August 29, 2012

We Lost.

We all got there at 8:30am and waited around outside for the cop (Scott) who was the same cop who took all our statements when the assault actually happened, to tell us it was time to go into the courtroom. So after about an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours, he said it was time, so we went downstairs in the courthouse and waited on chairs and benches  outside of courtroom 7, which was where the hearing was to take place.

Eventually Ronny and Alex were called into the courtroom and they were in there for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and then they came out with Scott. We all huddled in front of the courtroom and Scott explained that the judge threw the case out due to lack of evidence and lack of witnesses. No one saw BJ Henderson actually assault Alex and there was reasonable doubt that it could have been some OTHER stranger who came into our house and did it. Because yeah, that’s totally fucking plausible.

So that’s the end of it. We lost. None of us even testified.

Alex and Ronny were invited to stay while they sentenced him on the breech of probation charge, but they declined and that’s when they and Scott came out to where we were. I can’t imagine they’ll give him more probation for breeching probation so I’d assume he’ll be spending more time in jail for that.

After court we were all a bit of a mess, but we went to Fran’s, which is a big diner, and we all had breakfasty type foods and talked about pretty much everything but the trial that never was. Alex and I shared a strawberry margarita. I had steak and eggs.

BJ Henderson is supposedly up for at least 2 other charges of rape and I hope with every fiber of my being that those girls nail his ass to the wall. We  We know who one is, we don’t know who the other one is. Jen has her ear to the ground though and we should know the outcome of those cases as they happen.

After Fran’s, Blake and Jen and I went to the Kozlov Centre to pick up my new glasses (just new lenses in old frames) and have them adjusted meanwhile, Deanna and Lucas went back to our house to get their stuff packed up and ready to go by the time we got there. Plus they wanted to hang out a bit.

Oh yeah, Jen & I went into a photo booth. Note my stupid “bangs” that happened as a result of all my hair falling out last year when I was really sick and this is what happens when it starts growing back:

When we got home, Deanna happened to mention that she’d brought her bathing suit and I had a shower yesterday (and changed my dressing all by myself, thank you very much) and my “wound” is totally closed over so while Cheryl hasn’t technically cleared me for swimming, I was 99% sure it was okay so Deanna, Jen, me and the kids all went to Wasaga Beach.

It was cold though. And windy. And I didn’t understand the parking ticket machine so I accidentally paid for a whole day’s parking ($14) instead of a 2 hour pass ($5.25) which sucks because I only have like, $30 to my name. I felt horrible being there and thinking about Alex all by herself at home probably really upset about what happened today and Ronny worked last night so he had to go to bed pretty much right when they got home because he was dead on his feet at the courthouse so Alex would be dealing with all this alone (in my head, anyway, I don’t know what the reality was) and I just couldn’t enjoy myself there thinking my best friend was in pain.

So after about an hour, with only about 5 minutes of that being me actually in the water, we came home. Then Deanna and Lucas went home and now here I sit.

Oh and that’s the other thing about court: the restraining order. All of us are on it and Ronny had the forethought to add my kids to the list too. If BJ Henderson, rapist, comes within X amount of feet of us, he goes to jail. Adding the kids was extra important, moreso than Ronny even realized, because all last year, my kids walked home with him and his son Logan, who is in kindergarten and they all became friends. Madison made the connection when I showed the kids his Facebook page to tell them to stay away from this man because he’s dangerous and really hurt Alex. Madison maintains he’s a really good dad, or at least she did at the time. Who knows what he’s teaching his kid behind closed doors though.

So that was our “day of justice”. I’ve taken 2 klonopin today, as well as 6 Ativan and I’m still a wreck. (My “norm” is one klonopin at bedtime and 2 Ativan like, maybe once a week before a work meeting or something. Which I happen to have tomorrow. Joy.)

Anyway, I think Jen’s going to be staying with us for the next few days, so that’ll be good. It’ll be nice to have a friend around.

And that’s all I have in me today. I hope your day was better than ours.

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