October 21, 2012

Random Weekend

Yay it’s Sunday! It’s my day off! Not that I have any money to do anything since my paycheque is late…again…or have anything at home that I could do for free…

On Friday I actually went outside, all by myself, and did my best to attract crows to the park across the street so I could take pictures of them with my new zoom lens but I waited all day and they never came. I even went across the road, through heavy traffic, and crumbled up stale hot dog buns for them, but no dice. :o(

I did take this shot of milkweed though.
Just with the 50mm.

This sign is across the road at the park.
I took this pic from my front porch with the new zoom.

Then I put the 50mm back on and took pics of Pixel.

Our other cat, Wes.

I call this “Hurricane Madison”.
This is what my coffee table looks like at about 4:10pm every single day.

 Friday night I was really tired for some reason and ended up going to bed around 9pm and slept until about 9am. Not sure what was up with that. I’ve been getting headaches for the last 3 weeks and I’ve been sneezing a lot (and it’s not the flower essences, I stopped using them for a while thinking they may be the cause but it didn’t make a difference) so I think I might be coming down with something or maybe I have fall allergies or something. Maybe it’s all that milkweed in the front yard…

Saturday morning I woke up and talked to Belinda for a little while and then when everyone else woke up I dragged them all to the beach to take pictures because the sun was shining when it was supposed to be raining. So here’s some pics! You can see the whole set here.

Everyone’s wearing “ears” of some sort because my friend Sarahcide sent us a box for Halloween.
And in it was BOOBERRY CEREAL!!!

Even she doesn’t know why she was making this face.
(She was watching me edit this morning.)



 And then we stopped off at Foodland where Blake ran into our old neighbour Wayne and they chatted for a bit and he got bacon and eggs, which we brought home and had for breakfast.

During breakfast, Madison told me about this old, run-down motel called The Hub that was reportedly haunted and they went there for a field trip last week, so me and Madison went there and took pics while Blake sat at Tim Hortons and  drank coffee but I’ll save those for closer to Halloween…

And now Blake’s talking about wanting to go to some stupid geocaching event around dinner time “to be social”, so I guess I’ll go to that for lack of anything better to do. Now I don’t have anything to do and I’m wasting the day and getting very upset. :o(


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  1. sapphire says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures of your family. What lens and settings were you using? I am still trying to master my Nikon D90. I have had it for years and still can’t seem to master the settings. :/

  2. sapphire says:

    well… silly me, I see the EXIF data is posted in that album, I can see the settings there…

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