November 10, 2012

Move Bitch, Get Out the Way

1. I drove to Wasaga Beach to 50s & 60s Diner (15 minutes) to have breakfast with Blake. Had a pancake, 2 pieces of peameal bacon, 1 piece of toast, a few fries I don’t like their fries or their homefries) and the yolks of two eggs.

2. I drove back to our town, to the post office. (20 minutes) No money waiting there for me. Booooo. :o(

3. I drove to the variety store to get Combos (2 minutes). Blake went in and bought 2 big bags.

4. I drove to the grocery store (5 minutes). Bypassed 3 parking spaces close to theĀ buildingĀ to park in the spaces away from the building. Not confident in my parking abilities just yet. Did groceries. Got ground turkey for crock pot chili. (Which they never have, we got both packages the store had.) Also got pomegranate Italian soda because it’s awesome. And croissants. And mushroom pizza. And a whole bunch of boring things.

5. I drove home (5 minutes), we hauled in groceries, I finished Cloud Atlas and now I’m making this post. In 15 minutes I have to work for 9 hours. Boooooo. :o(

I’m thinking tomorrow morning I may redo my pomegranate pictures. I have one left and I just think I can do better. I’m going to google how to open one up so the arils are exposed but not cut in half. I’m also going to use my bounce this time. Annnnd I’m going to use a tripod. Other suggestions welcome.

Peace oot.

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