October 9, 2012


So y’know how Charlie spoils me? Well he REALLY spoiled me this week by buying me two new lenses for my camera. The first one is the Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM and the second one I’ll post about when I actually use it and post the pics.

Yesterday we got home from Militiagan and Madison wanted me to take pictures of her in her new ugly vest so I did and I figured I might as well crank the f stop down as low as it could go because that’s what it’s for so why not? Well blurry pictures are why not. The depth of field is so damn narrow at that stop I find it extremely finicky and you have to be really close to whatever you’re taking a picture of if you don’t want a totally blurry picture because the camera doesn’t know what to focus on.

Here are the decent ones from the shoot:

I’m posting that one because a) I think it’s still a cool pic and b) to show that *I* never moved from where I was squatting from taking the picture above it but it focused on the brim of her hat anyway.

The lens was so finicky and I was getting really upset because hardly any of the pictures I took turned out right and the ones that looked “just okay” were just okay. They looked like they were taken with a crappy point & shoot. And of course I blamed myself for not knowing how to use the lens but Blake said that it would be rare for a photographer to get a brand new lens and just go shoot a wedding with it without practicing with it first but I was scared there was something wrong with it so I got Blake to go play with it a bit and make sure that it wasn’t fucked up somehow and that asshole took this awesome shot of Hoover’s nose completely by accident:

I didn’t even crop that! He just took it that way! (I did tweak it a little bit but nothing major.) Doesn’t that look like it should be desktop wallpaper? If I didn’t like my wallpaper so much I *would* make that my wallpaper. But anyway, it illustrates just how shallow the depth of field is on f/1.4 and now I realize why my full body pictures of Madison didn’t turn out so well. Blake says that if I put the aperture to 4.0, which is the same as my original lens, it should behave like my original lens. Does anyone know if that’s true before I go outside today with the dogs and kill myself trying to make this thing work?

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