d been up since 2:45am the morning before and I had to be up at 4am this morning for work, so that’s what I did and this is the end of this post.

December 10, 2012

Further Proof That I Am A Moron

This is why you don’t try to remove hair dye from your skin with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:

And YES, it hurts.

Edit: Oh, apparently these things are Canadian. This is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It’s a sponge with microfibres. I did not use cleaning solution.

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