August 19, 2012

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring.

So I had this idea. Y’know how I’ve been taking those little Polaroid pictures to test out all those lenses Charlie got me? WELL. Picture this: Canvas. The first layer is metallic purple or blue paint (I can’t decide), then crackle medium, then white so the purple or blue shows through the cracks. Then metallic magenta, metallic blue, metallic green and metallic purple splatters with the same colours of glitter (fine glitter, as opposed to chunky glitter) layered over top. THEN there would be 3 actual peacock feather tops gel mediumed to the bottom portion of the canvas in a row, which would take up probably 3/4 of the canvas. Then there would be a girl in the middle, I dunno what hair colour yet, maybe black, wearing a ballgown of glittered peacock feather pattern paper (I have such paper) and she would be holding a Polaroid picture of an actual peacock. I live 5 minutes from a zoo with peacocks, I could make this happen. Also there’s a flower shop in Barrie that sells peacock feathers for I think $2 a piece, so I’m good there. Can you picture it? What do you think?

The hard part would be taking the picture of the peacock and then deciding whether or not I should/can varnish over top of it or if I should add it AFTER I varnish. The issue there is that, if I varnish over the photo, it may affect the chemicals in the picture (I can easily test this though) and the issue with adding the picture after I varnish is that the picture won’t be IN the girl’s hands, it’ll have to be on top of her hands and I wouldn’t want to do that. So I guess I’ll be spending this afternoon testing varnish…

Anyway, that’s my big idea for the day and I’m curious to see if you guys have any feedback or ideas to make this better? Or if you think it’ll just end up one big mess? I’m going to have to get the feathers first to see how big they are and get a canvas based on using 3 of them. (I don’t think one will be enough and two won’t look right.) Oh! And I think there should be stars on the upper 1/3 of the painting! Just little ones made of silver glitter, just silver glitter dots.

I WANT TO DO THIS RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. But it’s raining and I don’t have any money. :o/ Maybe I’ll just sketch it out instead…yeah I think I’ll watch Schindler’s List (never seen it and Zombie Bunny recommended it) and sketch this idea out since there’s nothing else I can do. I also have to decorate the cover of the sketchbook I’ll be using for Squam. So much to do before Squam! I’m drowning! (But in a good way.)

As it turns out, Belinda and I are taking the same class on the second day and I am super stoked for that one! Belinda’s flying in so she won’t be bringing a ton of art supplies but I AM bringing a ton of supplies for the 2nd class so we can share and it’ll be awesome. I still won’t be able to lift over 10 lbs by then so she’ll have to take one end of my big bucket and I’ll take the other and we’ll go to class I guess. We’ll figure something out. Belinda’s boyfriend, Brian, is coming too but not taking classes so maybe he can help me with my bucket of supplies too. I am so excited to finally meet Belinda and of course Brian too since I’ve heard so much! EXCLAMATION POINT! ONE ONE!

Anyway, I’m gonna go sketch this biatch before I lose momentum. Definitely interested in hearing your thoughts on this idea though and other potential variations on the same kind of idea! Hit me up in the comments!

PS. I wrote this whole post nekkid. And I just told Blake we can go “do it” before I get started on sketching…let’s see how my pain levels work for that…we haven’t had the relations in a really long time….

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  1. Tracy says:

    You sound really happy. It makes me smile :)

    Hope your relations went well :-D

  2. Scutterman says:

    Could you wrap a photograph in something transparent before varnishing, or would that ruin the effect?

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