October 22, 2012

The Hub: On the Outskirts of Hell

Consider this my Halloween post. I can’t keep a secret to save my life (well, my own anyway) and I meant to save these pics for Halloween but I had nothing better to do today but to edit them and make a post so that’s what I’m doing.

On Saturday, after we all came back from the beach, Madison was in my office and showed me a key. This key, she said, was to a door at an abandoned motel on the outskirts of town called The Hub where her geography teacher took her class last week. Apparently the ground was littered with keys everywhere and many students took some forĀ souvenirs. Madison swears that the following is true: Madison took one key, Emily took 27 keys and another kid (I forget who) took 3 keys. That night they all had the same nightmare of a ghost telling them to take back the keys. Freaked out, the other two kids did.

This is, of course, absolute bullshit, but Madison still intended to take back her key and was relieved that she had found itĀ amongst the garbage and clothes all over her bedroom floor. She also swore up and down that the building was most definitely haunted, or at least mysterious, and also that the grade 10s go there to smoke weed.

Intrigued, having passed it about a million times over the years on our way outside of town, we begged Blake to take us there so I could take pictures and so Madison could take back her key. He begrudgingly drove us as far as Tim Hortons (next door) and made us go there by ourselves. Which was fine because, unlike Madison, I don’t believe in ghosts anymore and I’m not afraid of grade 10s.

I’ve Googled and can’t find the deal on this place. Why it was abandoned. Why it’s not for sale. Why it hasn’t been torn down. I don’t know enough people in town to find out the story behind it. There is also no mention online of it being haunted or anyone dying there. But it’s still a pretty creepy place, as all trashed, abandoned buildings are.

Strangely I didn’t see one single cigarette butt on the property anywhere so the grade 10s must not be smoking cigarettes there. I expected to find piles of cigarette remnants, but nope, nothing. In fact, aside from the graffiti and the general destruction of the place, the only real evidence I found of kids even being there was a lone gimp bracelet which I took pictures of but since we were in the basement they were all blurry and it was an ugly pink and grey bracelet made by someone clearly colourblind anyway.

Since I don’t really know anything about the place, I guess I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. We never did find the pool.

Broken mirrors everywhere.


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