September 22, 2012

Before the Leaves Change

So on Thursday after school the kids were bored and had nothing better to do and I was feeling brave enough to go outside so we went in the field across the road (since we couldn’t go to the park or down the trail due to construction) and I took these pictures of them. Some of them were successful, some of them not so much, but I thought the light was good, especially since they were both wearing grey and it was a grey day so I figured I’d post them in case anyone was interested.

There are actually 55 decent pictures total (from 10 gigs!) but I’m only posting the 29 best ones. I had originally planned to print all 55 with some of them quadrupled for the grandparents for Xmas (with frames the kids will paint) because I gogt 125 free prints with my camera from Black’s which is where I got it, but Blake convinced me it would be a better idea to print 15 (5 of each kid + 5 of them together) for us and then the ones for the grandparents. He says I can print any of them any time I want  so there’s no point in wasting all my free prints on just one photo shoot, especially because I’m just going to put them in an album.

Anyway, here they are…(oh yeah and I didn’t photoshop any of them [with the exception of the last 2] aside from cropping because basically I don’t know how and I didn’t think they needed it in most cases).

I think this one’s a little dark but Blake said they’ll correct that when I print them.

He did that on his own.
There are actually some pics of him with his arms out and his fingers in “meditation position” for lack of a better term but you couldn’t really tell what he was doing with his fingers so they didn’t make the cut.

Madison thinks her eyes look weird in this picture.
Tell her it’s fine.

I love this picture.
It’s been a while since we had a new “Madison’s a total psycho” picture.

I think this pic looks like it could be in a catalogue.
And before you say “I love her sweater!”, let me tell you that it’s mine.
It’s one of those rare things that I actually purchased myself with my own money.
$20 @ Suzy Shier 2 years ago.


I like the background blur on this pic.
The whole time I used f/5.6 because that’s the lowest my lens goes and I was just lucky with this shot.
At f/5.6 I don’t tend to get decent blur like this, or at least I don’t know how to get it consistently.


What would a Crittenden family photo session be without metal fingers?

Decent blur on this pic too. I wish I remembered how I did that.
Maybe I was closer to him when I took the pic? Or would it be further away?
I have no idea & I didn’t realize it until I was editing them so it’s not like I could have even kept notes.

The sun came out during this pic & I didn’t have time to adjust my settings so it’s overexposed but I like it anyway.


This one was way overexposed so Blake made me darken it.
I don’t like it as much as the original, even though it was overexposed.

Same with this one. It just looks processed and unnatural to me.
She says this is her favourite of the whole set, go figure…

So that’s what we did on Thursday. I have plans to take pictures of them (and maybe Blake too) at the park down the street and on the Trans Canada Trail by our house once the construction is over. They’re fixing the bridge and the road and the sidewalk. No idea when it’ll be done. I also want to take pics of them at the beach but probably Tiny Beaches as opposed to Allenwod or Wasaga, which is where we usually go. Tiny beaches is more “wild” and less built up than the other two, the only problem is that it’s almost impossible to park anywhere because it’s all people’s houses so we’d have to go quickly before we got a ticket. I’d like to go today but everyone’s busy and I have to work in 2 hours so there wouldn’t be enough time. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain so maybe I should practice taking pics inside. Our house is so dark though. There’s next to no natural light. :o/ All I have is the window in the kitchen in the morning and early afternoon, a tiny bit of light from the living room window in the late afternoon and then our bedrooms get a bit of light in the afternoon/early evening but not much because our window’s are pretty small. We don’t have enough lamps and stuff to light a room with artificial light (hence why all my cam pics have been horrible since we moved here). I guess I’ll learn more about that when I start my photography class in October.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now. If anyone has any tips or ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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