September 6, 2012

Squam, Supernatural & Catholic Guilt

I’m not Catholic. Not by a long shot. But Blake says I have the “Catholic Guilt” thing down pat because I am absolutely incapable of being okay with enjoying myself doing “nothing”.

Tuesday was Sims 3 expansion day which is always a big fucking deal because I get every expansion on expansion day and this one was Supernatural where you can make fairies, werewolves, genies, zombies, ghosts uh…you could already make vampires but I think there’s one other thing I’m forgetting. Anyway, I made a fairy. Wes thought her name should be Charlotte, so I named her Charlie. Charlie Moody. She has big purple eyes, a pink and blond faux-hawk and big sparkly pink dragonfly wings. She’s PERFECT and she took me forever to create because This is what, the 5th expansion? 6th? My game is so bogged down now it’s ridiculous and it’s slow and buggy and I had to download a million things while installing  and then the game is always slow to load.

Anyway, that’s what I did all Tuesday night from like, 5:30pm-9pm. I was okay with that. Annoyed that it took that long just to create a character and stick her in a random house, but okay with it.

Well yesterday rolled around. Got up at 4am, worked until 8am, played Sims from 8am-11:20am because then I had to go to the dentist, an hour later I was back at home playing the Sims. And then I kept playing until about 8pm when the guilt set in and I started crying because I’d “wasted” a whole day doing “nothing”.

Then Blake tried to talk sense into me for a while but I just…I’m just not wired that way. I can’t justify playing a video game all day, even if I had fun doing it. At least when we were playing Warcraft, I’d convinced myself that at least that was social, with Sims, it’s just you and your Sims.

And while I feel really bad about doing it, I have moments like right now where I’m like, “I have nothing better to do so I might as well” and then the whole day is gone.

Having said all that, Supernatural is definitely my favourite expansion with World Adventures being a close second. In Supernatural (I normally screencap and show you, I know, but I didn’t plan on writing a post like this while I was playing this time around) the supernatural Sims react differently to the full moon and during the full moon, Zombies pop up out of the ground and they get in your garbage and they pretty much destroyed my garden. I put up fences so hopefully that won’t happen again, although technically they can pop up anywhere so they could pop up within my fence’s boundaries, which would suck because I just planted my whole garden again. At the beach and at one of the bars, there are claw machines your Sims can play. I picked “lucky” as one of Charlie’s traits and she’s a fairy of course, so the first time I did the claw machine, my lucky symbol showed up under the action and I won a stuffed animal of some sort. The other option was a fairy option that said something like “cheat the system”, so I did that and she poofed into a little ball of light, went in through the game slot, rummaged around inside the machine, pulled up an object and dropped it in the game slot, then she exited through the game slot and became full sized. My prize? A money bag worth $10k. Not too shabby when I was playing legit, without cheat codes. But then I got impatient and “motherloded” twice and went to France to get nectar making fixings.

My copy of Supernatural was limited edition and was supposed to have Plants vs Zombies exclusive content, such as a pea shooter to put on your front lawn to ward off zombies, but I can’t find it or I don’t know how to get one and Google has told me nothing, probably because the game’s still so new. I do have the PvsZ pack installed though. In fact, I did it twice because I wasn’t sure if it was installed the first time when I couldn’t find the pea shooters.

Anyway, I’m definitely having fun with it and think it was well worth the $39.99 pricetag. A lot of thought went into this one.

Squam is new week and I’m starting to get really really scared. I mean, I don’t leave my house, why did I think driving to New Hampshire without my “safe person” was a good idea? I have no idea what to pack. Not even just clothes, but art supplies too. Charlie (the man, not the fairy) said he ordered me some fall clothes from Free People but neither of us has received an e-mail from them with the tracking number or anything and all he has is the charges on his credit card, so the purchase went through, we just don’t know when or IF it’s coming. And hopefully it comes before Tuesday because it would suck for it to all come while I was gone when the point was to have some nice clothes to wear that weren’t worn out Old Navy or too fragile like most of my other “nice” clothes. (I have a LOT of like, gauzy, dress-like sort of shirts because I love them and  dresses and those are no good for Squam.) But like I said in a previous post, if it doesn’t come, I’m fine in my overalls and a hoodie, but since it’s been purchased, I hope hope hope it gets here in time.

Inspired by Squam and Madison going to high school, guess what? I’M GOING TO COLLEGE!!! Okay so it’s only for one class and it’s not even for a credit but still, it’s going to a place by myself and interacting with strangers about stuff I have no clue about. Here’s the description of the class:

Creative Photography

Apply your photography knowledge in
creative artistic and exciting ways using
lighting, style, imagination, props and
models to create images that demand

Thu Oct 18 – Nov 22 (18hrs) I 6:30 – 9:30pm”

So basically I’m going to learn how to use my camera at Squam and then when I come back, I’ll take what I learned there and apply it to this class. Really, my plan is to try and learn my camera inside and out. It’s a tool. To me it’s the best paintbrush in the world because, for example, look at this picture:

You can see the VEINS in the butterfly’s wings! There’s no way *I* could paint that! But I still want to capture that, so that’s why my camera is the best paintbrush in the world. Well, to me at least. Blake said there are DSLRs that cost like, $20,000 and my camera is apparently like, the bottom of the line as far as DSLRs go. But whatever, it’s good enough for me, especially since I don’t know what most of it does or is for.

And something else about photography that Blake got mad at me for is that all my butterfly pics that I took on Sunday were taken on “P”, which is “Program” and that means you *can* change some things, but basically the camera chooses the best ISO, the best shutter speed, the best f.stop, all you have to do is point it, maybe focus it a bit to frame your photo properly and click the button. And that’s all I did. So really, the camera did all the work, I didn’t do anything. So I feel like those pictures make me a fraud because I didn’t use even AV or TV (I always forget which one is for what, I think in the case of the butterfly I wanted the one that DOESN’T make the shutter speed faster; I think that’s AV), let alone manual. And the butterfly was docile enough that I could have used manual if I wanted to. Or most certainly any of the other, better, more respectable settings. I dunno, those pics bug the shit out of me.  (No pun intended.)

Well whatever though, I’m still learning and I didn’t want to take any chances with the butterfly because it could have flown away at any moment.

Other things…both kids are loving school. Madison keeps borrowing all my clothes. She’s dating Devon again (ugh). Wes learns French this year and he refuses to cut his hair. And I think that’s it.

Now I’m going to go troll Facebook for a bit and read that Rolling Stone article on Mitt Romney and find out why my Twitter feed is 85% about Bill Clinton being awesome.

Peace oot.

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