September 18, 2012

We’re Home!

To borrow a Burning Man phrase, being back in the “default world” fucking sucks. :o/ It’s raining. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I’m overwhelmed. I have a staff meeting this afternoon and had to work this morning. I have to write this huge post or a series of posts about Squam and I don’t know where to begin. I have all these pictures to edit, things to transcribe, things to scan…blarg.


Something that I think I’ve taken away from Squam is that there needs to be some change in my life. I knew this before I left but since being there I’ve decided on even more changes.

I’m going to care more about what I write. Not the content necessarily, but the words. I used to be a much better writer and I think the reason I’m not anymore is because I’ve gotten lazy.

I’m probably not going to paint anymore. I think this has been a long time coming. My heart’s just not in it anymore, I’m not inspired. And when I tell you about my mixed media class with Sarah Ahearn Bellemere, I’ll elaborate on that a little more. I’m still going to be creative, I’ll always be creative, just in other ways.

I met a woman, a teacher, named Thea Coughlin who has changed my life. She’s just a phenomenal person and I finally know how to take a perfectly exposed picture and I cannot even believe how easy it is once you figure out how. Blake’s been trying to teach me this for 6 months, I’ve been reading tutorials online since I got my camera; I just never understood. But Thea taught me and now I understand and that’s just amazing to me. She does these portraits she calls “Spirit Portraits” and this is one of the shots she took of me. This is how I feel after Squam, and I’ll leave it at that:

Now I sleep. Or edit photos. I can’t decide. Probably sleep. Namaste! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Mandy says:

    AW you looks so pretty and happy! This is an excellent photo you Ms. Sunny! One of the best I’ve seen in a LONG time! I love it!

    • Sunny says:

      Thank you so much!!! I *hate* having my picture taken and I e-mailed Thea (the photographer) before the class to tell her I was nervous about that part of the class and she said we’d take it slow and she explained her process a little and in the end, I let her take my picture because I trusted her not to show the bad ones in public, which I think is my big fear. That’s definitely a lesson I learned in the class; taking pictures of other people is about trust between you and your subject.

  2. Aeris says:

    You glow. You look beautiful as always, Sunny.

  3. ThaPHLASH says:

    I dont even know how i got here… the interweb is mysterious O_o But WOW is it nice to see you super Sunny. You do look good, radiant like your born again or something, this IS awesome :)

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