September 2, 2012

Hello/Goodbye, Butterfliegans!

Yesterday morning, we were all standing around my office trying to decide what to have for breakfast when Blake was like, “hey, is there one less chrysalis?” and lo & behold there was only the thin skin of the chrysalis still hanging from where it was before but on the ground, there was a brand new butterfly, pumping her wings.

This butterfly was “Sniffer”, Wes’ favourite caterpillar and the second one to turn into a chrysalis. I had to work in about 15 minutes and she wasn’t ready to be let go yet, we decided to wait until today to go across the busy road and let her go in the woods.

This morning Blake and I were sitting in my office when he said “hey I think we have a new butterfly” and there was ┬áRubi, the last caterpillar to split open, clinging to the skin of her chrysalis and trying to uncrinkle her wings by swinging back and forth.

And then we took the butterflies across the street to the park and the field and let them go. Sniffer flew out of the container as soon as we opened it so I didn’t get any pictures of her. Rubi needed to be pulled out of the container (she was on a flower we’d put in there) and I placed her in Wes’ hands first, then Madison’s. Then finally I took her over to some milkweed in a sunny patch between field and woods and we said goodbye and then we brought the container back home, waiting for Tozzo, the first caterpillar to change into a chrysalis, to finally emerge. Pics under a cut because there are a lot of them.

PS. High school is a bust. We decided as a family, partially after reading everyone’s comments, that it would be a better idea for Madison to just go by herself.

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