September 24, 2012

Creamy Smooth.

Yesterday afternoon at about 4pm, the sun finally came out so I was like “HEY FAMILY! LET US GO TAKE PICTURES ON THE BEACH!”

So they all got in Sunny-approved costumes (except for Wes and that goddamned orange hat that he absolutely loves -whatever, it’s Wes) and off we went.

And about half way there, it started raining. A LOT.

So we were like, “fuck!” but it looked sunny toward the actual beach so we kept going.

Well it wasn’t sunny, not at all, and it was fucking cold, so this is the only usable picture I got, but I told them we’d be coming back before the winter:

I think it’s a totaly mediocre picture but I love the people in it so it stays and will be printed. PRINTED, I SAY!

Then we drove home and saw this, which was pretty cool:

It actually went over our whole town, both sides, but with my lens that shot’s completely impossible to get and the rainbow was fading by the time we got home anyway. I would have been cool to get a shot of the rainbow over our house.

So that was yesterday.

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