November 12, 2012

Random Weird Thing…

…I’ve never used a car’s horn before. I think they’re rude. I mean I get why they exist & all, I’ve just never had occasion to use one in any practical way.

But yesterday morning, I drove to Georgian College with Blake, which is about 45 minutes away:

It would have been a lot faster if I’d have taken the 400 there, but the 400 is a 4 lane highway where the speed limit is minimum 100 km/h and you have to merge and change lanes and check your blind spot and hope people are not assholes and I’d just rather avoid that whole thing for the rest of my life and if it takes me an extra 10-15 minutes to get to school on a good day, then so be it.

The problem with this route is that you have to go 80 km/h for like 10 minutes, then 60 km/h through little towns for 5 minutes, then 80 again, then 50 etc etc etc and that’s why it takes longer.

Anyway, there’s a Wicca store on the way there so I honked at the witches as we drove by. And that was my first time using a car horn.

When we got to Georgian I was faced with a traffic circle and I had no idea what in the fuck I was supposed to do.  (Blake showed me how to avoid that traffic circle in the future.)

Then I parked the car and cried a little bit because that drive was really stressful and I don’t think I’m ever going to be at the point where I’ll be able to do it myself. Let alone for a reason, to get somewhere by a specific time. :o/

I was too freaked out to drive home so Blake did, through Barrie, and we dropped off Alex’s homework for class tonight.

When we got home, Madison wanted to go to the grocery store to buy things to make cookies for her GSA event on Tuesday and I offered to drive her. There’s no construction on the weekend so I wasn’t worried about that and I’ve obviously been to the grocery store 100 times so we drove there, we followed Madison’s list and I paid for it myself using my debit card which are all huge things for me.

Then we had to go to the pharmacy so I drove there and then I sent Madison in to get the actual drugs because they make too big of a fuss when I go in there without Blake and it freaks me out. My parking job was atrocious.

Then we came home.

Later, I wanted to try driving in the dark since that’s what I’ll be doing if I manage to pull off this whole school thing, so we drove to Allenwood Beach and right through to Wasaga Beach. That proved to be much too scary, mostly because on the one road, there are curves and they’re really hard to maneuver, especially because I didn’t see the sign that said to slow down for them so I took them at 80 km/h. Oh and we also stopped at a gas station but Blake pumped the gas and paid.

On the way home from Wasaga we took the main road, which turns into our road and that was a lot  easier.

And that was my weekend. (I worked on Saturday.)

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