October 4, 2012

More Lightroom!

So I threw the book away (not literally) and just played with Lightroom on my own and this is what I did:

Lucky in the grass before I did anything in Lightroom.

Lucky in the grass, same pic, after I edited it in Lightroom.

I would tell you everything I did to it but honestly, I forget and I closed Lightroom already.

One neat thing about Lightroom is that you can see your entire edit history and can go back I think indefinitely if you change your mind just by clicking the history list. Another cool thing is that you can copy and paste your edit history and automagically apply it to another photo or even a batch of photos.

Hoover’s close up before Lightroom.
He has a chapped nose because he keeps licking it.

Hoover’s close up after Lightroom.
I used the heal tool and did my best to fix his chapped nose. (Above the left nostril.)
Now that I’m looking at it, I probably could have done a better job by using the adjustment brush over top of the heal tool and bringing down the exposure a bit.

The dogs playing before Lightroom.

The dogs playing after Lightroom.
I used the grid when using the crop tool to make this picture follow the rule if thirds.

Before Lightroom.


Before Lightroom.

After Lightroom.
This is actually a crappy picture but I included it because Hoover looks so mean and it also follows the rule of thirds.

The dogs apres playing, before Lightroom.

After Lightroom.
This one follows the rule of thirds as well.
What’s interesting to me is that I would have cropped these rule of thirds pictures like that anyway so I guess I can see the rule of thirds in my brain, I just didn’t realize it.

And that’s all the pics I had to play with in Lightroom.
Again, I’m not going to say that I know all there is to know about the program but I think once you know the basics, you can just play with all the sliders and get the look you want. And if you don’t, there’s that whole history feature I mentioned.

All in all though, I definitely like it better than Photoshop.
(But you can also use it WITH Photoshop but that would probably give my computer a heart attack so I haven’t tried it yet.)

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