July 4, 2012

Thanks, Jenny.

Do you read The Bloggess? If not you probably should, she’s pretty rad.

Anyway, I don’t really have a real post to write, I just wanted to link her post from June 21st of LAST year because it was one of the last things I read and posted all over Facebook before I ended up in the hospital for 2 months and it holds a special place of honour in our house as a result. It’s the story of her 15th wedding anniversary with her husband, Victor. Until that post I had never heard of The Bloggess, but the story of their anniversary was so funny to us because it was so much like a story Blake and I would live/tell.

So read the post, then read the rest of mine. It’s okay. Go read it. I’ll wait.

July 8th is mine and Blake’s anniversary and every year we go to Haugen’s to eat ribs and strawberry pie, but last year he and my mom were by my bedside in the ICU of St. Mike’s, where I was in a medically induced coma, unsure as to whether or not I’d even make it through the day. Obviously emotions ran high or so I’m told and can only imagine (again, I don’t remember much from that hospital).

I don’t know when my mom did it or how she obtained it, but at some point in the day, she presented Blake with his very own metal chicken, or “Canadian Beyonce” as I’ve come to call her:

“Knock, knock, motherfucker, eh?”

Much needed laughs were apparently had, but what really struck me about the gesture when I found out about it was the fact that until then, my mother had never acknowledged our anniversary or even really our marriage. The reason? Because she wasn’t invited to our wedding. Because we didn’t have one. (And I kinda get why she was mad, because my step-dad was one of the witnesses and she hates him and hates that it was him and not her but our ceremony was literally thrown together in a few hours because the officiant was driving past our house on his way home from another wedding and was like, “wanna get married?” so we had like, hours to call Nicole (10 minutes away) and my step-dad (who lived in the same town) as witnesses and while I thought about asking my mom to come, we decided not to because if SHE was there, Blake’s mom would be pissed and think it was a slight against her. Anyway, as a result, both mothers were pretty mad at us, although they both seem to be over it by now.)

Anyway, long story short (too late), The Bloggess’ chicken story is very special to us and that is why.

On Saturday Blake and I will be hosting a party for our 10th wedding anniversary at Haugen’s where we will share the best ribs and fresh strawberry pie on Earth with our family (particularly the Americans, who have never had it, my family’s grown up with it so it’s not such a big deal) and then we will be hosting the afterparty at our house with about 15 of our closest friends. Since there is no drinking and driving, they will all be sleeping over and in the morning, Blake (and I…maybe) will make everyone a big breakfast before we send everyone home and then we may or may not have the sexual relations because the house will be empty and we never get to have daytime sex.  (My mom, Blake’s mom and husband and our kids will all be at the cottage.)

I’m nervous as hell because I’ve never thrown a party before and I’m convinced that either no one will come or they will come and they’ll have a terrible time, but that’s just me being a neurotic freak and Blake assures me everything will go as planned.

*fingers crossed*

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