August 27, 2012

Something a Little More…Fluffy.

So remember back in JUNE when I said Madison was working on a post for my site about her grade 8 graduation? Well, she decided not to do it, basically because she’s lazy. I’m lazy too and can no longer recall the particulars so I’ll just post the pics instead:

Madison and my mom.
I know this pic looks staged, but it honestly wasn’t.
I forget what they were laughing about.

Recreating MY grade 8 grad pics.
Look closely…

 My babies.

A closer look at Madison’s hair, done by our friend Jen.

Blake and Madison.

Madison getting into the limo.

Her corsage.

Getting her diploma.
She reminds me so much of my brother in this pic.
It’s just her facial expression that’s exactly like him.
She’s just like “yup, we’re doing this”.

Wardrobe change!
Dress #2 (long story…)
Note the Docs, which were her graduation present from us.
(Hey Kara! Note the collar! That’s the same one you gave her when she was 3!)

I like this pic. :o)

Father/Daughter dance.

Her first “dip”!

Me looking fat & gross & not wanting to be photographed.
For the record, I am now 20 lbs lighter than I was in this picture!

 To see ALL the pics (or at least the ones I could put online, I didn’t put up all the ones with her friends because I didn’t have permission from their parents), click here!

Like I said months ago, grade 8 graduation is a BIG DEAL where we live. Limos and fancy dresses are the norm, a corsage is a must, the event is catered (lightly) and the ceremony long. I’ve never heard of a girl having two dresses though and that was not my doing. If you want to scream “privilege” at me, feel free, but what happened was a mix up when ordering dresses so she ended up with two. She liked the second one, so she decided to wear them both. I didn’t get a picture of the back of the black dress but it was laced up the back with a giant bow at the bottom, like on her butt.

So that was grade 8 graduation.

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