October 19, 2012

Macarons & Other Things

So guess who e-mailed me this morning? You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you: my mom’s ex-boyfriend of 20 years, Keith, whom I hadn’t heard from since they broke up like, 6 or 7 years ago. Curious right? All the e-mail said was “How you all doin?”, he didn’t even sign it.

Every year around Xmas, he sends the kids each $50 Ciniplex giftcards and us a $100 grocery store or Swiss Chalet gift certificate so it’s not like he’s forgotten us this whole time or anything, we’ve just never heard from him outside of that. Every year I send him an Xmas card and a thank you e-mail but I never hear anything back.

So that was definitely weird. I wrote him back with a super Reader’s Digest version of life right now (seriously, like 2 paragraphs) and asked how he was and if he was on Facebook. I’ll bet you a million dollars I never get a response but that we’ll still get gift certificates in December.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I got up at 4am for work as per usual, did my shift and then I farted around doing pretty much nothing (internetting) until around 10am when Blake could take a break from work and drive to Midland to get my painting for Touched By Fire from my shrink’s office so I could photograph it for their show catalogue since they needed a 1200px wide, 300 dpi picture of it and I only had the low-res one in my site’s gallery because somehow when we were doing a backup onto my external hard drive, we (and by “we” I don’t mean “me”) deleted all of my old files pre-2010 so it’s all gone. And the painting I’m putting in Touched By Fire was painted in the fall of 2009.  So yeah, the mad dash to Midland was on since they told us on TUESDAY that they needed this by FRIDAY! Thanks for the notice, guys.

So we got to Midland around 10:20am and decided that we were there early enough to get homemade donuts at this bakery I’m semi-obsessed with but we’ve never been there early enough to get donuts before because they sell out pretty fast so we went there and got a bunch of donuts, a chocolate eclair and a dutch apple pie. (Which in hindsight was probably a bad idea because I’m probably going to be the only one eating it and it’s the last thing I need.) I ate the eclair (also called a “long john”) on the way home and it was HEAVENLY. Did I mention that for breakfast I had toaster strudel? This comes into play later.

So after the bakery, we get the painting and come home. When we get home, I re-photograph the painting and then we put it in a safe place until it gets delivered in Toronto next month. Wait! Before we came home, we stopped off at the pharmacy where Blake got me drugs and I bought super blonde hair dye and hair elastics meant to blend in with blonde hair. I mean, you guys have all seen me, my hair is naturally blonde, I haven’t dyed it in over 2 years, but I’ve been playing with the idea of making it blonder and yesterday I decided to take the plunge.

Originally I was going to save my money and have it done professionally but I’m scared of hairdressers and I never have any money so a $13 bottle of L’Oreal it was.

So I came home, photographed the painting and threw the dye on my melon. After using Lush products exclusively for the last few years, the chemicals in regular shampoo, let alone hair dye, are extremely irritating and offensive. My skin was absolutely crawling. While I waited, I had a donut. Basically it was a deep fried cinnamon bun covered in sugar and it was delicious. Also during that time, I ordered our Mother Mother tickets for December 1st. Fucking $22 in Ticketbastard fees! $$$! Terrible!

Then it was time to wash the dye out…my hands still feel dry from that, my whole head feels dry. My hair feels fine, it didn’t damage it or anything but the colour is not one found in nature. I am now ridiculously, unnaturally blonde. Behold:

It’s really really brassy because it always is when I use bottle dye, but that’s easily fixed with the blue shampoo I got at Shopper’s Drug Mart last night and the brassiness usually fades on its own after a few weeks anyway.  I’ll be good by the time Touched By Fire rolls around and that’s what’s important.

After dying my hair, I internetted some more (got really sick because of all the grease in my stomach that lack of a gallbladder can’t process) and watched the premiere of Gossip Girl and e-mailed Alex to see if she wanted to go out for dinner with us since we were going into Barrie to get me that lens from Black’s for Xmas because Blake’s work has a deal with them for Canon products until the 21st and this was our last day to be able to go. She said yes, so when Blake was done working, we left for Barrie, picked up Alex and went to Black’s where we bought the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens for $250 less than retail price, clear lens filters for the macro (boooooo Charlie, I know, but I’m paranoid) and the new lens and a new tripod since Madison broke our old one. Plus the new one has TWO levels. Fancy schmancy. Blake’s work had 30% off accessories and tripods so we got a deal on all that too. Blake originally thought I meant a different lens than the one I got, which was only $200 and that’s the one he meant to get me for Xmas. It was essentially the same lens, just without image stabilization but even the girl in the store (and remember Blake and Alex both used to work there so it’s not like she was jerking us around) said that with this lens, you definitely want that, so we went for the more expensive one (double the price) for that feature and I told Blake I’d pay for half of everything we got yesterday. Soooooo if anyone was going to get me anything for Xmas this year? I need MONEY. Between that and Mother Mother tickets and Lush and Lotus Wei, I am so far into debt it’s ridiculous. I almost have my camera paid off and now I have this to pay for. I’m going to be broke for a very long time. :o(

But happy! :oD

After Black’s, we went to Fresh A Fare, which I think I’ve talked about before but it’s this wicked deli in Barrie (not to be confused with Dino’s in Midland that I often rave about) that smokes its own meats and has homemade soups that are to die for and refrigerated salads and entrees and homemade gelato (which they don’t have in fall and winter unfortunately) AND macarons from Paris! And that’s Paris FRANCE, not Paris Ontario! I had a turkey sandwich with lettuce and homemade mayo with havarti cheese on a sourdough bun and a small bowl of potato and spinach soup. For dessert, Blake bought me 8 macarons, 4 of which I still have and will be sharing with the kids after school.

I love my macro lens.
As long as you manually focus…

Then we dropped Alex off at her house and we came home, internetted for a while, and then I went to bed at like, 9pm. Now I’m listening to music very loudly and writing this post. When I’m finished, I’m going to sit by the front window and see if the crows come back. That’s the real reason I wanted the new lens; the other day there were crows across the road at the part and they were literally PLAYING in the fall leaves, but my kit lens couldn’t take pictures of them from far enough away that I wouldn’t scare them off so I missed the shot. I think I’m going to go take some bread crusts out there and scatter them around in the hopes the crows come back and I can hopefully take pics of them with the new lens.

PS. Our Black’s still has a wet lab, as opposed to a dry lab (which is like inkjet printing and not as good in our opinion (and theirs) so that’s a very good thing.

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