November 29, 2012

Word Up, My Naga!

Stupid server maintenance. In WoW, I just died a spectacular death and I have no idea how I managed it. Needless to say, it involved a crapload of Naga for a quest I probably shouldn’t be trying to solo as a squishy priest. I know you all care terribly, but I’m finally in Zangarmarsh, which is definitely my favourite zone out of all the ones I’ve seen so far (I have Cata and Pandaria but aside from creating a panda monk, I’ve seen nothing past level 70).

I remember when we first started playing WoW in like, 2005, saying to Blake how cool it would be when the kids were old enough to play too. Well now that they are, it IS fun! I don’t play with Wes because he plays on my account and I know he just started a new toon on Blake’s account but I don’t know what it is. I think he’s a shaman. I may roll a mage to play with him, but I haven’t decided yet. Especially because I know nothing about mages and have never even really played with one. It’s only fair though, that if I rolled a toon to play with Madison (a druid to play with her warlock) and one to play with Blake (we’re both monks), that I make one to play with Wes. I still have my 62 priest, which is what I was playing this morning until they had to restart the servers for whatever reason, but no one’s high enough level to play with her so she’s who I play when no one else is around.

You all care, I know. That said, if anyone has any advice on how to play a mage, I’m totally green and listening.

Yesterday some of my Xmas presents got here and since I don’t like Xmas and I don’t wait for Xmas to open things unless they’re already wrapped and I don’t know what they are, I opened the box and inside was a book of Diane Arbus’ photographs, which I haven’t looked at yet and Sally Mann’s Immediate Family, which I did look at. I’d added both of these books to my wishlist after reading about them on Wikipedia and I was especially interested in Sally Mann’s book because supposedly it was controversial with some people saying it was child pornography. After looking at it, I can’t believe it was controversial at all. Nudity does not equal sexuality does not equal pornography, especially when you’re talking about what are essentially nicely printed family photos. The only difference between Sally Mann’s photos in this book and family snapshots is her process. The content is easily the same as anything you’ll find in family photo albums all over the world. One of the last pictures in the book is titled “The Last Time Emmett Posed Nude”, which says to me that the kids were not coerced into taking the pictures and when they asked not to be photographed that way, their mother respected their wishes.

I’m just in absolute disbelief that anyone would mistake these beautiful photos for child pornography. I’ve seen child pornography on 4chan, sadly, and it’s obvious to me that the people saying this about these photos have never seen the real deal because there is a huge difference. Pornography – of any kind – is meant to entice sexual arousal. Sally Mann’s photos are photos of her children, often naked, in their natural habitat being well, natural. I just don’t get it because the difference is so glaringly obvious to me.

Two other photographers were brought to my attention this weekend: Jock Sturges and David Hamilton. They were brought up to me in the context of them being controversial, like Sally Mann, because of their models. Both of them preferred to photograph nude adolescents, usually female.

So I google image searched both photographers after reading about them on Wikipedia and I can see how David Hamilton would be controversial – his photographs, to me, are erotic, especially when you consider that he also created erotic films starring young women – but Jock Sturges photographed nude teens at naturalist camps! One in California and one in France and he photographed the same girl, Misty Dawn, from the time she was a child until she was in her 20s. To me, Jock Sturges was truly trying to capture the transformation of a child to a woman, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, and there’s nothing erotic about his pictures in the slightest.

David Hamilton on the other hand, I’m pretty sure, is just a dirty old man. Google image search both photographers and lemme know what you think.

The conversation I was having with my friend about these photographers over the weekend was pretty interesting, and I argued that Sally Mann couldn’t get away with her Immediate Family series in the digital world we live in today. Can you imagine if a blogger took similar pictures of their children at similar ages and posted them in their blog or in an online gallery like most photographers do today? They’d be crucified!

Recently a blogger posted a photo of her baby boy’s first bath and didn’t put a black bar over his penis and the internet had a shit fit. The controversy seemed to be twofold: 1. That pedophiles would have a heyday with that picture and 2. That the mother had no respect for her child’s privacy. That in 15 years her son may not appreciate the fact that a would-be girlfriend could google his name and find a picture of his penis. Or his classmates could use the picture to tease him.

I think that if a parent who would post a picture like that is doing their job, they would raise a kid who wouldn’t care about that because it’s just a baby picture, but then again, I’ve been posting (clothed) pictures of my kids on the internet since they were born. On the other hand, my kids have known about my site since they were old enough to comprehend what it was about and I don’t follow any blogs so I have no idea if other parents raise their kids the same way. I think Dooce’s older girl knows about her blog and I’m pretty sure The Bloggess’ daughter knows about her blog too, although those two are different in that Dooce posts pics of her kids all the time (as does her soon to be ex husband on his blog) and Jenny, The Bloggess, never does. There are a lot of new mothers in the blogosphere right now and I guess they’ll all just handle it however they handle it.

I will never post a nude picture of my kids online though, no matter how artistic I may find it. I just wouldn’t want to deal with the backlash that would inevitably come with it. If my kids were younger, like the ages of Sally Mann’s kids when she created Immediate Family, I would probably take nude photos of them, I just wouldn’t put them online. Then again, I never did take naked pictures of my kids when they were that age, so I guess I wouldn’t. I just wouldn’t and don’t have a problem with it, is what I’m saying.

I remember my 10th or 11th birthday, someone got me a pink camera that took 110 film and that year I had a sleepover with 2 friends and we took nude pictures of each other. My mom took the film in to get printed and I guess she had some explaining to do. I never saw the pictures and didn’t understand why taking the pictures was wrong but I was told, in no uncertain terms, that what we did was not acceptable.

Anyway, that’s my story for the day. I think the WoW servers are probably back up now so I think I’m going to go start that mage…

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